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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Coming_Out_Day I'm not really sure how to go about a forum post about NCOD, so I guess this will have to do. Hi, I'm Steamworks / AethWolf, and I'm gay. The old crew from PF2 and the newer FiG guys already knew that, but I don't think the EQD newbies have noticed that yet. I've been out to one extent or another for 12 years now (11 if you only want to count coming out to family). I buried and repressed my sexuality from around puberty up until my senior year of high school (2003-2004) when I started finally coming to terms with it. I'd been called a fag for a while leading up to that, so I really didn't want it to be true, so I had quite the time wrestling with not wanting them to be right and wanting to drop all the fake bullshit I threw up to hide it. I initially came out to my online friends (gay furries or allies) as bisexual, and even continued that claim as I came out to my longtime RL friends, but that only lasted about 6 months while I grew comfortable with my attraction to other guys and not treating it so much as a dirty secret. I do feel kinda bad for doing that since it just perpetuates the idea that bisexuality is either a phase or indecisiveness. Anyway, fast forward a bit to 2005. I'd managed to find myself my first boyfriend finally and was pretty happy. However, he lived around 2 hours away, and I couldn't figure out how to cover up heading to Knoxville frequently, so I made up my mind to come out to my mom. I just kinda awkwardly blurted it out and then ran off to college for the day. She was okay with it even if it did take her a while to really get used to the idea. I was just super relieved I wasn't kicked out of the house or anything. She even started getting on her boyfriend when he would make comments about gay people on TV or whatever. It's not exactly inspirational or heartbreaking or even noteworthy, but that's my coming out story. Anyone else want to share their story of coming out as LGBTQ+? Anyone want to raise a hoof and use his thread to take their first step out of the closet? This is a pretty safe place to be out, but, if you're still not comfortable with going public about it, you can drop me a PM here on the forums or hit me up on Steam. Even if you're not sure or just questioning yourself, I think every LGBTQ person has gone through that, so a lot of us are willing to offer support through that regardless of what you eventually settle on. I also realize coming out as something other than straight may be not as much of a thing anymore, but coming out as trans* is pretty important for visibility. Also, please don't feel pressured to come out before you're ready. It's scary, I know. Let it happen when you're ready.
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    I don't know if there has been any announcements about this, and I haven't seen any posts on the main site about it, but here in the US Legend of Everfree is now available for streaming on Netflix! I just watched it last night, and it's awesome! All the songs are great, the humor is on point, and the story is really great too!
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    Hey. I'm Kat / Kaethela / Nepeta Leijon. For those of you who don't already know, I'm trans. I've been pretty open about it, but I've also been insanely lucky. After repressing it for way too long, I realized continuing to do that would likely kill me entirely. Started with close friends that I trusted, then family, then work. Everyone has been very supportive, and I'm living in Massachusetts, which is one of the best states to do this sort of thing in. That's all I got. Sorry, I'm not much of a storyteller.
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    I'm David. I'm from the UK and I've been a brony since about 10 minutes into the first episode I saw (Return of Harmony Part 1, about the point when I worked out who Discord was voiced by). This board should be interesting.
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    The bookworm arc was fun. Also the single story with Cheerilee and her twin sister was cute. I love Jay P. Fosgitt's cartoony style with these ponies.
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    I'm Nile Komnenos. I'm not too public about this, but I am transgender. I haven't begun to do any transitioning, so I still identify as a man right now, but I do hope that can change. I'm really nervous about it for a few reasons (family, religion, society) but ultimately I do want to transition into being a female. Bad story coming up: It'd been on my mind for years and years, but I just shrugged it off as childhood curiosity. However later on I did experiment a little bit in cross-dressing and it was kinda nice, but I don't care for cross-dressing now because in my personal opinion, it's just playing dress-up. I always took an interest in women, and I enjoyed their company more than guys for the most part, since I was never one who really fit in with the crowd. But really when I started looking into what I was feeling, I learned more about transsexuality and all of these things associated with LGBTQ and I felt like it spoke to me. At school I began to see a counselor about my gender dysphoria and we had a good dialogue, and I even got linked to an LGBTQ youth program which was helpful. I eventually did come out to my mom and my older brother. My brother understood it because he is LGBTQ himself, my mom not so much but she didn't really object, though I know if my dad knew (before he died) he wouldn't take it well. He was a relic of his time. I began to dress differently and wear make-up to get a feel for it, because I had never done that in public before. Overall I would say I was fine with it, though I would be happier if I was not a little overweight. Self-consciousness about your body sucks. I honestly can pass well but I do need to shed some weight. Recently I've had some setbacks in terms of my transition. The two main factors include me becoming an uncle (or aunt I would prefer) in June of this year. I would feel as if I was doing something wrong to transition now that my brother has begun to start a family and wants me to play a role in his son's life. And the other would be related to religion. Back in December 2015 I became a convert to the Greek Orthodox church, a more conservative sect of Christianity. Spiritually it felt right to convert, but I feel that it will definitely conflict with my gender identity. While I am a more conservative libertarian kind of person, I'm not sure how well I can co-exist my faith and my identity as they are two very contrasting entities. One day I do hope to publicly come out when I work up the nerve, but it'll be definitely a hard journey once I start. It does feel good to type this out, though.
