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    Okay, according to the forum header, birthday posts are allowed. So, might as well. I was born on this day, in 1978. So I'm 38 years young. I am old enough to remember watching G1 back in the day. I'll leave you my favorite song of all-time, as sort of a gift from me to you.
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    *Spoilers below* 1. A celestia focused episode. No Princess Luna, no Discord, or anything that is going to put the spotlight away from her. Let Celestia shine for once in an episode on her own. 2. More focus on rarely used pairups like Raridash, Flutterjack, Raripie, and others. 3. Continue what you're doing with Spike as he's been easily the brightest spot in S6. 4. If you're going to continue writing Starlight, have her have episodes where she bonds with each of the mane 6. That means put her away from Twilight and Spike or pulling a cheap montage ala Every little thing she does as if you want me to like Starlight, than show her how she would react to each of the mane 6 and how she hits it off with them. Make her conflict with them interesting and the impact of them bonding worth the story and episode. Also, let Twilight develop away from Starlight as a big problem for Twilight in S6 was of how she was so dependent upon Starlight's own development and portrayal and that because it wasn't done well she suffers greatly for it. 5. Develop more on characters like King Thorax and Dragon Lord Ember as you've shown them and I like to see more of them too. 6. Put more care and thought to your stories please. Alot of the problems S6 had could've been fixed if much better editing and thought was put into the stories.
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    looking for players to join my community BronyGamersGuild Users of my steam group will soon have access to the following 1. Customized Steam Skin Exclusive To the Members Of the BronyGamersGuild 2. Ftp File access (MYSTERYSHARE) file server for users that subscribe before 12/21/2016 [find out what it is yourself] 3. game development and artwork exchange cloud storage!! 4. Fanfic Sections, Artwork sections, and much more on The BronyGamersGuild Forums!! 5. Streaming Channel On youtube.com!! 6. Soundcloud Streaming Station For those who like some music with their games!! 7. access to a soon to be massive online brony gaming community!! 8. Dedicated server hosts around the beginning of 2017!! 9. kalira players for those who like retro games (sega, gamebiy, nintendo, sony, and more [playing with others online multiplay] an open welcoming community for all types of gamers and all sorts of games(some even free) we work hard to give our bronies the best experience!! So Come And Join Us!! -metamorphisis *all these features soon to have their own domain
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    This is hopefully the first in a long line of weekly threads dedicated to a pre-G4 episode/storyline/movie/short/whatever. These aren't going to be in any particular order, and I plan on jumping around the generations anyway. Feedback appreciated! Since everyone and their grandma has watched Rescue From Midnight Castle, I'm gonna start with the story after the famous launch, Escape from Catrina Part 1: http://kisscartoon.me/Cartoon/My-Little-Pony-n-Friends/Season-02-Episode-014?id=10293 Part 2: http://kisscartoon.me/Cartoon/My-Little-Pony-n-Friends/Season-02-Episode-015?id=10294 (If someone wants to do one of those fancy livestreams/synchronized video thingies, tell me the time and URL, and I'll drop it in OP here)
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    It's been the age old tale the pets look like their owners, or vice versa. But in making your pony embodiment, did you include characteristics of yourself or make it different? I'm not just talking about physical appearance either, adapting the personality and such, like you could be borderline introvert in real life, but your OC is bordering on Pinkie Pie levels of extroversion. I use that as an example purely because that's one adaption I've done for my own. Otherwise, everything for me is the same, well except for the few obvious things like I don't have purple skin (and at the moment I'm refraining from re-dyeing my hair purple until my brother's wedding is over (cause I'm part of the bridal party)). I created my OC based off a pony result chart from a Myer-Briggs personality test (worth doing if you have the time). I've done the test multiple times and I either get the introvert/extrovert different each time, sometimes if I skip a question it gets tied, but the other traits are fairly solid, so using that chart I merged my two results together (ENFP: Pinkie Pie, INFP: Luna), and tried to make it as ME as I could. I think I'm fairly successful, don't you think? You don't have to post pictures if you don't want to (I just did cause I like to use pictures to make a point)
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    When I was younger I wanted to meet the people who made Angry Birds. Now since I'm a lot older. I would love to meet Ashleigh Ball. (Because she voices the coolest pony of all: RAINBOW DASH!!) and the voice of Sunset Shimmer. (I forgot her name.)
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    A Celestia-based episode; and the return of Little Strongheart, Iron Will, Lightning Dust, and/or Princess / Dragon Lord Ember.
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    Gumball Dash had just come up with a particularly dastardly plan, but had to go it alone since Flutterdarwin refused to help.
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    Slice of Life is actually is where I think the show really shines. I know this is a troll post but I wouldn't mind this(yes I know the show is already mostly SoL )
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    Basically, more of the same. But going into specifics about what I'd like to see... - Celestia does something. Or at least some sort of insight into her life and duties. Without Luna because I want to see Celestia doing something. Not Luna and Celestia. Let her shine! Show how awesome she is. TL;DR CELESTIA EPISODE, FFS! - Actual lore about Celestia, Luna and Discord, their past and how - For the love of god, stop with these season finales. Or at least do them right. Actualy develop characters and ideas throughout the season, instead of dropping them every now and them. - The Royal Guard needs some love too. - A flashback to Twilight's time as Celestia's student.
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    LarsM feat. Mona Moua - Air It's got a good beat and I can't dance to it. Sidenote: someone going by the handle of Prism tried to steal this and several other tracks, posing as a Brony musician with original works. Fortunately they got found out and their Youtube channel deleted. And I wouldn't have heard this if it wasn't for the attempted theft, so there's that I guess?
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    - No Celestia episodes. - More slice of life. - Less continuity and arcs. - Fewer non-ponies. - No more mane/secondary characters' families revealed. - More Rarijack. - No more Equestrian history. - More Applebloom, less other CMC.
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    Human Error from Transformers Animated. It has Optimus and Soundwave in a guitar duel
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    Spike is a stud! Or was it the other way around?
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    I got a second oc too. She is my first oc's sister. She was also inspiration by my real sister and decide to make some sister to my oc. Her appearence coat are the reverse of my first oc.Her mane is similar to my sister's hair.
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    My oc is inspired by Trixie because I like Trixie. So I was thinking to make similar appearence,but different mane/hair and adding glasses because I'm wearing glasses in real life. I could say his CM is inspired by my interest on computers. I pick retro pc because I'm still learning about modern technology. He have nothing much backstory but he live normally in Manehattan. But he moved to Ponyville "not long ago" because of too much work. His personality is calm and friendly even he can be a bit silly pony sometimes.
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    My character isn't too much like me. We share similar interests (music, reading), age, and our love for hoodies, but other than that she's her own entity.
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    Oh, hey it's another one of those threads. I've no idea where OP get's this crap from, but I seriously think they need to reevaluate the people they associate with or what websites they visit. No, that's not true. 4chan can't enjoy anything without being at least a tiny bit ironic or satirical about it. Expecting anything reasonable or constructive from there is unfathomable.
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    If they're expecting civility from 4chan, then they must expect honesty from politicians.
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    Am I the only one here that actually hasn't seen any of what the OP is referencing? From what I've seen this fandom is the most caring, kind, welcoming, and understanding fandom out there.
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    No, bronies aren't the supreme gods on everything or whatever. Nobody is, that simple.
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    *Reads title thread *Reads OPs name First off, no, the fandom does not have the ultimate say, nor should they ever I'm not gonna lie and say that some people aren't assholes with their opinions, but there is some standards and quality people expect with the show. Whether those standards are reasonable or not is debatable, it does show how diverse the fandom is
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