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    Preferably ponies or pokemon
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    Hello anyone up for some RP?
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    Granted, -100 celcius!!!!!!! I wish my wish doesn't have a twist!!
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    Granted, have fun growing really old and watching everyone die. I wish my wish had a twist.
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    Banned for not being a tardis
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    August 2015: Pretty solid month. I'm rather fond of the "Don't Stop" video.
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    I'm back~ After almost 2 weeks with no pony forums I couldn't take it anymore. Seriously, thought I could get away with the loss of PF2 but... Well, got bored and lonely. It's just not the same without it... Guess I'm going to have to stick around here. Good thing I brought some friends... I swear to Celestia, if you start using us in general forum posts again I will end you... Too late, first post on the forum and he's already doing it. Hey, at least he decided to give me back my own voice. (At least you HAD a voice to begin with! At least I can get away with communicating here...) Cheer up, at least you aren't sharing a body. Welcome back to the madhouse... Population: All of us and RT. I don't even know how to BEGIN fixing this mess... If you've gotten this far, you're either wondering who we are or you're as crazy as RT and know the variations mean we're his OCs. Probably won't be throwing them out at random outside of the RP section sadly, at least until a Spoiler tag is implemented (Hint hint). Besides, they'd likely kill me if I did. Anyways, I'm rambling. Hi to my fellow former PF2ers, as well as FiG players alike. You now know what to expect with me somewhat, so have fun with that. If you want to know about the OCs... Post coming in the RP section soon as I get a group pic. You did WHAT! Gotta run!
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    As Iong as you dress up as a Team Rocket member I would be ok with this
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    Lightning Round!!!! How Old People Label Their Networks
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    Yush. Here is a best pony vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rITrfd-467I
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    I find that people who discredit Engineer on that basis tend to be either intuatively good at Engie (and don't realize it), or haven't put much time into the class. There is an art to the strategy of placing and defending structures. A well-placed Sentry, along with a Rescue Ranger and a dispenser at some distance (but well-shielded from snipers and demos) can be a devastating tool of defense. And when two or more engineers coordinate both their placement and the mutual defense of their structures (especially against spies), it's a great feeling. A poorly-placed structure of any kind will be quickly destroyed. And two or more engines who fail to play as a coordinated unit, or compete with one another, do a disservice to their team Is this directly comparable to the skill required to be effective as a spy, or the coordination that it takes to make a good sniper? Well, no. Every class is different, requiring different skills and temperaments. I'd love to be effective as a spy, but I just can't master it.
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    granted, you turn 60 today! I wish I was doctor who
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