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    Oh boy. Welp I might as well come out to you guys at least... So Im Smugleaf the Smug, Old Pf2'er and ghost. Im sometimes known as Wildfire by others, but yall can just call me smug. For the most part of my life, I've been a straight male. After high school (2014) I spent a lot of time online, Specially on this Pony Rp Server (thats why i took a break from pf2 if yall were interested). There i evolved an character that would later become my main oc Wildfire. There I also met someone there, someone that pointed out things that i was doing that led him to believe that i was Bisexual or at least bi-romantic. As time went by i realized this was true and spent more and more time with him. A week or so after valentines day (2015) he finally confessed his love to me (after making me drop some hints a few days prior). And after a little more than a year of peace and a bumpy patch, we are still together for almost 2 years (i could talk about my other significant other but that's another story for another day). However... When we first got together, i only told some of my close friends and my online friends. (If you were in pf2 at the time, you may have seen my blog post on it.) Its all been under my parents noses. my bro may be catching on, but i keep denying it to him. I live with my dad and my mom is in another state. my mom may be fine but im not sure about my dad. im thinking he would take it like how i like horses, being ok but may point out/say things in a joking manor. but that's just my overthinking guess. im sure he would be fine. ive been wanting to come out as Bi for a while now, but have been scared or unsure of how to bring it up. one of my friends did it on facebook, which was a surprise to me and seemed like it was a few months after he learned about mine. XP so thats the kinda tldr. have some art of me and my boyfriend from the Aussie land's horses. http://orig06.deviantart.net/dca4/f/2016/196/3/a/com_flip_and_letter_by_jadekettu-daa2vpx.png http://i.imgur.com/8D93UZS.png
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    I'm Bi-sexual. You can blame the gay PF2'ers for making me that way, but I'm not ashamed for admitting that, those guys are really nice and it's amazing how compassionate you can be with each other. Curse my Leo-ness. But for the record, I still prefer girls over guys.
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    Found this the other day, still hooked on it ^^
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    Looks at date. Okay, gotta make a good welcome to make up for coming late. Let start with his name. It asking for a meme.. Cool cool. Their self awareness is to good for me. Have to think of a different way. I can just throw a random meme in there just for the heck of it. It works all the the time~ Only if no one has done it first. Can't do a normal one, because that's not me. Smashes fist the keyboard I have one.. last... hope. They can't have got here earlier than me, right? I can warn them about them~ I'm done. Can't say I didn't try. (Hope you're enjoying the forums, sorry that I wasn't there to welcome you but seeing the people who did for me shows that you were given good treatment. See you around here soon.)
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    When /x/ builds a spooky house.
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    Back in 2007-2011 I lived in a really crappy town about a state away from where I am now. I hate the city and suburbs. But there is at least 2-3 more good lookin girls, but I still like my main crush, though she can be stubborn and judgmental at times.
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    tfw it's not even 1837 or 1861.
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    Well, Luna wasn't useless on this one. She managed to use her power to warn Starlight Glimmer. That was something that only she could've done. Not very impressive, I know, but she did it. To me it's not even the idea itself that is the problem. It's that the cartoon keeps trying to do something that is just out of it's reach. It can't use characters like Celestia and Luna (and even Discord) in this sort of story without ruining them in the process. It was made for slice of life stories where ponies are worried about what dress they'll use in the gala. Not to defend a country from a threat like the evil-dark-bad of the season.
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    It was also kind cool to see Starlight's old home town and those ponies that live there.
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    Mine was "On a Cross and Arrow" by Conner Cogwork when I was relatively new to the fandom. Good memories. Actually, that was the first fanfic I had ever read. Now I read all kinds of fanfiction, MLP or not.
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    The Siege of the Crystal Empire, by far *w* So awesome *w* So cool *w*
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    So... So this is the Shadow Realm?
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    oh Celestia we have emoji's i love my life.
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    Past Sins by Pen Stroke Liked it so much I order two hard cover copies of it. ^_^
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