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    Twilight, but with longer hair xD
  3. Looking for Christian MLP singer To Collaborate With

    Are you just looking for someone to sing and send you vocals, or are you looking for something more?
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  5. So MySpace keeps sending me letters and today they decided to send me their last letter and told me that they were gonna delete my account. So I replied to their email.



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      nice one

      i'm waiting on what I ordered from ebay

  6. Hey. Are you doing alright? 

  7. You Can only talk with pictures

  8. i am angry at equestria daily.

    Well i don't know bout that but Fanfiction section is highly biast with it moderators. from what i heard. only putting up ones from people they already know.
  9. Last to Post 3: Revenge

    I had the rifle range all to myself yesterday.
  10. You Can only talk with pictures

  11. My Pre-Release View on Season 8

    I can safely say that the Roc will be referenced in that episode before appearance so it isn't like Cerberus. And yes, that was one of the leaked episodes so the context is known to those that saw the leaks. As for rest well the point I was making is that well there really is no point in overthinking without context by jumping to strange conclusions and taking things too literally, even if you are aware that you are doing it. Speculation is fine but guess what rubbed me the wrong way is the preemptive negativity and speculating the worst even though I personally don't feel like there is a reason or precedent for expecting things to be as dramatic as your negative speculations are or appear. I am being a bit rude so I do apologize for that. Even without context I feel it is clear that #2 is just political correctness when referring to non-ponies and not a plot to move from MLP to MLC; #3 I don't even understand considering the show always used random mythological creatures for a single episode since season 1 and rarely referenced them more than once; And #4 I can already guess that song is about Twilight motivating her friends to try again to setup the school after it fails the first time and not that the school literally has just one rule. Also i quite like We're Not Flawless song. The only speculation I found worth of speculating further is #1 but like I said I find it unlikely because the school teaches about friendship so having bullies would be counter productive and MLP already covered that topic anyway. Maybe dragon and griffin students could potentially have bulling tendencies. I can see at best there being just one episode, or at least I would say if the all episode synopses hadn't been leaked.
  12. You are the first human student at the Canterlot Academy

    I try not to take it too personally. I am a very weird-looking horse, after all. If they're picking on me, then they're leaving Dash alone, right?
  13. @bwrosas Okay, let me stop you right there. The very first thing you do after sitting down in front of a camera you turned on to do a video review on youtube is to vigorously clean out one ear with your finger and then look down at the contents as you're giving your introduction. I don't know what the second thing you do is, because that's my signal to stop watching. Holy prancing pegasi, that's bad. You've got to set some standards for yourself when you do these reviews, mate. Unless you're going to make it your whole schtick that you look like you just rolled out of bed to do a review -- and even then the ear-mining is going too far -- try to look like you spent some time in front of a mirror first. Comb your hair. Do a second take of a line if you muck it up the first time. People can see you.
  14. Tempest Shadow Fan Club

    Fizzlesock Berrytwist
  15. WildRose Arts

    forgot to post this last night xD
  16. My Pre-Release View on Season 8

    Yes, I undoubtedly know this is premature, and it will need revision after season 8 is released; which is why I intend to make a new post on my view of season 8 after I receive the full load of official and canonical information given by season 8. Thank you for telling me this. I was wondering why a random, large bird just suddenly appeared on scene. It makes me think of the time when Cerberus just came out of nowhere, and then vanished from the episode and the entire season within a minute or two. I should have made it clearer that these 'statements' I made are not concrete facts or even statements, but that they are my views on what could happen or what I see is happening based solely on the information received so far; and like you said, this information does not have context. Therefore, my views are incomplete and lack sufficient information and context. This is my mistake – I believe I might have failed in clarifying this. Definition of a view in this context: "a particular way of considering or regarding something; an attitude or opinion" [emphasis mine] - Bing Definition. I think I might have went too far in saying that the focus on ponies has been lost, but like I said, "I'm just looking at the negative side of the possibilities". Anyways, moving on to a different area, I have noticed that some comments are saying that I have taken certain lines of the leaked song too literally. Therefore, I must address this. I admit, I have taken the words in the song literally. I must point out that this is my view on the matter, and that this view is fallible because of the lack of context. Am I taking it too literally? Probably yes. However, there might actually be no rules but one in the school, but I cannot come to a concrete conclusion; though, I do not see anything that disproves or even opposes my current interpretation, at least until the episode the song is in is officially released – and there is no better reason to assume that the meaning of no rules but one is allegorical, symbolic, or something that the developers just threw in there. At least we know that it can't be as bad as "We're not Flawless", because the result of that was a wrong 'moral' of the story. Conclusion: I hope this comment clarified enough regarding my post. I also am considering revising this post and my views in the future before the season 8 premiere. Furthermore, I intend to post the positive side of my view on season 8 before March 24, which will hopefully provide even more clarification and provoke additional thoughts.
  17. yo jaspers whats up?

