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    Here's to MLP on its birthday/anniversary! <3 God bless this show. o3o
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    Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to burn off the bad taste in your mouth first thing in the morning
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    Thinking that Pinkie Pie is my favorite pony now because of RPs I've had. And EQD forums seems like it's at a standstill now. But no matter...here's to the EQD forums and the Great Forum Migration! You came at the right time, EQD. c;
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    *ahem* Hello hello, to all you lovely bronies and pegasisters out there on EqD. I am Crimson Fire, wishing to greet you formally. I am 27 years old and I live in the United States..Oklahoma to be exact. I have been a brony since 2011 and I have been following the show since then. I have had interest in the events and community that made up EqD, both with the music and the events that have gone on. I would like to immerse myself in the group and make many friends and have lots of pony adventures. I would like to invite you to strike up a conversation or two with me, I do not bite, I nom actually Anyway, I hope to get to know as many of you as I can and keep in touch. Broohoofs to all! /)
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    After a direct query to Hasbro PR, Equestria Daily has confirmed that season 7 is happening. It won't be moving to Netflix either as some have thought. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/10/official-confirmation-mlp-season-7-not.html
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    My enjoyment of life has drastically improved over the last 15 minutes and I strongly believe it is due to the fact that I just had pizza.
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    I finally got power back! Thank you local power company!
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    Hi there. Hope you are enjoying the forums. If you need something ask around everyone is happy to help By the way if someone starts talking about family, just run. (I'm kidding, they just just being friendly but it does sound like a cult)
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    Hmm..I never thought of it that way before.. I dun wanna burn all the EqD down! Or perhaps my fire will become part of you..and it will allow us to burn much hotter and brighter
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    Saw the season finale. Pretty good. c; No spoilers.
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    That line, image and all, popped into my head as soon as I'd read that.
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    Happy Sunday! How are y'all?
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    Banned for not having Twilight as your avatar
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    This seems really cool i need to maybe join.
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    I cannot get my mind off the finale and probably won't be able to for a week or 3.
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    Hey, you're sure to find someone on here!
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    Very much so. I've done the bar trot for the past three years, and I've only heard about other day zero things going on but I don't know anything specific. I think cakes were involved with something this year xD But yeah... I love meeting new peeps over a few drinks... or many drinks
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    I've done the bar trot every year, it's a lot of fun and something to kill time before Friday...if you like to drink and hang out with fellow ponies that is. :3
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    Does anybody ever go to "day zero" events like the bar trot or... I think I heard about some kind of tour of the inner harbor that cost a lot of money, but idk. I always get there at least a day early. Thought it would be nice if maybe we could start celebrating early if some others are also going to be in town early. 
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    Too bad I live too far away T-T But I hope one day I'll be able to meet you guys there Have a lot of fun at the BronyCon ^^
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    I'm there every year and next year will be no exception
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    STALKER: Clear Sky Slav Squat Documentation Program
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