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Buy, Trade and Sell things with your forum fellows. Please read rules.

Traders Exchange Guidelines and Rules

Trader Exchange Princess WeAreBorg here with the follow proclamation of rules for the utilization of said Exchange.

Equestria Daily (EQD) does not guarantee or have information regarding the quality of any of the products bought or traded or acquired through the Buy, Sell, Trade area. The choice to participate, the terms of any transaction and the outcome are solely your responsibility. Deals are made solely between members and EQD is not liable for any any loss or damage, including but not limited to no payment, not receiving item, personal injury, death, or any other negative outcome, resulting from use of the Buy, Sell, Trade forums or bought/traded items. EQD is not responsible and will not compensate any participants in any way for trades conducted by other EQD Buy, Sell, Trade participants and will not deliver transacted products. While we encourage equitable sales and trading, EQD has no responsibility for the fairness or completion of any transaction. 

EQD's buy/sell forum is a free service designed for INDIVIDUAL use. It is NOT a turnkey environment for your business. Websites, re-sellers, and dealers will NOT be allowed to use the buy/sell forum. Use this forum at your own risk. EQD and its staff are NOT responsible for failed transactions. If anyone maliciously exploits the EQD buy/sell section to commit fraud, we encourage you to report them to the appropriate authorities. The EQD staff reserves the right to deny ANY listing for ANY reason.

Buy/Sell Forum Rules:

1. LIMIT TWO (2) BUYING AND TWO (2) SELLING POSTS PER USER. Trading threads are seen as the equivalent of selling threads.

Any threads above and beyond the limit may be locked or deleted.

Please add a reply with your request to close your old selling/trading or buying threads or send an admin a PM with a link to your thread(s) to have them closed.

2. NO DEALERS ALLOWED. For our purposes, any member selling the same item or type of item repeatedly is considered a dealer.

3. ALL ITEMS FOR SALE/TRADE MUST BE PICTURED WITH OWNERSHIP PROOF within your listing. Every item listed MUST be pictured without exception and MUST include a date within 7 days of posting and your EQD username. If you're selling two ponies, you must photograph BOTH ponies.

If you do not have the item on hand, you may NOT sell it through the Traders Exchange forums. When engaging in a trade, BOTH parties must provide pictures of each item involved in the deal. Listings without pictures will not be allowed on EQD. Repeated violation of this rule will result in a ban from use of the Traders Exchange or from the EQD forum.

4. ALL LISTINGS MUST CONTAIN AN ASKING PRICE. EQD is NOT an auction site. All prices listed MUST be absolute and will be considered as US Dollar values unless otherwise specified. Price ranges, requests for interested parties to contact the seller with an offer, etc. will NOT be allowed. This includes replies to wanted ads.

In other words: no games, no nonsense, no haggling.

Do NOT create listings merely to gauge interest in an item. If you wish to determine a reasonable price range for an item, consider the original price, price of similar items, or consult an outside source. (i.e. a completed item search on eBay)

5. LINKS TO ONLINE AUCTIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED. If you have an item listed on eBay or a similar service, you may NOT list that item on EQD. If, after listing an item on EQD, you choose to place it on an auction site, you must request a topic deletion by sending a pm to any staff member. Include a link to the post you need deleted.

6. ILLEGAL ITEMS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This includes, but is not limited to, counterfeit items, pirated or bootleg items, or ANY item whose sale is restricted by age or permit. As it is illegal to sell alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, etc. to minors, these items may NOT be sold through EQD. Similarly, the sale of firearms, body armor, and other items restricted by the US government may NOT be sold through EQD, regardless of how much pony is on them.

7. FRAUD WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. ANY member considered guilty of fraud will be immediately and permanently banned from the EQD community.

Fraudulent activities include:
- Misrepresentation of items (i.e. inaccurately portraying the condition or authenticity of items)
- Failure to adhere to the terms of a purchase or trade (i.e. failure to pay for items received, failure to send items, etc.)

False accusations will also result in banishment.

Always request delivery confirmation and make sure you keep all shipping receipts. Unless you have PROOF, you should not expect EQD to ban a member for fraud.

8. BUMPING IS NOT ALLOWED. There is no need to 'bump' your thread to get daily exposure. Replies posted as bumps will be deleted on sight or ignored. Please encourage potential buyers to contact you through email or pm. Updates on your thread with changes on what is available and price drops are allowed..

9. PAYPAL SURCHARGES ARE NOT ALLOWED. It is against the law to charge an extra fee for accepting payments through PayPal (see Section VI of their Payments Policy - you must be logged in):

10. TAG AND TITLE POSTS WITH 'SELLING', 'BUYING', OR 'TRADING'. This helps people figure out what is up at a glance.

11. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR ORIGINAL LISTING WHEN IT SELLS. Using strikethrough formatting and adding a note that it has sold is acceptable. Your original listing MUST be intact and readable at all times. Buyers are strongly encouraged to quote the original listing in replies just to be safe.

12. DO NOT POST A SELLING THREAD UNLESS YOU ARE THE INDIVIDUAL SELLING THE ITEM. This includes, but is not limited to, creating threads for items you do not actually intend to sell, posting threads to sell on behalf of a "friend" and any variant or variation of this. These rules are subject to change for any reason, without prior warning. Happy trading!

Happy trading!

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