  18. good morning eqd may Gaia and the great spirit bless you all on this glorious day

  19. good morning chb I hope your day will be fantastic

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      chb I know my day will a good day

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      How so, Pain? :) 

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      well everyday is a good day for me

      and the excitement of waiting for my Naruto cards to come in the mail


  20. Equestrian Chronicles: A Roleplaying is Magic "Blog".

    (GM's Note: Despite now having a podcast for the game, I'll still be writing this narrative blog. There is no guarantee that the blog will be a word for word transcript of the podcast. That'd be boring, even if I could do that.) It was a couple of days later, and Rhythm Quartz had not yet returned from her trip. Champion's birthday party was due tomorrow, and they were all at Sugar Cube corner, marvelling at the effort Pinkie was putting into the party. Sugar Song had spared no expense, buying the Total Pinkie Party Package. The party was going to have a military theme, including a cake created to look like a military parade ground, complete with tiny guardsponies marching in formation near Equestrian flags and banners. Even Champion, for his insistence that he didn't want a party, that such things were for little foals, not mature colts like him, was staring in slack jawed awe. However, his thoughts turned to a missing friend, and he turned to his sister. "I'm getting worried about Rhythm, sis. Could you use your mental link spell to see if she's okay?" Sugar Song nodded, and her horn started to glow. Champion suddenly said, "Ooh, ooh! Can I talk to her? Can you do that?" His big sister smiled indulgently, and her magic aura surrounded the colt's head. He closed his eyes, concentrating... then suddenly opened them with a gasp. "She's lost.. scared... in constant pain... trapped somewhere!" He stammered, shaking his head. "Come on, everyone! We need to help her!" "Calm down, Champion!" Sugar song said. "Did you sense where she was?" "She doesn't know! And she's in too much pain to think straight!" Champion was cantering on the spot in helpless frustration. "Who's this Rhythm Quartz?" Half-Pint whispered to Nutmeg, who was standing nearby. "She's our dragon friend," Nutmeg replied. "Don't worry, she's really nice!" "Oh! I think I saw her, taking off a couple of days ago, as I was just arriving," the short stallion nodded. "I could use Mind magic to try to hone in on her," Sugar Song mused, "but if she's in the state you say, Champion, I'm going to be useless until we find her." "Hmm... I know Rhythm's body pretty well," Champion blushed a bit as he said this, and quickly continued. "I could cast a spell to hone in on her body." He closed his eyes and scrunched his little muzzle in concentration, his horn glowing. He opened his eyes, wiping his brow. "Okay, I've got a lock. It's pretty vague at the moment; she's south, which makes sense." "Okay, so who's coming?" Sugar Song asked. "I'm in!" Gimbal peaked up from behind the cake, where she had just hidden her gifts to Champion. Mutt nodded, and Break Fang grinned. "Sounds like fun! Chance for a bit of old fashioned violence?" Nutmeg gulped. "Um, I'll help too." Half-Pint smiled. "Count me in as well!" "Let's get the next train to Appleloosa, and start from there," Sugar Song said. "Nutmeg and Gimbal, you should let your parents know that you might be away for a couple of days." "Aww, Champion's gonna miss his birthday!" Half-Pint frowned. "I know," Champion said. He turned to Pinkie Pie, who was putting up a banner. "Sorry, Pinkie, I guess the party will have to be put on hold." Pinkie waved a hoof. "That's fine. You go on your adventure. You guys are the main characters in this story, after all, the party will wait." There was a moment of silent confusion, as often followed a Pinkie Pie statement. Champion stared, then shook his head. "Uh, sure... thanks, Pinkie." ********** Nutmeg decided to be as upfront as possible with her parents, explaining that her friend was in some sort of trouble, and they were going to find her. Her parents were worried, of course, but knowing that she would be surrounded by friends who would protect her made them feel a lot better. Her mother did insist she make her a packed lunch, however. In the meantime, Gimbal was a lot more evasive with her parents. "We're off to Appleloosa, mum and dad! Don't wait up!" Without waiting for an answer, she then rushed out to fetch the massive barrel of cider from the family shed. ********** At the train station, Champion