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  2. hey guys here's the updated list for my Dark Pulse Deck for Buddyfight


    1 Darkness Dragon World

    Buddy Monster

    1 Death Ruler Abriel


    4 Purgatory Knights Malice Force Dragon

    4 Death Ruler Abriel

    4 There is only death Dalleon

    2 Black Assailant Gothgorobi

    2 Black Companion Bephegol

    4 Black Dragon Tarandus

    2 Black Shock Nogudeth

    2 Black Gloom Bal-Zam

    3 Black Dragon Decipiens

    3 Black Cradle Crablus


    4 Death Damage

    4 Midnight Shadow

    4 Vampire Fang

    2 Black Revenger


    2 Sickle of Revenge Avenger

    4 Blade of Lament Sadgrieve


    2 Demonic Strike Arts Death Requiem

    that's all I run in this updated build for Dark Pulse


  3. nopony

    MLP Association Game

  4. Animekitty47

    You Can only talk with pictures

  5. Animekitty47

    MLP Association Game

  6. Let’s Play MLP RPG IV #30 - Big Brain


  7. What is a plumber?

    A miserable little

    pile of Hidden Blocks.

    But enough talk...

    Let's-a go!


  8. Anti-Villain

    King Sombra Fan Club

  9. I no longer intend to use these Forums anymore. Farewell, forum members 

  10. nopony

    MLP Association Game

  11. nopony

    You Can only talk with pictures

  12. Goodnight, y'all! :-D

  13. PeeWeePhoenix

    Season 9, Episode 7: She's All Yak

  14. leonbrony17

    Plotholes/Nitpicks discussion

    Alright. Here's a thing that has been floating through my head for a while. At the end of S1 episode 2 everypony seems to be okay with a second princess just getting introduced and even embrace it by putting fucking flowers around Lunas neck. Even though the episode before, when Nightmare Moon showed up, nopony except for Twilight knew what was going on and who Luna/Nightmare Moon was. It can be argued that before that big celebration, Celestia gave everybody a little "history lesson" and reminded them that way. But that's never shown. The point i wanna come to is in S2 episode 4 "Luna Eclipsed". Upon rewatching i noticed a small little thing that Rainbow Dash wears a Shadow Bolt costume but at that point nopony should know what a Shadow Bolt even is since they seem to be a thing from Nightmare Moon and only Rainbow Dash encountered them in the Everfree Forest. Or are they an actual thing outside of Nightmare Moons "tricks" and i just missed the episode that is mentioned? But that was just a small nitpick. The thing i've been wondering about is, when in S1 nopony knew about Nightmare Moon when she returned, then the legend of Nightmare Moon coming every nightmare night, putting in a disguise and candy ect. must have been made up after her return and this is the first maybe possibly the second time that holiday accured. Yet it's threated as it has been a thing for years. It becomes even more questionable when you remember that Celestia said "from now on the summer sun celebration will no longer honor Nightmare Moons banishment but instead my sisters return" but there's a fucking statue of her in ponyville and a holiday which was probably just made up after Nightmare Moons return. And why do even some of the mane 6 play along with that? THEY WERE THE ONES WHO REFORMED HER! And why tf did Luna think it was a good idea to dress up her guards in armor that resemble Nightmare Moon appearance when she VISIBLY regrets becoming Nighmare Moon? Also wtf is this? I know it's an halloween themed episode and i'm beeing super nitpicky here but HOW AND WHY WAS HER CAPE MADE OF BATS? And how does Luna summon the dramatic wind, clouds and thunder at the most convenient moments? She's the pony of the night and not weather, plus Pegasus should be responsible for the weather. Also, she can turn toy spiders into living spiders? And what about that "joke" Nightmare Moon transformation? If the magical abillities of princesses are so OP then i'n even more sad that they are wasted so much. And Luna can ride clouds and shoot lighting? Bruh. :/
  15. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 9: Sweet and Smoky

    i thought this episode was ok, i mean for an episode with characters i'm not the biggest fan of i thought they did a pretty good job at portraying them. story wise i thought this was a pretty nice lesson (i assume the moral is to be yourself and not be something your not just to have fake friends) but i find it annoying that the show has decided to redeem a cult leader, what ever discord is, and some random dragon bully but so fair has given Lightning Dust nothing but the middle finger so fair (even though she isn't all that different from s1 rainbow dash). as for everything else, well i love how the facial expressions for this season are a lot more expressive than they where before (i mean that picture of fluttershy in leonbronies reply is a great example of this), it was kinda interesting seeing more from the dragons even if i don't really care for them and that's about it. i really feel like this episode was a 5/10 for me, would be a 4 or maybe 3.5 if it weren't for fluttershy. and one more thing... did the show really just reference appledash, i can already hear the appledash shippers screaming.
  16. WaterPulse

    Season 9, Episode 9: Sweet and Smoky

    I was getting past the opening titles and was thinking "Wait, Garble's gonna be Smolder's brother, isn't he?" Sure enough, he was. I'm guess Ember was trying to go the "cuchy cuchy coo" route because she was desperate due to Torch not giving her much instruction on how to get the eggs to hatch. As for the episode itself, I think the concept is okay (Garble being a beat poet gave me a chuckle), but the way it was handled was, well, okay. It's one of those "could have been worse, but could have been better" episodes.
  17. leonbrony17

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    She was the highlight of the newest episode. I mean, just look at this face.
  18. When you realize that S9 is already over to 1/3.




  19. leonbrony17

    Season 9, Episode 9: Sweet and Smoky

    Alright. Episode 9. As somebody who was never the biggest fan of Spike nor the dragons in the show i expect a pretty meh episode. Even more so when i comes right off the heels of arguebly one of the best episodes in the whole show. Let's go. Smolder BOOPS Spike. xD Fluttershys face is just adorable. The smile song is an actual lesson? Wtf? xD Fluttershy overall is adorable in this episode. "Appledash" Was this an attempt at self awareness about ships? Garble and his group must be some of the most generic bullies i've ever seen. (Maybe that's why they decided to make him Smolders brother and gave him an episode for some character developement) "He's a marshmallow" So is Rarity. :/ Fluttershy didn't you get it, the eggs can't hear you! And if Dragons aren't in for touchy, feely stuff why didn't they bring Rainbow Dash along? "Fluttershy is packing a whole lifetime of kindness" I kinda love this line. Ember if you say dragons aren''t into touchy, feely stuff then why are you "cuchy cuchy cooing" them? So apperently Garbles friends know nothing about the eggs and how important they are and got no warning whatsoever to not play around with lava while the eggs try to get hatched. It wouldn't have surprised me if Garble dabbed during his little "performance". If heat makes the eggs hatch that quickly why didn't they just put them in a bowl of lava or something? So a pretty generic "give the bully some secret soft spot that the main characters can exploit to make him less of a bully, maybe even change his bully friends and give him some character developement" episode. Fluttershy kinda saved it from beeing a total meh. 6,5/10.
  20. leonbrony17

    MLP Association Game

  21. leonbrony17

    You Can only talk with pictures

  22. I really love honest and outspoken people. It really warms my dead black heart to hear the personnel at my local pub to literally shout "dear customers, now it's the time when you should get the fuck out of here". :happybonbon: Such a simple yet efficient advise.

    1. leonbrony17


      I agree. If there's a harsh truth to be said, it must be said.

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  24. M2 Ball

    The Pony After Me (T.P.A.M.)

    I am not particularly interested in drawing. TPAM has green eyes.
  25. M2 Ball

    The Banned Game

    Banned for not using your unicorn magic.
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