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    This has always bothered me. So Twilight Sparkle gets to be Princess of Equestria, sit on the throne, and live for a thousand years and more. Everyone else got....nothing. Even though Twilight never would have grew as she did without them, the rest are growing old and will die while Twilight goes on. Seems unfair. Especially since it was Faust's plan to have all of them become princesses. It just seems to me like the Mane 5 got the short end of the stick after everything they did.
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    This episode is the perfect example of the biggest problems with the cartoon. 1. By itself it is a great idea, but has the need to amp the stakes into something mindbogglingly stupid. If the Sisters and their palace wasn't involved, this would've been a great episode about brother and sister and sibling rivalry done right. The mediators for this whole thing should've been their parents and not the two dumb-asses-in-chief, which had zero relationship of any kind throughout the series with the two. 2. Characters do stupid shit the characters wouldn't be as stupid to do, such as turning the security of the Sisters palace into a game. Celestia has been ruling a nation for millennia and lets the two turn her own safety into a game for their friends. Shining Armor somehow became the captain of the Royal Guard and just did that. Luna needed to fire him and check Celestia in at the insane asylum instead of participating in that mess. 2. Evidences the lack of communication between the writing staff, which causes the cartoon to lack a single vision. I don't know if those defenses at least do anything in the following episode when the palace is attacked because I still haven't worked up the patience to watch the rest of the season after the first half, but I am pretty sure that it makes no difference in the end of the season. That mess was pointless in the end. Most important, it was asinine. Shining Armor was proofing the palace against his sister and friends. The whole mindset is wrong and makes no sense. So, is this episode bad? No. It is great fun. I would've loved it if I didn't feel like tearing the writer's hair off. If this cartoon had made an effort to make Celestia at least seem like she's competent and knows what she is doing instead of winning by association with the main character, I would've found it hilarious that she was so sure it would be fine she would put her security into a game. This is really all. I didn't find anything worth of note that was wrong in this episode. It's a great idea ruined by the idiotic writing I've come to expect whenever Celestia and Luna are involved. It was one of those moments of pandering that Luna's fans seem to love so much where she was right all along and Celestia was made into an idiot, again, because that is all the cartoon has ever managed to do with her. Celestia's fans should thank whatever gods might exist that fanfiction is a thing.
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    Luna watched we wish you a Turtle Christmas and then she went Derpy
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    Just killing time:
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    Like Starlight striving for longness, Luna has achieved maximum chonk-y-ness
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