was pacing back and forth, agitated, staring at the huge clock as if willing move faster. The next train was due to leave in half an hour. Half an hour too long for the Unicorn Colt's taste. "Champion! Calm down!" Half-Pint insisted. "The clock isn't going to tick any faster if you stare at it harder. You're just exhausting yourself for no reason." Champion took a calming breath. "I know, I know. I just hate the idea that it's because of me that she's in trouble." "Stop that!" Half-Pint chided him gently. "She went off by herself. Even if it was to get you the Best Present Ever, it was still her choice to do so. You are not to blame at all!" "Listen to the stallion, Champion," Sugar Song nodded, giving Half-Pint a grateful smile. "Hey, Champion, wanna play pattycake with me?" Nutmeg said, in an awkward attempt to keep her little friend occupied. Champion smiled at her, and said, "Okay, but be warned, I'm the pattycake champion!" With that, his horn glowed, and two Diamond Dog paws, no doubt modelled after Mutts, made of force, appeared. While they started their epic showdown, Gimbal appeared, rolling the massive cider barrel. "Half-Pint!" she panted. "I need your size magic!" Half-Pint trotted over, "What do you need, Gimbal?" "Can you make this a carry-on?" Gimbal tapped the huge barrel. Half-Pint, always happy to show off his size altering magic skills, nodded, his horn glowing. The magic surrounded the barrel, and with a woosh, shrunk down to the size of a shot glass. As Gimbal picked it up, Half-Pint warned. "Be careful, Gimbal! Don't open that until I've dismissed the shrinking spell, unless want to be hit with a torrent of Cider." Gimbal paused, just about to take a sip. "Really? Okay then." She carefully put the barrel in her saddlebag. ********** The train trip to Appleloosa was uneventful, much to the 'New Elements' pleasant surprise. It was early evening when they arrived, and Sugar Song didn't want to go rushing off into the nearby wilderness without getting some rest first. "But she's close! I can feel it!" Champion insisted. Half-Pint came to his defence. "It's not that late and we can get supplies for a camp here, just in case. I think its better we not delay any furthur." Champion nodded eagerly and pointed to the wild haired stallion. To this, Sugar Song relented, and they made preparations for a journey south, into the Buffalo Plains. They had been travelling for about an hour, over the exposed bedrock that made up a large part of the Plains. The only light came from the full moon and countless stars shining down from the clear night sky. After a while, they started to notice something... off... about the shadows around them. The two dimensional images started to change form, into snarling, demonic visages that shook them to their core. Nutmeg was especially rattled, and she jumped onto Mutt's back for protection. Then the shadows around them started to coalesce together, taking a three dimensional semi-corporeal shape. A vaguely quadrupedal form with a massive maw full of razor sharp teeth. Mutt, remembering the last time they faced a nightmarish terror from beyond, reached into his waistcoat and offered a piece of candy. The shadow beast looked at the candy... then slashed at Mutt with a massive shadowy claw. Mutt, making sure he had a good grip on Nutmeg, dived to the side. Unfortunately, the claw still nicked him. It didn't draw blood however. Instead, Mutt felt an eldritch chill, as the claw passed through flesh and muscle and bone to tear out a piece of his very essence. Break Fang seemed to be frozen in her terror, and Flurry was burying herself in Half-PInt's mane. "I got this!" Gimbal proclaimed, with perhaps false bravado. She reached into her saddle bag and pulled out a flashlight, shining it on the creature. Where the light touched it, seemed to burn parts away, and definitly cause it great pain. At the same time, Half-Pint blasted the creature with a beam of pure magical energy. This seemed to also hurt it, but not as much as the light had. It roared at Half-PInt, who felt his knees grow weak from sheer terror. In the meantime, Champion was trying to keep it at bay with his shield magic, but to no avail, as the creature of shadow passed through the force-shield as if it wasn't there. Sugar Song's horn started to glow, and she shouted, "Everypony! Close your eyes!" as she released a flash, as bright as the sun, in all directions. When it cleared, the shadow monster was gone. However, they soon noticed the shadows reforming already. Sugar Song cast another light spell, this one less intense but longer lasting one, to keep the shadows at