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    Good morning EQD Forums, how are you all?
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    Hi, I'm TheRockARooster, some may know me from MLP Forums and some won't know me yet. I'm happy to be here and hope to have a good time.
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    Can't be any worse than me. Then again I did just learn I can spend career points so I don't have to be a corporal stuck with only a pistol.
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    hoooh boyy.... id say Alex Hirsh for obvious reasons.... Ill probably be like dipper when he saw the author the first time, heh.
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    This episode was the reason for my name change. It was overall meh as an episode and the ponies/Thorax the little traitor completely ruined Chrysalis's life by taking everything away from her without giving a crap. Yes the offered her a chance to "change" but the pain she was feeling was too much and she left and swore revenge. I won't be watching any more episodes. Screw the ponies for what they did. i don't care what there reason was.Yea she may have captured the others but she only did it since to feed her children. Maybe some kind of backstory would explain why she has had to do it by force but my theory is involving the ponies being hateful towards her and how they looked. who knows. Anyways a loving mother who only wanted to take care of her changelings had her life ruined and taken away from her in a cop out of a move. Chrysalis never hurt someone out of spite or anger. she did it in defense one way or another. Feeding on love is better than what other beasts feed on and it doesn't sound like they completely feed them dry unless you did what thorax did. All in all it's just my opinion and some may agree and some may not. thanks for reading not that my opinions seem to matter much to anyone.
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    Just post what I did in the EQD thread now that it's out. I'm sick and tired of seeing Celestia and Luna get worfed for the sake of the plot in each and every two part finale this show does. So no, I'm not going to enjoy an episode where my favorite character gets worfed again just because the writers can't think of some other way to write them out of the story. You don't have to tear down other characters in order to build up others. And the damsel in distress trope has become so commonplace the writers don't even need to feel the need to explain it. Celestia was defeated by a super-charged Chrysalis, who was more powered up than she had ever been before. Now she and Luna are taken out by a few random drones. You know how you could have fixed it in this episode? Have Celestia and Luna on a mission somewhere. Without Spike captured, there's no way for Starlight and the others to contact them. Could even add in a line about how Chrysalis chose that as the reason to attack. You build them both up, and they're not in the episode. Do it with Cadance too. Cadance and the Empire captured and learn of the Changeling plan. Throax is sent to Ponyville because he knows the most about Changelings. Build up Cadance and Shining Armor by showing they're competent. Then the episode goes as usual. Nothing else would need to change. Much as I want to see Celestia do something, I'd be perfectly happy for just some creativity by the writers in figuring out ways to not have her in the episode without resulting in a tired old Disney trope. I did like Discord and Trixie this episode. They had great dialogue. Onward to season 7. Wonder what stupid way Celestia and Luna will get captured next time...
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    I loved it! Just saw it because I don't do leaks. I loved just about everything and especially since we got more Starlight time and Chrysy~! <3 It's hard to even express all that I liked since I liked so much. Their new changeling forms are sweet and cute too!
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    Alright, add another to the shuffle http://imgur.com/X4rx16U
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    So humans are included? COUNT ME IN! Toki Zensekai right here: http://imgur.com/Z5yQfNe http://imgur.com/d71tiDg http://imgur.com/zw7MGwf http://imgur.com/e0r1hWi
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    And i will send...Frécinette ! http://img07.deviantart.net/4b8e/i/2016/269/7/d/frcinette2_by_shinmeym-daiyo4w.png
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    Sounds fun, so here is my submission: Light Landstrider, my ponysona/OC: http://pre07.deviantart.net/6c4c/th/pre/i/2016/247/9/d/adventure_in_the_everfree__patreon_reward__by_aurelleaheverfree-daghu4i.png
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    "SHIMMY! NO!" I'd violently overthrow the state, and demand a retcton. How would you react is Starlight Glimmer was killed off and replaced by Sunset Shimmer in the next FiM series?
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    I was supposed to be creepy, but they just laugh at me.
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    Oh, hey it's another one of those threads. I've no idea where OP get's this crap from, but I seriously think they need to reevaluate the people they associate with or what websites they visit. No, that's not true. 4chan can't enjoy anything without being at least a tiny bit ironic or satirical about it. Expecting anything reasonable or constructive from there is unfathomable.
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    Baseball fans have been like this forever. Make that five-ever.
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    My opinion on this issue? 1. I have never seen anyone use those "quotes" unironically. 2. Everybody has different tastes. 3. Yes there are asshats in this fandom but EVERY. SINGLE. FANDOM has its nutcases. The Steven Universe Fandom showcased that in a horrific fashion! 4. You are taking the show and this fandom way WAY too damn seriously. I mean look, this is your fifth topic dedicated to complaining about the fandom. It's getting tiresome to look at and needs to stop.
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    Nobody is the judge of what anyone watches. This was actually one of the main lessons of the episode about the restaurant, the Tasty Treat. You shouldn't need to ask whether the fandom is right about things like that. It's literally impossible because it's all subjective--it's just an opinion. You are your own person and are free to believe anything you wish.
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