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    I hate people who try to put themselves on a pedestal by spouting philosophical nonsense and use the word "hypocrisy" all the time.
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    When you search up Applejack fanart but most of the results are Fluttershy images.
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    The more I watch MLP the more I'm convinced that it was made with episodes like this one in mind. If this was a season opener, Dusty Pages actually would've been fired because of Twilight. Joking aside, this I how I think Twilight freakouts should be. Instead of hyperventilating and yelling, imagining the worst and doing a crusade to fix a small problem is Twilight at her best. So, yeah... I really liked this one.
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    Yeah Sunset, shown them. xD
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    Intense levels of adorkableness (in two kinds)
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    As somepony who is a big fan of Twilie, I have come here to say very calmly: It was a pretty neat episode about my favorite character...being my favorite character that I love so much with her trusty little dragon boy Spike. A cute little story about unreturned book and how it changed somepony's life for the better. Major thank you for everything, Gillian M. Berrow. I give it a solid 9/10 with
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    Guess who made a brief return and who Twilie met on her latest quest?
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    You sure are as sweet as honey, Fluttershy. You even attracted a little friend. ^_^
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    Shinier than a diamond
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    Also, Zephyr Breeze is a douchy idiot. Yeah, this was a good action spy parody. I had my doubts when they started assembling the plan, but, as soon as it was put to action, it was fun.
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