bay. "Everypony... sorry, creature... stay close!" Half-Pint took Champion onto his back, so the smallest non-flying member of their party wouldn't be left behind, and they raced away, following his magical link to Rhythm Quartz. However, it was not long until he said, "Stop! She's close!" He looked down. "And she's underground! Somewhere below us!" He hopped off Half-Pint's back, looking around. "There must be a cave entrance somewhere nearby!" They looked around (and sniffed, in the case of the two Diamond Dogs) and soon found a cave entrance leading underground. They carefully made their way down a very steep tunnel. A little too steep for Nutmeg and Gimbal, who both lost their footing and started to tumble down the tunnel in a flailing mess of hooves and wings and screaming. Thinking quickly, Mutt put his broad, well-muscled body in front of them, catching them with an "Oof!" The made their way down even more carefully and found themselves in a cave with several tunnels leading in all directions. "That way!" Champion pointed, his horn flaring. "She's down that tunnel." As they made their way down, they all started to hear, fainttly at first, but growing louder, the agonised screams of Rhythm Quartz. Champion immediately started to run down the tunnel. "Champion! Stop!" Half-Pint called after him, and Champion trotted anxiously on the spot. "Come on! We got to help her!" he pleaded. "I know, and we will!" Half-Pint assured him. "But we can't just go racing in like this. What if it's a trap? We need a plan?" "What we need is a scout," Sugar Song looked to Nutmeg, then to Flurry, still nestling happy in Half-Pint's nest like mane. The Breezy perked up, and asked Nutmeg, "I scout for you? Like before?" Nutmeg, still somewhat shaken by recent ordeals, just nodded. Flurry stretched, did a little jog in the air to psyche herself up for her vital mission. Then she flew over and gave Half-Pint a quick. yet intense kiss on the muzzle, before taking off down the tunnel, towards the sound of the screaming. Half-Pint sighed happily. She returned less than a minute later, looking very shaken by what she saw. With Nutmeg and Half-Pint translating, she described a massive cavern, the tunnel actually leading to a platform overlooking it, with a ram leading down to the floor. In the middle was the dragoness, Rhythm Quartz, strapped down, stretched out, to an infernal machine. Spikes had been embedded in her scales, attached to pipes that seemed to be drawing something out of her. Surrounding her were strange Ponies, that seemed to be made of both solid flesh and shadow at the same time. "Those sound like the Mareyans!" Nutmeg said. She looked to Mutt and Gimbal. "Remember? That temple in the Forbidden Jungle. We found that elder god that had banished those strange ancient Ponies when they tried to usurp its power for themselves. It trapped them out of time? I guess they found a way back. We might be a tad over our heads in this..." "We got this!" Gimbal said, tossing and catching her flashlight. "We know they're harmed by light. And with Half-Pint's size magic..." "I could turn that light into a massive spotlight, hitting several of them at once!" Half-Pint nodded finished. "I can add my Light magic to the effort," Sugar Song nodded. "While the rest of us rush down to free Rhythm Quartz!" Champion said excitedly. "Sounds like we have a plan!" "I don't suppose any of you Unicorns can teleport us once we've rescued Rhythm, can you?" Break Fang's bravado seemed to have vanished in the face of such esoteric terrors as these. The three Unicorns shook their heads, and gave a nervous rictus grin. "Then I guess we're escaping the old fashioned way." They snuck their way down the tunnel, the heart-wrenching screams from the young dragoness helping to mask their approach. Sure enough, they saw what Flurry had described, seeing their draconic friend strapped to the ground, iron bars and straps over her neck, tail, both pairs of legs and even her outstretched wings. Hovering over her was this ball of dark, crackling energy. Then they saw what must have been Mareyans, though infused with shadowy, nightmarish power. There solid parts seemed to be flickering, as if constantly threatening to phase out of time. Unfortunately, as they approached the edge, Gimbal accidentally kicked a stone... and several dark eyes looked up to them. Despite not having wings nor horns, the Mareyans surrounded themselves in dark, eldritch energy, and started to fly towards them. "Stick to the plan!" Champion shouted, as he, Mutt, Nutmeg and Breakfang raced down the ramp towards Rhythm Quartz. Rhythm was sending quick flashes of light to