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    Hello there, everybody! Name's Lit Lamp, and you might not like me or my message...but hopefully I can be accepted just the same as anypony else. c; I'm a good Christian boy struggling with anxiety all the time. I'm hoping to find people from MLP Forums! I became a brony back in 2012 when my friend introduced me to the show and I poked fun at him until eventually I joined in. His obsession with Rainbow Dash rubbed off on me. So, one day, I watched MLP, either didn't like it or I forced myself to dislike it, and then about a day later...well, the rest is history. I just suddenly was obsessed. Maybe it was the LORD's will? c; So anyhow, there's a much longer version of this story on MLP Forums, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I'm pretty awkward sometimes, or so it may seem. Hope I can make plenty friends and not get a terrible rating from the community. o.o' I'm a lot more...myself, on MLP Forums, so I'll need some time to warm up here before you see the real me. I also RP on Twitter, so if you like RP, we'll discuss that. c; So...yeah! Greetings!!!
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    i made a website where one can watch Pony Videos around the clock. http://247.bronies.net it is still work in progress. at the moment there are ca. 200 videos in the video list (will be expanded bit by bit). the videos run in sync or nearly in sync on every computer. the list of videos is mixed on the basis of the actual day. then the time between the start of day and the actual time is calculated, and at which position and video one should be. according to this the player is synced then. at the moment the site is very minimal, but it works good. now it also has disqus to discuss videos and talk to each other ^^
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    Hello Lit Lamp and welcome to the forums, I hope you will find everything to your liking and enjoy your stay If you have any questions feel free to ask Until then see you around the place
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    Hello there and welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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    People... People are quite disappointing.
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    I just thought you should know. Every time I read your handle, I mentally place an extra "Captain" in front of it and mentally anunciate it thus: Captain ZeBROOOOOOny Captaaaaaaaaain! In Adam West's voice.
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    Neat! 7/10! How about some SoaD?
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    Or as one guy put it to me*, "Learning to write is like wiping your butt. Just keep doing it until there's no crap left on the paper." *Slightly cleaner version.
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    The one tip that no one ever tells aspiring writers is to just write as much as you can. Literally, just write and write and write while you pick up skills along the way. Think about an aspiring singer; someone can be told all the tips and rules of singing, but studying techniques doesn't compare to just experimenting with your voice and seeing what works. I saw an awesome idea on fimfiction.net where someone just wrote 400-500 words a day about any pony plot that came to mind, and guess what? His chapters got better and better as he did it every day. You don't need to publish the practice you do, but just write. Other than that, here are three things I picked up as a writer that helped me bounds: 1.) Consult a thesaurus to vary word choice. 2.) Learn rules of the two tenses (past and present) and the three perspectives (first, second, and third person), even if you never will write in one of them. 3.) Teach your self how to write dialogue properly. It also doesn't hurt to write some non-fiction for practice, proofread and spellcheck everything, and realize that a first draft is often crap. Best luck, man.
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