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    MLP Association Game

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  5. Good morning and happy Prime Day everypony!


    Who knows what great deals you can find out there.

  6. ABronyAccount

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    37 Pieces O'Flair
  7. ABronyAccount

    Caption This!

  8. Just watched The Notebook. OMG that literally made me cry. Since I heard it was going to be sad I didn't think I'd cry since I'd be expecting something sad, but damn that tugged my heart strings. Definately worth checking out. Like I said, I kept hearing that it was a sad movie, but it still got me so go watch it if you haven't seen it. It really is amazing,


    1. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      uhh i'll have to see it

      heres a derpy for you

      Related image

    2. KennyTAG


      YASSSSSS Derpy so cuttteeee

  9. Chen Gong

    Caption This!

    no thanks I don't need to the nightmare fuel
  10. Chen Gong

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    sinister shimmer
  11. well I have some good news (somewhat good anyway)

    the computer seems to be holding up for now it seems 

    but I am still uncertain if it'll last until payday I hope it does but I can't tell from 1 day to the next so i'm taking this 1 day at a time

    it held up for 3-4 days so far but its still a long ways to go until I get my new computer

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    2. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      i'm not trying to be negative but this isn't something I can sugar coat either

    3. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      I have to be cautious on this

      this is relying on pure dumb luck that the computer holds up until i'm able to get my new one

      you know?

    4. KennyTAG


      Like I said man I know exactly how you feel. I had to hold up my gaming channel until I got a capture card or a new computer because my old computer is crap. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the money for a new computer, and every time I talked to my g-ma about getting a new computer she'd ask me if I needed a new computer...then when she'd see me on her computer, she'd say that she didn't want me on her computer and that I should use mine (the crappy one).


      Once I move out I can finally get a new computer and do almost anything I want. 

  12. Havocbyte

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    Moose A. Moose.
  13. CaesarMagnam

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Here. Have a Twilie being adorkable <3
  14. hey light whats up?

    1. Light Blade

      Light Blade


  15. Here's a bit of "spoilers" : The title is just for the younger audience, we know that they will remain friends. Heck, when you think of it, this may the "Rollercoaster of Friendship" Of FIM S8 And we also know, that they'll find something to do together or help each other be more tomboysih (Rainbow helping Rarity) or feminity (Rarity helping Rainbow). But come on, we know that writing staff wouldn't break off the friendship of two of the Mane 7. So again the ending is predictable (story may be really good overall) , however we have to remember the title is for the younger audience watching. Because at the end of the day, the creative staff has to be reminded, that is a show for kids (and to sell toys)
  16. Jarg1994

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Hi Sunset! ^^
  17. oh boy I got over heated today

    and i'm not feeling too good so i'm going to lay down for a bit

    i'm sorry but today isn't a good day for me

    now watch as 100 different things go wrong as I try to rest up I guess no rest for chen gong

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    2. Chen Gong
    3. WaterPulse
    4. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      I do buy booster packs every once in a great while

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  19. Bakaarion

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Well, USA soccer football team progress more and more, I'd say that I would not be surprised if you play next world cup. I heard that American playing soccer in club just exceeded those playing baseball. Keep an eye on it, just before the world cup they were some friendly matches, and one of them was USA - France and ended on an equality (1 - 1). I remember back to 2006, USA got qualified to play the world cup, and my dad said that they're more and more strong. I guess one day, it will happen, eventually. And the football world cup is different, it's an instant where the whole world allow the winners to explode, and even go interview supporters in the cities in fire. That's the only one time where they're allowed to show a max ego and avoid a backfire Pheeeew, what a night, it's 1:30am and people still singing out loud in the street with their broken voices. The cities must be in fire. I wish everyone know one of these instant where wars, social level and opinions are totally nullified.
  20. Lilly

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    I'm jealous >W< America sucks at the sports y'all actually like, so the only time you can celebrate like that is when the home team wins our national championship. And that doesn't happen in the northwest -_- We suck. It happened ONE TIME, but I'm too far from the city But maybe it's for the best.... America's ego is inflated enough as it is. Enjoy your week of it. We're the only ones who can handle it year-round x3
  21. Sloppy Steve

    Hello there!

    G1 MLP has been interesting; I've developed a casual interest in it since I've been a fan of G4. Although I enjoy 'My Little Pony and Friends' for the cute and innocent cartoon that it is, I think I may enjoy 'My Little Pony Tales' a little better, as tonally I find it closer to FiM. Did you collect the figures as a kid, and if so, do you still? I've been buying G1s and G3s as I see them (at rummages, antique stores, etc.) but there are a few that I'd love to have in my collection still. Mainly, they're the ponies that Lauren Faust said inspired characters from FiM, but I'd also love a Fizzy. I just like her aesthetic, and she has a pretty cute and doofy personality in the show.
  22. this is what I imagine playing when

    I use the wing gundam deck

  23. Somepony should make a Lyra video based on this!


  24. Animekitty47

    MLP Association Game

  25. Animekitty47

    You Can only talk with pictures

  26. Bakaarion

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    SUPER AWESOME ! As a bear, I still got out of my dark apartment and celebrate it with people for hours !!! WORLD CHAMPIONS !!! My Luna, lats time it happened I was 8 and my little sister was born the same day so I've never knew it. It's so awesome !!!!! I took some pictures !
  27. PeeWeePhoenix

    Season 7, Episode 20: A Health of Information

    Good to see more Fluttershy and Zecora.
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