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  2. baltoist

    worst video games ever!

    For battler brawlers the only one i had trouble with was the PS2 version (which i rented while my Wii was being fixed) I never minded motion control so i actually prefer the Wii version. As for Defenders of the core......yeah that game isn't that good. It's not bad but clearly a redo of Godzilla Unleashed.
  3. Spider

    worst video games ever!

    2 games I can't stand are Bakugan Battle Brawlers (Wii Version) and Bakugan Defenders of the Core now my main gripe with Battle Brawlers was that the controls are super sensitive like nearly as bad as Sonic and the Secret Rings these motion controls are your only control scheme so yeah you're stuck with them it makes the game a lot more difficult because you're fighting with the crappy motion controls more then the bosses now onto Defenders of the Core or as I like to call it Defenders of the Obvious Advice in Defenders of the Core the characters never shut up they constantly shout tutorial advice at you during the battle they even do this during the final fight and they do so in the most condescending tone ever (Looking at you Shun Kurosaki) as if they had so little confidence in the player they ruined a potentially decent game the combat is your typical 3d fighter with the Bakugan as Kaiju cool idea but ruined by the fact most of the fights tend to have Rubber Band AI so bad it make Mario Kart's Rubber Band Ai look tame by comparison or cheap Difficulty Spikes (Looking at you Percival)
  4. Today
  5. Spirit Fire

    Oooooof, idk how to use ED!!

    I wanna know how to post my arts correctly, some people tell me that I should post it in a different folder or something? tbh idk and I'm so confused, what are the steps I should follow to post arts?
  6. DoodleDot

    Mlp reaction game

  7. DoodleDot

    You can only talk in gif's.

  8. DoodleDot

    You Can only talk with pictures

  9. nopony

    MLP Association Game

  10. Goodnight, y'all! :-D

  11. Lord Nanfoodle

    You Can only talk with pictures

  12. Lord Nanfoodle

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    After graduating from CHS, Fluttershy finally ascended to her final form and became Mother Nature herself. It'll obviously make the ten year reunion VERY interesting.
  13. Lord Nanfoodle

    Mlp reaction game

  14. Lord Nanfoodle

    You can only talk in gif's.

  15. DoodleDot

    You can only talk in gif's.

  16. DoodleDot

    You Can only talk with pictures

  17. DoodleDot

    Mlp reaction game

  18. DoodleDot

    Caption This!

    I wanted cake, not sandwich
  19. DoodleDot

    The Banned Game

    Banned for not finding the jet-pack in area 51
  20. DoodleDot

    The shipping game

    Lord Nanfoodle X Noodle from Gorillaz
  21. DoodleDot

    Answer my question with a question

    Surely it's 50 shades of hay?
  22. DoodleDot

    do u hate or like the word we say

    Love Fluttercord?
  23. DoodleDot

    Write random sentences without the letter "a"

    well ether pony is best since they're linked by voice.
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