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    Thank you everypony
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    Hello, Scribble Line, welcome to the Forums! We have so much to do and explore here! From playing fun forum games, to reading fanfics that your fellow forum friends wrote. Have an amazing time here!
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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
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    Hi Scribble Line! Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a great time here and have some fun!
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    Welcome to the EQD forums Scribble.
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    Hello Scribble Line and welcome to EDF. I hope you have a good time here.
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    Good night@Animekitty47. Have a good day tomorrow.
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    I'm pretty late on this one. How the fuck is Gummy holding the hammer? He's small and he has no fingers. When Gummy hits the gong you can clearly see he has no piece of paper in his mouth. But in the next close up shot of his face he holds a piece of paper with his mouth. Rainbow Dashes eyes are blue when she enters the stage. Also, her hair doesn't bounce around or moves at all even though she is moving around quickly and right after that entrance you can clearly see how her and Pinkie Pies hair always moves and bounces around when they move and and shake their heads and stuff. ALSO, OH GOD, RAINBOW DASHES VOICE SOUNDS SO FUCKING TERRIBLE. It's too deep and she sounds even more like a boy. I don't like it, man. And just like in the last episode there are really weird cuts here and there. After saying "It's time for..." we go from Pinkie Pie standing on one shot to holding her face with her hoofs in the next shot. Nothing inbetween. And at least to me that looks and feels a bit weird. Her hair also kinda glitches and freaks out for a moment while she says "... the eclair jenga challenge" and presents the eclair tower. I wish i could find a gif of this. "Whoever knocks down the tower loses. But the winner get's to eat all the eclair and be dECLAIREd the most awesome eclair player." And then the winner is gonna die of fucking diabetes. After that she excitingly jumps through the air and here i noticed some weird whit dots on the ceiling (maybe they are supposed to be lights?) and when Pinkie jumps around they are layered above her. Once again, if only i could find a gif of this. They should really double and triple check for such weird little things before they release those episode. When Rainbow Dash pushes out the first eclair her mane freaks out as well. Near the end when Pinkie Pie grabs those eclairs and opens her mouth to eat them they then just disappear. It looks really funny, man. Also, when Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash start kicking around a pumpkin at the end all the eclairs that should be around them are gone. They just vanished into thin air.
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