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    what grinds your gears

  3. Community question


    I am enjoying my Minecraft gameplay, but I am stuck, with no ideas what to do next.

    Should I..:


    A| Continue my survival gameplay, create a YT channel based on it, and possibly do a vanilla survival? (no mods)




    B| Scrap the survival, work in creative, and showcase some photos/screenshots here.



    I appreciate everyone's response, and I hope to continue more fun projects like this, with the help from everyone lese!!

  4. Minecraft: Day 2 - 10/27/20

    Summary: Never leave home without your valuables, food, and a compass, and prepare for anything.



    For my 2nd day of Minecraft, I've made quite a lot of progress. I decided that now would be the time to mention that I enjoy modded Minecraft, over vanilla. This being said, I have used 2 plugins called X-treme Xray, and Timber. This is not because I want to make the game easier, or because I'm "cheating", rather, it's because my goals are beyond the understanding of the average survival player. I seem to always have ideas for building, but the standard survival limits this, because of the constant "use>need> make more >use>need..." cycle that is mining/collecting and building. Other than this I would completely agree that survival Minecraft, even if it's not a speedrun, can still be interesting.

           Back on the topic of todays adventure, I began the day by collecting food, making sure to use flint and steel to insta-cook all my food. this was the first of three times today where I wandered too far from spawn. I feel lucky that I built my base at spawn. So there I was, lost, when I remembered how if you had a compass, it would point to spawn. So I found a Forest village, began starting over, and eventually collected the iron and redstone to make a compass. By the time I got home, I new I'd never leave without a compass again.

    I spent the next day returning to the nether, which, I forgot to mention, that my spawn was right in-between the ocean and a lava pool. That's how I was nether hunting at just day 2 / 3. On the first day of visiting, for all of my previous MC attempts, this had been the best nether spawn, with an underground portal, right next to an underground fortress. The problem was, I'm pretty noob at combat, so I nearly died with a shield, diamond tools, and minimal food. After day two of nether mining, I came back with a full  netherite set and tools on day 3, and I was able to collect 10 blaze rods. The one thing I still had to watch out for was the wither skeletons. Out of most of my hours of MC, it was the first day I've been able to get a wither skeleton skull. This was also the day I got lost a second time. I came back home from the nether, made an eye of ender and a brewing stand, and made it my plan for the day to begin thinking of potions I might need. I was in the forest, which, I don't know why I was out there if all I needed was some bottles of water, when I remembered that I could get a bottle of honey. This is how day 2 of being lost began. I had been so distracted by my nether objectives, that I had forgotten my compass again. Day 3 of mining for redstone. When I got back home, I decided that I would make a sugarcane farm, so that I could expand my new enchantment room, made entirely of blackstone/polished blackstone, basalt, netherrack and glowstone. I made the generator with the intent of collecting more SC to make book shelves to improve enchants. Thus began day 3 of almost getting lost. The generator was a success, and I was traveling by boat over the ocean, when I realized I couldn't see my mountain/beach spawn from where I was. Luckily, I made it back, and I am currently on the road looking for the Stronghold.


    If you made it to the end, thanks for joining me! :gleepony:

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    You can only talk in gif's.

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    MLP Association Game

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    Inktober 2020

    Day 26: Hide! Ever notice how much time our heroines spend hiding in the bushes to spy on somepony? Should we be worried about what that says about them? Or maybe what it says about us?
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    MLP Association Game

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    EarthBound Thread

    Hey! Any of you ponies interested in the game EarthBound, or the MOTHER series in general? They're my favorite games of all time and I'm played them a bunch so I'm wonderin' if any pony would wanna talk about them with me?
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    MLP Association Game

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    MLP Association Game

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