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    I'll hop onto the bandwagon and share some artwork! I hope you enjoy it. This is a sketch of Kiri, my Kirin OC. I'll share more later! In the meantime, you can check out my art blog, which is located in my profile. ^^
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    Hello World! I'm a new user but a huge fan of the classic G1 original series. Does anyone have any links to more about the classic 1984 series? It is where it all began and is currently Kabillion TV On Demand which I can watch all the episodes but I'm looking for more from the G1 series. More images, more fan art, etc. If you are interested in the original series like I am you can check out if your cable provider has Kabillion TV On Demand. Such a classic retro show! Thanks again!
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    Howdy fellas, figured I might as well check this place out and waste some free time. Used to be really active on a few forums on the net, but somehow I drifted away from it all and spend most of my time on IRC instead. Maybe I might be able to get back into forums once again. I'm from Australia originally, but live in Dubai for work, slinging chicken and beef at people in pressurised winged cylinders. I like to use my job as a way to meet people in the different places I fly to, so hey, who knows, I might buy a few rounds of drinks for a few of you!
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    Great baseball game I was at last night!
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    Oh absolutely not. I'm quite serious considering the horror tales I've seen/heard about things getting out of hand (hoof?) on Twitter.
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    All too true Pink One. That being said I believe those two have definitely earned their places on the side of light. Now if only Sparkle will act like the Friendship Princess she's suppose to be.
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    Love the fur details in the ears. Also I wish I could make eyes pop like that.
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    Sheesh, Microsoft is stepping up their game. First they acquire mojang, now they want twitter.But in my opinion, Microsoft should definetly purchase twitter, as they know to run things without destroying them. I don't want google, because honestly I'd rather have a repeat of YouTube+.
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    Verily Pink One. Yes welcome to the ever growing Family good mortal.
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    Microsoft for sure, they can make something of it and they're extreme about security matters. They'll do a much better job ensuring no one is hurt be it mental via the internet or physical should things escalate.
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    Rainbow Dash: "I'm scared now."
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    No. Pinkamena, in canon, is actually more of a danger to herself than anyone else. Right now, every member of the Red Lantern is looking at me and saying, "Striker... chillax."
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    A little fun one I discovered back in 2008:
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    Terrorist lobsters done stole my shirt to complete their doomsday device, but I'm gonna put on a brave face for the fans nonetheless.
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    Summer may be ending, but I'm just starting to heat things up:
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    I just learned I have 3,500 subscribers on YouTube. What the fuck, I haven't done anything.
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    Remember when forums were relevant? Yeah me neither
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