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  2. @Sparklefan1234 Sorry for not replying earlier. I was feeling a little crabby. Artist.
  3. fan club

    Luna always wanted to be a pirate?!
  4. 40 Then you're also pervert. Don't talk anymore
  5. 2991 That would be not surprising that I used an irrelevant word again x)
  6. It's evening, I tried to transpose the time. College is cool ! Except the courses...
  7. 37
  8. NOT AGAIN !
  9. fan club

    Today our topic happens to be pirates (their manner to speak, to be precise)
  10. fan club

    So I was siting here, thinking of an ear nibbling because it's adorable. Preferably with these two cuties. But pictures such there were none. But then...@Jarg1994 came like a wizard with something in his magic bag!
  11. Okay, so I'm sitting in the student center of the college, waiting for my next class, and I suddenly start hearing some people upstairs talking about Equestria Girls.


    Methinks there are bronies in this crowd...

    1. Bakaarion


      Cooooooooool !

      Even if... EQG... Bah.... Better than nothing.

  12. fan club

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys! YARRRR!!!
  13. 2990 The power of the OP compels you!
  14. 39! No I'm not! Here, I bet you anything Rule 39 has nothing to do with me too. "If it exists, there's furry porn of it" ...Gosh dang it... I'm a furry.
  15. forum game

    7 All the puns!
  16. It's lunchtime for me! So I ate some free ice cream. I officially love college.
  17. 36!!!
  18. In all seriousness, if Rarity didn't like me, I would probably leave. XD
  19. Aww... he is kinda cute, even if he is a water-type... makes all the other ones look bad. *flamethrower*
  20. Ahoy, Matey! Thank you for shout-out. You have fulfilled the Pirate code of honor
  21. The MLP movie's Facebook and Twitter has posted a voice actor spotlight.
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  23. 35.
  24. I know its morning for you, but due to timezones, its afternoon for me.
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