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    Do you ever stop? No, seriously. This is ridiculous. 5 topics on the same damn subject. It's time to STOP. You aren't special, and just because everyone else doesn't share the same hiveminded opinions as you, it doesn't make them "oh god evil bronies who hate the show"! Time to face reality. GROW. UP.
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    *Reads title thread *Reads OPs name First off, no, the fandom does not have the ultimate say, nor should they ever I'm not gonna lie and say that some people aren't assholes with their opinions, but there is some standards and quality people expect with the show. Whether those standards are reasonable or not is debatable, it does show how diverse the fandom is
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    No we're not as we're just a rather large periphery demographic that likes a show about ponies with passion. On the other hand I' am not a fan on Jim Miller's outburst considering how utterly unprofessional he was and how he caused an even bigger storm to happen than it needed to be when all he could've done was just block or ignore the person. I understand he faces tons of crap from trolls and irrational fans on twitter, but considering his job position and how he's handling PR on the product he's working on he needs to learn much better control of his emotions on the matter as he lets them get to him so easily. Personally I believe he needs to get off of twitter or let someone else handle the pr as it's apparent he's not cut out for that part on social media.
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    That's the thing though, she wouldn't have to work for Hasbro this time. She could just work for IDW instead and create a comic series of her own. I'm sure she still cares about the ponies she's created.
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    No, bronies aren't the supreme gods on everything or whatever. Nobody is, that simple.
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    This user has made posts that are quite similar to this, and he has reported several other users who have done nothing wrong simply because he did not like what they said (or at least that's what I'm led to believe since he never gave a reason). I really don't think he's trolling, which is still quite sad, but if he is then I find that to be unacceptable.
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    I just downloaded MLP: Puzzle Party on my phone and this was in the credits:
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    Nobody is the judge of what anyone watches. This was actually one of the main lessons of the episode about the restaurant, the Tasty Treat. You shouldn't need to ask whether the fandom is right about things like that. It's literally impossible because it's all subjective--it's just an opinion. You are your own person and are free to believe anything you wish.
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    I'm a little black cube of darknes, little black cube of darkness...
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    This one has heard thine call. I used to play quite a lot of doto back in the day, started during early closed beta (I was one of the lucky f**ckers who got a key when those were valuable) but left shortly after the release of ranked (the actual release had nothing to do with me quitting, I just got bored of the game). Right now I play Overwatch and... well, whatever I feel like playing. Some friends forcefully dragged me into LoL so I play that too. On rare occasions. Steam and Battletag
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    Well thank you all so very much for your incredibly warm welcome into the forums! I already feel like part of the family. And Lunar Holiday..that was quite a greeting indeed...I dare say that I may grow to like you. Let's have fun..all of us. /)
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    Banned because I don't have a soul! I may or may not have sold it... for... uh... chips and the dark powers of sarcasm.
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    I slap you with a whole box of Mr. Clean magic eraser
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    I slap you with the Pokemon movie collection!
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    Zero here, I play on almost any Blizzard game form the launcher, TF2, League of legens and DOTA2 B.net: Zero#23370 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/zeropone
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    Source: http://meganlovesangrybirds.deviantart.com/art/Intergalactic-Space-Sisters-and-Besties-633585255
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