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    Aaaaaaaand the bots are back again
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    just rewatched the mlp movie its still not my cup of tea I can see why people might like it but for me its just okay i will say the animation is really good but other then that it feels like an extended episode (please keep any and all disagreements civilized thank you)
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    Today was a really great day. Good night everypony.
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    I caught a derpy
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    Darn. You're right. Man, am i a goofball.
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    A present for our cutsy purple pony.
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    HAPPY TWILIGHT DAY EVERYPONY!!! Also @Shimmer Sparkle what does TTF mean? Just wondering.
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    So now Fluttershy is a chicken!
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    It's my Birthday! Yaaay!
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    This was okay. Once Pinkie stopped being annoying with the musical instrument thingamajig, I came to enjoy it a lot more; there's some neat jokes and a pleasantly downbeat tone to a lot of it. But I couldn't really buy into the premise, as it seems weird for this to be that important to Pinkie Pie all of a sudden, and I feel Pinkie's friends would have asked her what was wrong first. And it does bug me that they never ask her not to play at such inconvenient times and places, because until she learns she's still gonna be a nuisance. Still, I really admire a lot of the thematic nuance here; I just wish it fit these characters a bit better.
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