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    Thanks, everyone. It was a good birthday for me.
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    Yup, free art, probably mostly sketches, but I may get more complex with requests if I am so moved. Two rules: 1 - Ponysonas/OCs that are based on show pony species only. Pegisi, Unicorns, Earth Ponies, and Alicorns. 2 - Full body reference images required. That's it! Give me things to draw, tell me about your OC, the more I know about them the more fun I can have with the drawings. Also, please let me know if you're ok with me drawing my ponies interacting with yours in purely platonic ways, that allows for me to explore even more! -Topknot
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    This is one to keep your eyes on. Playing everywhere, portable and Skyrim on an Nintendo console. All they need to do is to have it at a reasonable price and it is officially a need for me.
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    The best screenshot I've seen all day: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/14/69/32/146932308be3a44fa4dc602740f04e28.jpg
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    "OH, MY GOD! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FAAAAAAAACE?!" -- Harry S. Plinkett (Red Letter Media)
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    And successfully backed around 20 minutes ago. Good job everyone, see you next year.
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    Everyone is watch who is going to move first. Just get on with it! Let's go.
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    Alright before I can look into the series pilot tonight, I will need to lay some sort of ground work for how my grades are. I work on a grading scale of A+-F- and a 10-1 numeric score to highlight how good and bad they are to my tastes. Note many episodes or so will share the same score as it will be a pain in the ass to try to give each episode their own individual score and to make it simple. I will also do seasonal scores and stuff and thoughts to reflect on the season on what I thought and give a proper measurement on which episodes I thought was the best of the season to the worst of the season with their own rankings. Here is how my score goes: 10 A+= All Time Great: This is the best score I can give and it is one I typically do not give lightly. This is a product I consider to show the absolute best of the series in general and is almost perfect in every way with either no flaws or tiny minute flaws that can easily be explained away. This is one I recommend you to watch it, don't even question or ask if you should or if it's good as this one is too great for anyone to ignore. Note, I will put multiple A+'s in my reviews. 9.5 A= Great: This is a product I can consider to be among the best in the series or so. This is where for the most part it does a fantastic job showing and developing it's story and narration and characters, but is prevented from achieving that illustrious A+ rank from me but a very minor flaw that detracts the episode in a tiny way but not enough to deter me from calling it a great time to have and view. This is one where if you even have an inkling of interest, go and see it for yourself as you'll be very pleased to see it. 9.0 B+= Very Good: A score given to episodes where it does a great job showcasing it's narrative and view, but it has a small but noticeable flaw that degrades it enough where I do not consider it a great example in the series. Still this is an excellent episode for folks to watch and if you have a minor interest in seeing it, go for it as you'll have a good time watching it too. 8.5 B= Good: A rather good episode that is a joy to watch, but is held back by a sizeable or smaller flaws that is hampering it from achieving greater. If you have a small interest or like the series, you'll like this episode in general. 8.0 C+= Above Average: An episode that while it has some good ideas and stuff to give, ultimately it didn't particularly execute it well enough for me to consider it an especially good episode. It also has some flaws that are annoying for me and detract from my enjoyment. If you're interested however, you may find some good qualities in it, but I feel this may be the first folks would start having reservations in an episode or so. 7.5 C= Average: This is the average episodes grade. An episode that doesn't do enough to please me while at the same time it doesn't piss me off enough for me to hate it either. Ultimately this an episode grade I have no strong feelings one way or the other. Unless you have a good interest in the episode or series in general, this may be considered the first where you may not have a strong investment to watch. 7.0 D+= Below Average: The first grade where I feel an episode has stronger and more negatives than good positives. However there are enough good and the execution is not particularly bad enough for me to hate the episode. I may not have a good view on the episode but I don't really dislike it. This is a grade for folks who have a good interest in the series as you probably won't like it otherwise. 6.5 D= Mediocre: Probably the last grade one episode can get before I start disliking it. For the most part this episode has many problems and issues that detracts it's value from me and is one that I can't really enjoy. But I will give credit that it does have a few good ideas that does tickle me fancy and have me wish for something better for em and does at least succeed in achieving what it wanted on a bare minimum. Again, watch only if you really like the values in it or else you won't enjoy this episode. 6.0 F+= Failure: This is an episode that I feel that ultimately fails in it's execution and ideas and one where I start disliking an episode for what it bring. However, I will admit there are certain smaller parts in the episode that do please me enough that I would consider it good or if I thought the idea was a great one but was marred by bad decisions that ultimately bring it down. Must be really wanting to see it and accept it's not perfect but will enjoy for what it has you like. 5.5-5.0 F= Bad: This is the general bad episode list where my hate for it grows even more. This is where I feel there are many problems and issues with the episode that one cannot really enjoy at all. However, I will say that at least the episode itself is not outright terrible and holds very few redeeming qualities in it that one can enjoy. Still unless you really enjoy the stuff that it does portray well, you will likely not enjoy this episode at all. 4.5-4.0 F= Terrible: This is as far as a grade of mine will go before I will declare it as the worst episodes or so in a series. Still, this is a list where I will start considering this as among the worst episodes in FIM. This is an episode where I feel is so bad that I honestly would recommend folks to avoid watching this episode. Still there's at least a couple of things that are at least redeemable enough for me to avoid it from going on my personal hate list. Avoid it unless you really really really really like the couple of positives I see it has in it. 3.5-1.0 F-=Atrocity: The worst grade I can give to any episode on my list. This is an episode where I consider it so bad that I frankly do not consider it a loss if you remove it or such as it has no value that would be lost from it's erasure. This is an episode you should avoid at any cost as there is nothing for anyone to like here. There hopefully I'll be able to get that series pilot of FIM: Mare in the Moon review up and running tomorrow for folks to see for what I think and for them to especially anything that would challenge my ideas and if it's a better one or so.
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    Die Hard's a pretty great and family friendly Christmas movie.
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    Yeah, Muppets Christmas was freaking GREAT. "DOOMED SCROOGE! You're doomed for all time! Your future is a horror story, written by your crimes. Your chains are forged, by what you say and do. So have your fun, when life is done A NIGHTMARE WAITS FOR YOU!"
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    Hope you had a great day! Sorry for being late.
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    Thanks Background always served a great role in my art since it's telling the half of the story of your picture. One of my most favourite art is the one I made for Bronies of Las Vegas where background is the main character.
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    Nope. What kind of magic spell to use, slime or snails or puppy dog tails?