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    I love them all, but the one who tops my list is Jay Fosgitt. I just find all his drawings (not just ponies) crazy adorable! What about you guys?
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    Twilight: "Applejack, what do I do?!" Applejack: "Let go!" Twilight: "Are you crazy?" Applejack: "No I ain't! I promise you'll be safe!" Twilight: "That's not true!" Applejeck: "Now listen here! What I'm saying to you is the honest truth! Let go, and you'll be safe." *Twilight lets go and Rainbow & Fluttershy catch her.* Applejack (Thinking): "Should I have actually told her that Rainbow and Fluttershy would catch her?...Hm...nah!"
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    Fall in Maine is gorgeous, especially in heavily wooded areas like I'm from. The ground becomes a blanket of yellow and orange pine needles and leaves, everything smells awesome, and there are apples and pumpkins everywhere. If you get closer to the coast, the winds can be a little oppressive, but that's fine. Then once the temp gets down to around 50, everybody starts wearing flannel shirts and scarves, and everybody looks like a hipster. It's kind of awesome. This is actually a pretty accurate representation.
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    Ah god! 2 days of freedom! It will go by fast but at least I get to have 2 days away from school.
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    Finally managed to watch Legend of Everfree. Holy heck did they go above and beyond with that one. I feel like it's tied with Rainbow Rocks as my favorite right now.
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    Trying to learn megalovania on the piano. It is not easy. There is no rests and the fingering is impossible. I'm going to break something soon the way I'm going about it so let's leave you alone for now.
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    My OC is one that I based off a rp character I rarely use anymore. (And there is no drawing because I suck at drawing) I havnt really figured out a name yet, but his tastes and personality mostly reflect of mine. A passive-agressive kind of pony who mostly likes rock music. Design: greyish body, with a blue mane and tail/whatever its called. Eye color is brown. I havnt thought of a cutie mark yet, but I'm thinking between a Wi-Fi symbol, and a book.
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    Nova is essentially my ponysona. First I started with a color, purple representing a fondness for the night and the stars, but it can also represent a neutral color between two different entities. In the event there is an argument between one individual, red, and a second individual, blue, I can see both sides and try to mediate, being purple. Then I adapted and molded her personality to suit my own, giving her a fondness for the sciences (and magics) and a strong curiosity. This personality suits unicorns, so she is a unicorn. When it comes to individuals, she is somewhat shy at first, but when she gets involved she can overcome this fear and act somewhat like a leader. Our shared love of science is what spurred me to make the name Nova Starlight Aurora. However, to avoid "Mary Sue-ness" I gave her my shortcomings as well. She can get so involved with her studies that she can keep herself locked away for days at a time. Sometimes forgetting to eat. She is somewhat of a workaholic, always keeping busy. She's somewhat weak, but makes up for this through mostly non-inate magics (artifacts she finds in her travels). She is intelligent, but can sometimes be a slight know-it-all, sometimes looking over the most simplest of answers. Her career is that of an independent scientist after leaving the royal academy. She doesn't stay in one place for long, often wandering all across Equestria and beyond in search of information, but her home remains in Canterlot. This venturing has made her a lot of acquaintances, but has also gotten her into a lot of trouble. Her favored topic of study is Alchemy, and that of infusing the natural workings of the world with magic.
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    I don't really do self inserts either. I mostly write em up for RP, like I do with my WoW characters. The only OC I didn't really do a thorough write-up on is the one you see as my Avatar. I created Dawnshatter for the Pony Fortress 2 community to fit in with the others back near it's start. (And the moniker stuck, more or less.) But basically aside from the personal references (the name, cutie mark, etc) I put into creating and naming him, there's no real similarities to myself personally. Anyways, here's a 3-4 year old full body picture of my silly OC I did in GIMP way back. I really miss having access to Illustrator as well as having a functional scanner. GOTTA LOVE THIS CRUDDY ECONOMY!
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    My character isn't too much like me. We share similar interests (music, reading), age, and our love for hoodies, but other than that she's her own entity.
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    I don't make characters after myself because I am pathetic*. When writing characters I could say that I split my interests or personality between them but you could say that about anybody here, that you have similar views or tastes. If you use the meaning of OC as a self-insert, I'm not really a fan of that either. I don't like a direct copy of anything including myself when designing a character, it feels like a cop out. *amazing
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    Welp! I don't got no ponysona! But if it means anything, I chose this picture of Pinkie Pie since she's got that blank stare but it still trying her absolute hardest to party. I like this picture.
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    Well my OC is recent, (my avatar) but I wanted to make it more so a ponysona of sorts, so the mane reflects my real life hair style and eye colour as well...more or less (eyes are emerald green on my OC and I have hazel-green IRL, hair is dark brown to black), personality is pretty much the same I would have normally albeit I do sometimes wonder if said personality is the result of me wanted to act a specific way I enjoy, in this case a somewhat silly jokey friendly attitude that can be serious when needed, somewhat like the classic clumsy hero protagonist stereotype you see in many cartoons. Special talent is linked to travel and that is something I do enjoy doing IRL when I get the chance and thus somewhat fitting, in line with the name as well. That's about it, when creating it I was trying to stick close to myself, I tend to do that in many games with character creation.
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    Well of course, especially pepperjack. Lemons? I will burn your house down if you say eww.
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    That's another thing about the two differing formats that kinda bothers me though. Who decides which songs are worthy of getting their own posts and which have to be relegated to being just "bonus music". And what values are used to make that determination? Also, how would this make the musicians responsible for producing the music feel on the issue of being segregated into single-post quality material and "everything else" in this way? I actually like this concept better than the original. What about posting multiple songs based on their genre across a handful of different topics?
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    *nom* Lobster Spaghetti (i have actually had this, they take a bed of pasta and put half of a cooked lobster on it) You are dead to me.
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