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    Thinking further, I believe that spoiler tags and a “suggestive” label beforehand could be combined to make a simple, effective requirement for posting suggestive things (assuming that suggestive things don’t get their own section of the forum). For example, let’s say I want to post something suggestive: Suggestive: Those who want to avoid the suggestive content can refrain from clicking on the spoiler section of the post, while those who want to view it can click on it. For the record, I simply put “EXAMPLE” in the spoiler tags in this thread.
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    Hi, everyone! My name is Pearly Marshmallow and I am very happy to join this great community.
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    Maud gets a hug from Pinkie Pie:
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    The rules seem to specify a prohibition on pornographic content (as opposed to suggestive content). However, that being said, I don't think it would hurt to have some sort of tagging system or specific forum area for suggestive content if it is going to stay on the forums (if people want to look at suggestive content, they should have to actively look for it instead of accidentally stumbling across it).
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    Hello! Good to see ya
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