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    I asked for the End Zero but got 2 dancing Ponies?
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    me after working so hard to defeat a difficult boss only for the game to crash afterwards
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    I login every day, and yet…
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    finally finished Silent Gadgets
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    next time on Les Contes D'X the Barney the Dinosaur is currently going on a mass murdering spree with a sand castle shovel I had a shovel once *notices Judgment Joker Missing* WHAT THE F***** *EXPLOSION* X: "oh no this is horrible!" Zero: "what that Judgment Joker is missing?" X: "no the most annoying creature has escaped the rapping Pizza" Tobikato: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO anything but that accursed Pizza" can our heroes stop the Rapping Pizza before he makes us cringe with his awful rapping? find out next time on Les Contes D'X
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    I asked for Magic World Support but got a Spooky Rarity?
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    *gets a package in the mail* ooh a package *opens it* let's see UltraMan Orb the Movie on Blu Ray nice Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (PS4) awesome Samurai Showdown (PS4) never heard of it but it seems interesting enough i'll try it oh something else Venom Diavolos D5 oh it's the Hasbro Version oh well beggars can't be choosers I guess
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    I hope everybody here and your friends and families are alright and safe from the coronavirus.
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    I got my Nintendo Switch Lite today picked up Super Mario Odyssey Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution Sonic Forces and got a Banshee Gundam Figure that's hanging out with my Vinyl Scratch Figure
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    I’m proud of my profile. I hope it causes lots of confusion.
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    I've been on a real Yatterman binge
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    i make videos like this regularly and i hope its chill im sharing it here. this is the only time ill post my stuff here unless im absolutely sure everyones cool with it. i just hope at least one person enjoys it as much as i do.
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    Hello CoCoa! I'm new to ED too, though I've been part of the fandom for a while. Big fan of the OCs Dr. Wolf and Scribbler (she has such a lovely voice).
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    Hi Pepper! I wasn't a fan of the original MLP (though my wife Tayna was). I was surprised at how good Friendship is Magic was, and my interest grew as the show continued. I'm a long-time pencil and paper gamer (mostly D&D and other RPGs). Tayna's got some of the Tails of Equestria books and I'll admit that I could be talked into a play-by-post (PBP) game, though I'd rather not game-master.
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    Hi there! I'm Andrew, a.k.a. Otaku-sempai, and I'm a brony. I came into the fandom because of my wife Tayna, who has been an MLP fan since childhood--long before Friendship is Magic. She even helped organize a local pony-moot that was held a few years back when we were living closer to Rochester, NY than to Buffalo. I watched FiM and liked the detail that when into the mythology of the show, the charm of the characters, and the relative sophistication of the writing compared to many other children's shows. Of course, I never checked out Equestria Daily until after the series finale (which probably helps to explain why the forums are so quiet). My avatar is Phantom H. Fetlock, a pony character I've made for Tails of Equestria (though we've yet to play the game). Tayna did run a "Savage Ponies" game a while back, using the Savage Worlds rpg, but I wasn't part of that game. Pony Name: Phantom H. Fetlock Player Name: Andrew L. Pony Type: Unicorn Level: 1 Element of Harmony: Loyalty Cutie Mark: Pony skull & crossbones Body: D4; Mind: D6; Charm: D6; Stamina: 10 Talents: Swashbuckle (D6), Telekinesis (D6) Quirk: Blunt Equipment: Barding (light), Clothes (elegant), Food (simple meal), Kit (scroll), Ponybalm (5 uses), Rope, Saddlebags, Sword (sabre w/basket hilt), Telescope. Phantom Harcourt Fetlock was raised in a proud tradition of chivalry and service to the Crown, and to value freedom. The Fetlocks have long protected the coasts of Equestria as sailors and privateers. However, Phantom H. Fetlock sees an opportunity to make use of the captured airships of the Storm King to form a Royal Aerial Navy. Note: Fetlock's sabre is a family heirloom; its hilt is decorated with his family's crest.
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    okay just got Yugi's Legendary decks as a gift from a friend
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    All things considered, Fluttershy was more concerned for her friend's strabismus than Pinkie was.
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    Oh no, she missed. D: xD
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    Ever play Castlevania? Cuz anything within knockback distance of a gap is an annoyance.
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