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  2. Trapped deep inside the void


    Pushing deeper through the hate


    Digging down to feel the pain


    Screaming silent loss of faith




  3. Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    TWILIE! Books are food for THOUGHT, not literal food!
  4. Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Hello there <3
  5. Last to Post 3: Revenge

    You're going to become an Aamukasa! (Pile of mornings) Things I learned today: I was renewing my passport and heard that the police wants to take my fingerprints again because it's been over 6 years since they were last taken. Like, how much do fingerprints even change? Maybe I should commit crimes now that they still got my old fingerprints in their database.
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  7. Caption This!

    Rainbow Spin Cycle!
  8. I'm on my 2 weeks off, so far it okay, Even unable to go on day trip Tuesday, yesterday went to dentist but it was okay and today I seen Avengers Infinity War and didn't enjoyed it. But glad  it still my holiday.

  9. Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Things I learned today: I'm gonna have to serve 6 months in the Finnish military >w< Yaaaaay...
  10. Let’s Play Cutie Mark Crusader Warriors #25 - Beach Side Horror 


  11. Hello!

    I do apologize for reporting his post. Thanks for the reminder.
  12. You Can only talk with pictures

  13. Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

  14. Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh LOOK AT THIS FILLY /)>w<(\
  15. Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Pinkie understands the beauty of Twilie's adorkable dancing technique
  16. Fluttershy Fan Club

  17. Ment to say UTC instead of UTS, sorry!
  18. Applying for: Discord Moderator Username on Discord: Gameshark#4903 Reasons for becoming an EqD Mod: I have been part of the EqD community for a long time, at least when it comes to chat rooms. I used to be a regular in the Steam chatroom of EqD under the username Dinky Doo, and I have made many friends and colleagues there that I still spend time with now and then. I have modding experience in multiple non-pony servers and I feel like I can contribute to the team with my understanding of the people in the Discord as well as my grasp of the rules itself. I also see that you dont have many mods in the SEA timezones, which is where I live; when I am online on EqD Discord there's usually only one or two mods on the server, sometimes even just one. I can fill a valuable time slot for the moderating team if you let me and help lighten the burden of those on the night shift for America. I also have a lot of time to be on Discord due to the circumstances of my life, and I am usually on for up towards 19 hours most of the time a I work from home and my work allows it. As for the community, I simply love the regulars in chat and I love the camaraderie and people who regularly go, and I always look forward to talking to all the wonderful people in chat when I wake up in the morning. So if you let me give my services, I can assure you that I can be quite a good moderator in my own right and I hope you put my application into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Prior Experience: Had a star on EqD Steam Group Chat and used to help out the mods when I was a regular (I was known as Dinky Doo there circa 2011 - 2014 Modding experience on small community gaming forums that are sadly long defunct Modded several chatrooms in IRC, mostly for music and Pokemon server Modded online chatrooms, mostly things for humanitarian purposes or other generalist servers Timezones and modding schedule: Time Zone: PHT (UTC +8) My probable schedule: 5 AM UTC +8 - 12 AM UTC +8 of the next day (so in terms of UTS its 9 PM UTS to - 4 PM UTS of the next day) Other stuff: I have to say that the EqD Discord is like my family, and that I am very much in good relations with a lot of the people there. A lot of the guys there like T6, Platinum, Tenda, Glim, Sky, Nova, Turtl, Dino, Jelly, and whoever else I truly respect and very much enjoy talking to. The mod team is some of the best I've seen, and they put in a lot of hard work to make the server a good place and enjoyable for everyone. I would just like to thank you for even reading this application; I truly want to help out and I think I have something to contribute to the team overall if you let me. The EqD Discord has been a big part of my life recently, and I feel like I can contribute well for the betterment of the team and server as a whole! Thank you for reading! Gameshark007, known as Sharky to the Discord group!
  19. MLP Association Game

  20. MLP Association Game

  21. Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #168 (HUD Crafting)

    Ignore the garbled text. That is a bug for another day.

         Been taking my time making these menus and such, and glad to see that stage of development is finally coming to an end. Chewed hard to figure out some bugs and the most efficient way to make things flow, but I think I've got it now and just need to rinse and repeat to get the rest of the menus done.

         See my latest (mis)adventures in game development on the Yotes Games Blog.

  22. The Banned Game

    Banned for being old hat.
  23. Hello!

    Oh just ignore him, he's always like that, we still have plenty of users. Aaron is just a bit of a shitposter
  24. Are these forums dead? I didn't receive a proper welcoming to this forum.

  25. Caption This!

    Meanwhile, inside The Technodrome...
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