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    "Non-competitive Highlander" would involve 18 players gathering together at mid (5cp), the point (koth), or some other random location (PL) for a dance party, the playing of rock paper scissors, or other shenanigans
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    Well... i've been out for a while, i don't think someone will remember me but anyways, i kind of had a bad rant over pf2 long time ago and making history short i noticed it literally stopped existing. I've been looking for the nest i spent a lot of my teenager years playing videogames and i think i found it but i'm not sure. Anyways i'm kind of new, i like videogames and i'm not really a native english speaker so sorry pls.
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    S13's ending for RvB hit me hard. After growing up with RvB since the start, it's a sad end. Not sure what to expect in S14.
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    Sounds like a good idea all around.
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    I'll agree with @Steel Crescent Soldiers are easiest which is why I play as one. For me scout would have to be the hardest.
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    Everypony from the leadership of FiG has to play, this includes Seth.
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