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    Hi there, my name is I'vebeenCalledE but you can call me IBCE. Don't worry, it took me some time to get to understand how this works too. Once you do it can be lots of F.U.N here. And we'll all about F.U.N here..
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    Hello everybrony! I am Starly Glimmerwhale, and i am not good at talking and have no idea what i am saying currently in this instant when i am writing this introduction thing (that's actually how i talk) I play games a lot (as in that's pretty much everything i do) and some of the games i have that you can play with me in are CS:GO (i pretty much never play it though), AC:Unity, TF2, LoL (don't play that very much either), Unturned and of course, Pokémon X and Alpha Sapphire. I would love to play anything with anybrony here! So yeah, that's pretty much me. All of me. Everything you need to know. Right there. I am really tired. I am writing this at the middle of the night though, so that could have something to do with it That's it for now everbrony, Starly out! Ciao!
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