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    Luna watched we wish you a Turtle Christmas and then she went Derpy
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    so in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 i'm currently fighting off the Al-Khazam forces hoo boy that fight is pretty long cause it's a massive friggin' army of monsters
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    a friend gave me 3 of the wave of light deck
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    Hey, Spider. How's it going?
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    hoo boy i'm kinda disappointed I traded for Cars 2 on Wii (yes it was one of my favorite Wii Games) the game is better then the movie though but my copy is defective
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    So much EQG so little time. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2019/04/new-equestria-girls-digital-series.html
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    hey pulse how you been?
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    *gets a letter in the mail* oh crap he'll reveal what's in the (Redacted) that won't do at all Luxu and the Master of Masters will have my hide if that Books contents are revealed i'll have to put a stop to him at once *knocks out the Keyblade Wielder with a Baseball Bat* noting personal it's just business *cuts Broadcast*
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    Beltane is a week away
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    Luna is best princess, no competition. Yakovlev-vad magnaluna
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    Luna is the best Princess in my opinion.
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    Not for some time. I game on the PC first
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