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    I don't know who was nuts enough to think Discord, Spike, and Big Mac would make a great team, but whoever it is, thank you! This dynamic is outstanding. Big Mac, Spike, and Discord all act like they knew each other for years, even though this trio only formed in season 6. It's organic, they play off one another, and share great chemistry. Speaking of chemistry, Spike and Discord are outstanding in their best outings in probably the show. Discord's cynicism towards H&HD, and love in particular, plays off spectacularly with Spike, who's very optimistic. To think that only a few seasons ago, Discord was one of his enemies, but from the way they talked to each other and knew each other so well, you wouldn't think so. How they interacted with one another was among the multi-dozens highlights here, such as Spike criticizing Discord's pessimism to Spike intentionally teasing Discord for possibly having a crush on Fluttershy to Discord ignoring Spike's sappy romantic poem about Rarity. They know how to get under each other's skin without crossing the line, making their teasing all in good fun rather than mean-spirited. One of the season's biggest improvements — the dialogue — is really shown here. Every line's so organic, even when it's somewhat expository, gelling together. Every line oozed with personality and passion, whether it's from the O&O squad or the CMCs. The dialogue allows for not just some amazing comedy, but also some heart. More 'bout the latter later. The comedy here is golden! Every joke landed perfectly, from the dialogue responses to the satirically cheesy love music playing in the background as Big Mac rushes to Sugar Belle to Big Mac's drinking a barrel-load of cider to Sweetie's "Please say no." Oh, yeah, and that jab towards the greeting card industry by Discord is too funny. Oh, yeah… >Lyra and Bob Bon sharing H&HD bond & gifts >best friends Riiiiiiiight. XP The CMCs were also fantastic here. All season so far, they've been at their A-game. The episode recognizes them as kids, but doesn't make them so obnoxious. They were right to wonder where that mysterious pie came from and search high and low to find him. But the and does a nice swerve: They may not have found that actual special somepony for SB, but had a magnificent time together, anyway. Sweetie's small speech at the end had quite a lot of heart in it. Speaking of heart, as hilarious as TBUBD is, Confalone found how to balance it perfectly. Big Mac's sadness was somewhat over the top, but treated with the respect it deserves. His romantic feelings with Sugar Belle feel genuine, and you can tell by how he talked about the small stuff to Skeleanor, like how Sugar snorts and wiggles her nose when she giggles (something that Nyactis Mewcis Catlum pointed out a while ago in a status). Big Mac doesn't talk much, so when he does, you listen. After they cleared up everything, it was all okay again, and they had a great end to Hearts & Hooves Day. Discord's revelation of finally believing in romance works perfectly and marks my moment of the season so far: revealing to damage her wagon wheel. Why? 'Cause he believes it while remaining in character and figured out how to get them back together his way. Somehow, he predicted what Big Mac was going to do next. Really shows he cares for him as a friend. Derpy was great in her role as mailmare. Oh, and it has two morals, each executed masterfully: "Don't assume. Communicate with your friends, and everything will work itself out." "Don't be afraid to openly admit your feelings. Those who care for you will listen and understand." This one is my favorite of the season so far, because it's so relatable to everyone. When I first watched it in December, I watched a treat. Seeing it completed gives it such a fresh look, and it still holds up excellent. The Break Up Break Down isn't just the best episode of Season 8 so far, but one of the ten best of the show altogether, as well.
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    *looks at members online* Man this site hit rock bottom in terms of activity. Oh well, as long as my friends are online (and one of them is)
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    At last, my favorite basketball player, who I have met in person when I was a kid, has won his first NBA championship. Thank you, Warriors! Yay, for Nick Young!
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    sorry for not being active I've been so caught up in chickensmoothie haha
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    This was a damned fine episode. I'm glad they separated molting from greed growth. One of the best Spike-centric episodes we've had.
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    Bonus: my reaction to this post:
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    I only managed to see it right now... I paused the video at the 50s mark so that I could write this, and then I'll keep watching it. The plot is going to be Rainbow and Applejack do something stupid because they're putting their competition above their job in the school. It's going to be stupid and I'm going to regret watching this. I swear. If this turns out wrong, I'll leave it here to admit I was wrong, but if I was right, I'll post nothing more and just let this sink in. But I can't! Twilight LITERALLY spells it out, and the episode does nothing with this. If Twilight was using the two to make a point, that would've been pretty clever, but no. Twilight had to appear in the middle of the episode and actually expect things were going fine. And I thought I had gone past the worst until the two of them started fast-talking Twilight. Then the episode repeats itself in reverse. And that ending... That fucking ending. At least the episode didn't have the nerve to make Twilight say it was all a plan. Now I see why people were afraid of school episodes. The moral of the story is: do not make you characters stupid for the sake of a plot. Do not make them stupid so that the characters you want to look good fix the problem. Instead, write a better story. And while at it, don't reduce your characters to a single point of personality each. This is literally the opposite of everything that makes this cartoon good. Twilight, you are becoming Celestia. Stop it. And, Neighsay! Please! Come back and shut this place down! Good... God... Was this episode stupid AND annoying. To the point of being insulting.
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    I like to draw a lot felt like sharing some art I've done before. I'll post some of my most recent ones to start, pony and non-pony. I'll probably post other things as I make them or if I feel like it regarding older art.
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    Good night everypony. :3
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    How are you doing, Friend?
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    Well, you tried anyways.
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    Somepony could really use a comb.
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