hold the Mareyans at bay, while, fumbling a little in panic, turned on the flashlight and placed it on the ground, facing the oncoming Mareyans. Half-Pint's horn glowed, and the flashlight suddenly grew to the size of a pony, flooding the cave full of light. The effect on the Mareyans bathed in the light was dramatic. Being only partly made of shadows actually worked against them here, as the light shredded them, leaving flickering, solid parts that phased in and out of time. Half-Pint sent blasts of magical energy at the Mareyans who had managed to avoid the late. One of them sent a shadowy blast at him, striking him and causing him to stagger back in pain. In the meantime, the others were racing towards the trapped Rhythm Quartz. As they neared that strange orb above her started to pulse, and they were all struck by waves of pure, psychic agony. It turned out to be too much for poor Nutmeg, who collapsed, screaming and sobbing in agony. The other three tore the straps and bars holding her down off Rhythm Quartz, but she was in no state to move by herself. Champion was about to try to heal her with magic, but Mutt grunted, "No time, Champ!" He picked up the dragoness, wrapping her long, serpentine body around his shoulders, then scooped up the sobbing, half-catonic Nutmeg, and they raced back up the ramp. "Right, let's go!" Half-Pint shouted, and they are raced at full speed out of the caverns and into the open night air. They kept running until the cave was long behind him, only then allowing themselves to collapse. Sugar Song touched her horn to Nutmeg, using Mind magic to heal her mental trauma, at least somewhat. Nutmeg was still feeling really fragile, however, and just sat quietly. In the meantime, Champion had healed Rhythm enough that she could at least move by herself. "Damn it, Rhythm! I know you wanted to get me a nice present, but couldn't you have gone to, like, a shop, or something?" Rhythm Quartz looked down sheepishly, "I.. I wanted to get you the best present..." Champion nuzzled her affectionatly, "Your friendship is the best present." "That and adventure!" Mutt piped in, and Champion nodded, "That too!" "I know we're exhausted," Sugar Song, still maintaining the light spell on her horn, "but I really think we shouldn't stop until we get back to Appleloosa!" "Everyone gather around," Champion said, "I'll cast a spell to give as a burst of stamina. Hopefully just enough to get us back there." ********** The sun was rising when they crawled back into Appleloosa. They found their way to a hotel, and Sugar Song put a large pile of bits on the desk for enough rooms for them all. They ended up sleeping all day and the next night, not waking until dawn the day after that. Nutmeg was staring out the window, looking pensive. Half-Pint sidled up to her, "What's wrong Nutmeg?" Nutmeg sighed, "I just don't know why my friends bring me on these adventures. I'm useless on them." "You must have something going on for you," Half-Pint insisted, as Flurry flew over to give her adopted big sister a hug on the muzzle. "There was that time she killed a dragon!" Mutt said proudly, only to stop himself when he saw Sugar Song, shaking her head and making throat slicing gestures. "Come on!" Half-Pint said. "Let's go downstairs for some breakfast! I'm sure getting some food in you will cheer you up!" "Okay..." Nutmeg didn't seem to convince. They fetched Gimbal, and made their way downstairs. They saw that Champion and Rhythm was already down in the eating area. Champion was sitting on the floor, with Rhythm's long body wrapped around him in a snake-like hug. She looked up when she saw the others. "Thank you, everycreature, for coming for me!" "You're quite welcome, dragon I just met!" Half-Pint said. "I'm Half-Pint! Pleased to meet you?" "Half-Pint? Really?" Rhythm quartz looked at the much shorter than average stallion incredusouly. "Yep! That's my name!" Half-Pint grinned, and Rhythm shrugged, no doubt thinking that Ponies had such funny names. "Rhythm, if you don't mind me asking, what happened?" Sugar Song asked after fetching some cereal for herself. Rhythm sighed. "I was on my way back with my present for Champion, when I saw a young Buffalo calf in trouble. His hoof seemed to be stuck. We dragons like to protect Buffalo, due to an ancient traditional pact, so I flew down to help. It was a trap. An illusion, and well, I guess you know the rest." "What happened to the present?" Mutt asked, biting into an apple. "Did you drop it?" The dragoness looked shamefaced. "It's back there somewhere..." Champion shook his head, "It doesn't matter. You're safe, that's enough for me!" Rhythm