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    My name is Victor (ramivic) and I would like to thank The Illustrious Q for letting me know about these forums. I have been collecting My Little Pony for about 10 years now and a strong emphasis on the last 6 years on G4. Been actively collecting all of the My Little Pony comics and every variant (US!). Flattered by Q that I may the 2nd largest collector of the IDW comics! Have twin girls - age 9 - perfect age for watching ponies with me and shopping for merchandise every week. It's a fun hobby and pasttime. I don't think a day has passed since October 10, 2010 that I have NOT watched, listened or purchased anything Pony. Oh yes, I am a BIG follower of Trixie!! As much as Sethisto? Probably! Anyways, nice to meet all of you and thanks for letting me join and share. Thanks Victor
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    Given the reach of EQD, I think running a small competitive gaming league is potentially viable. I would love to start one that runs any game we can get enough players/teams for. Lots of one day cups. My old dream of the Iron Pony TF2 tournament. Show matches. TF2, Quake, Overwatch, whatever. In have a VDS, so hosting isn't an issue. I do need people who know these other games at a competitive level. So is anyone interested in helping operate and produce a pony gaming league? As far as playing, I'd love to focus on newbies introduced to league play and what not. Create an environment for them to build their confidence with smaller tournaments and playing with friends.
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    And this is where I'd put my free time... Work really is a wonderful thing...
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    Nice!! Was wondering when you would do this after the IDW's forums closed
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    I fixed your banner. EDIT: >777th post CHECK 'EM
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