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    Does anyone remember the Neogeo Pocket Color?
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    Really? The only GoH we have to look at right now is the toyline. You are looking at that, and extrapolating that a show based on it would be super edgy, grimdark and scowly. Isn't that kind of the same as looking at the regular FiM toyline and guessing that the show would be nothing but poofy pink pony princesses having tea parties and giggling incessantly?
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    It probably won't be exactly like it, but you'll get a good feel for it. Thanks, I'll look into some systems. In the meantime, you can all use the format Badshot made as a starting place. Name: Race: Gender: Age: Personality: Description (can be picture): Backstory: I'll let you guys know when I have more details solidified.
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    The problem is, I cannot tell if this is a ruse to lure me into a false sense of victory or a genuine declaration of defeat. The game continues, men. This guy could ban us tomorrow for all we know. Be wary, boys.
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    You got me. But I'm on contract for another 20 years, so you are stuck with me. Trixie is best. Bat ponies should replace the mane cast. Glim Glam is the ultimate addition to pony. Embrace these thoughts, for they are your reality.
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    I can neither confirm nor deny that Sethisto, ABagOVicodin, Pen Stroke, and Calpain are all the same person. Fuck.
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    Yes, draw Luna being hit by a pokeball.
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    Oh yes, I'm mostly just browsing, but it is quite interesting reading some of the discussions =P How about you, do you like it here? Also, have a hug /)(^-^)/)
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    Hey! She got her cutie mark by being vulgar. But that will have a story one day.
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    Alliance! Well, we are willing to join, but we have 11 toons each. We have 11 100s between the two of us. So either we could just join up with just a few of our toons, or we can bring all 22 over.
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    I especially relate well with Asbel Lhant from Tales of Graces in character. Has anyone played Tales of Destiny? The first Tales game to be released in the west ever for the PS1? While the first game was released in the west, the second game of the Destiny line never made it out of Japan. I'm wondering if there is a fan translation of it? Tales of Destiny also has great music
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    Wyrmrest Accord is one of the friendliest servers I've ever been on (been on there since Wrath, I think). In fact, RP realms in general tend to have just a better class of people. Just my personal experience.
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    Ohey you joined too? Awesome! /)
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    Well... This might make things awkward with my boyfriend, but okay. CryKatsu it is. I ship it, I guess. You've gone back in time! You are now among the first cavepeople! WAT DO?!
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    Hello and welcome to the forums! Your OC has to be one of the cutest ones I've ever seen. It's also delightful to see that we live in the same country.
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    Variety is, after all, the spice of life. What I found interesting is how an episode like "Applejack's Day Off" would have fit well as a first-season episode. As a sixth-season episode, it kimd of stuck out like a sore thumb.
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    I like him, but find he's usually at his best as a supporting character rather than in a main role.
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    Yoohoo and rum? Sounds disgtusting!
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    I can't list all of mine without causing a 32 bit integer overflow somewhere so here's my top 10 in no particular order Doctor Who Firefly / Serenety My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic Gravity Falls Farscape Avatar the Last Air bender / The Legend of Korra Ocean's Eleven Equestria Girls : Rainbow Rocks (For obvious reasons *cough* Sunset *cough*) How to train your Dragon Star Wars movies. Yes, all of them.
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    Mlp theories are overrated, some are good but a lot of them are terrible!
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    banned for making terrible games
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