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    I have over 100 Twitter followers. I feel blessed.
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    Thanks everyone for liking my content. I really do all these posts just for y'all!
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    Do you think they should keep the Mane 6 or change the ponies?
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    I always wondered why Daring Do was just a recolor of Raindow Dash. Like with Moondancer and Twilight. Until Moondancer started wearing her mane up to look less like Twilight Sparkle.
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    Wtf, so all the leaks were correct? I'm geniunly surprised by that. I thought all those leaks were fake because stupid fake leaks like that beeing everywhere and people hyping false shit up is the Nintendo fandom at it's finest. I haven't watched it yet though.
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    meet Patchwork(or just Patch) the plushieshe was a kid's toy then it came to lifeshes based off my old homemade pony plushieher cutie mark represents a knot(or scizzors) with the heart representing her old owner's lovealso,shes quite short because of being a plushie
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    Hi darling, you’re under arrest for fashion felony
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    Sawtooth Waves never fails to deliver. I always wonder why Cozy Glow became an Alicorn. She just looked weird in my opinion.
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    I highly doubt it, she was evil from the beginning (Look I believe in 2nd chances myself but in cozy's case....)
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