smiled, and nuzzled him lovingly. "Let's get back to Ponyville," Sugar Song said. "We need to warn Princess Twilight about these returning Mareyans... and, more importantly, we got a party to look forward to!" ********** They were all back in Sugar Cube Corner, and Champion's party was in full swing. Even the normally stoic and super serious Champion had been looking forward to this. Suddenly, they all heard a loud, wet sound outside, and a yelp of surprise from Gimbal. "Oh, dear Celestia!" Half-Pint face hoofed, and they all rushed outside, to find at Gimbal at the crest of a fountain of cider. It seemed she had forgotton Half-Pints warning about the tiny barrel, and soon there was a rain of cider. Thinking quickly, she formed as much as she could into a cloud of cider, which she used make what was, essentially, a cider flavoured cotton candy. "How did you do that?" Pinkie Pie asked. When Half-Pint explained his shrinking spell, Pinkie's eyes widened. "You mean you can shrink a thing, and yet have the stuff that makes that thing the thing it is still there?" When Half-Pint nodded, Pinkie's eye grew stars. "Can you imagine, a bite sized cake, with the flavour of a full sized cake. An explosion of flavour in every bite!" Before she could go too far and lock Half-Pint in the kitchen on cake shrinking duty, it was time for presents. First was Sugar Song's. Half-Pint noticed a handsome Crystal Pony, with a cutie mark resembling a scroll surrounded by music notes standing next to her. Standing close to her. It was obvious they were a couple, and judging by his glow, he was very much in love with the beautiful young Unicorn. Champion opened the thin box Sugar Song handed over, marvelling at the fetching, double breasted jacket he pulled out. It was cut to resemble to dress uniform of a royal gaurd, so of course, Champion loved it, which he showed by rushing over and giving him sister a big hug. "Something for the Gala," she said, with smile. Next, the Crystal Pony gave Champion a small box and a scroll. "Read the scroll to yourself, first," he said, his tone strangely anxious. Champion nodded, and read the scroll, his face serious. He then peered into the box, and quickly closed it. He gave the Crystal Pony stallion a sombre nod. "Thank you, Paper Waltz. I'll think on this." He glanced to his sister as he said this, then put the present aside. "Um... here's mine..." Nutmeg said nervously, presenting the art project made of nails from the hardware store. "It's not much, but I did make it myself." Champion tackle hugged her. "Thank you, Nutmeg, it's awesome!" In the meantime, Pinkie had just cut up the cake... when there was a sudden explosion of magical energy, and a massive sledgehammer and a large scroll case appeared. "Happy birthday, Champ!" Gimbal said. "A hammer for a stallion, because today you become a stallion!" "Um... thanks..." Try as he might, he couldn't hide his disappointment that Gimbal would think he'd want or need a giant hammer. However, when his eyes fell of the scroll, he asked, "Is that, for me too?" Gimbal nodded, "Yep! Give it a look!" "I helped her find that one!" Half-Pint said proudly, as Gimbal opened the scroll. As soon as he saw the first few images, his eyes widened. "Is that... Borders and Blockades from Barrages!?" Gimbal nodded, and found herself hugged with genuine love from Champion. Gimbal grinned, and gave Half-Pint a 'thumbs up' with her wing as she returned the hug. Rhythm watched, smiling sadly, happy for Champion of course, but disappointed in herself. Next time, Champion...
  21. okay the bye-bye man is one of the worst movies I've seen

    for 1 thing the bye-bye man isn't scary infact I could make that costume at a spirit of Halloween store or at Walmart during October

    2 its a stupid movie its trying to hard to be like a few other movies

  22. I'm quite new.

    @sugar ray Here is a lil tip, by adding @ and users name you can notify a user that you replayed to them. And yeah MLP sure is a great show. And it is nice to see that my bias for liking it is justified when even now people can discover it and like it. Hope you'll have great time exploring fandom and all things fan created along with Show products.
  23. My Pre-Release View on Season 8

    And according to the episode list, there are 10 episodes dedicated to the school and 16 non school episodes.
  24. Image result for adorable rarity

    *dies of extreme raribear cuteness*

  25. You Can only talk with pictures

  26. I'm quite new.

    Cinder vel, a good show have to do that ;D and MLP can! Pain, thx i will enjoi it ^^
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