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    Enjoy this legendary bass B)
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    What do you like to do on Earth Day? watch an Earth show or movie? or get involved or do both?
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    This year? Just sleep!
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    I have never been able to acquire the taste for coffee, so I would probably just have some hot chocolate themed after Zecora with whipped cream and chocolate chip “stripes” on the top of it. You are at a party in Equestria, and all of the other ponies become extremely hyper after eating copious quantities of cupcakes. Wat do?
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    Would like to own an Acura Integra with a custom protogen-themed paintjob.
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    Yes (most of the shirts I wear outside of my workplace have unicorns or zebras on them). Have you ever had any of your clothing turn strange colors after doing laundry?
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    I will go with B, as a pin would generally be more visible. A. Dance with Starlight Glimmer. B. Sing Karaoke songs with Trixie.
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    Bring a large Minuette plushie with you to the store. Afterward, find the cheapest toothbrush the store has, and loudly tell customers that Minuette does not approve of it.
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    Improving Ultra Orscina's colors while I'm at it...
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    Has a lot of cool things in common with above above user
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    I found this very interesting. While the song was catchy, I always found it odd that Twilight joined in. After all, she should know what Fluttershy was saying was true being as learned as she was. But I will say, I love Flutterbat, and Love that she got another look in a later episode.