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    "A vote for a third party is a vote for Trump" is the most imbecilic scare tactic and scapegoat I've seen in response to the election. 1. A vote for that candidate is a vote for that candidate only. Voters voted for the candidate they choose because they believe they're the best option. There are real reasons why a voter may not like the other or all of the candidates. 2. Rather than scapegoat third-party voters, why not blame the DNC and the establishment for being complacent in Clinton's campaign, colluding with the Clinton campaign so Sanders wasn't nominated, and endorsing Clinton, who has a history of racism, classicism, and horrible political judgment? Is Clinton a better candidate than Trump? Yes. But is she an objectively good candidate? Absolutely not! The DNC turned a blind eye and got the results they deserve.
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    Hello there. I'm kritik and I was a member from the old Pony Fortress 2 forum and a regular in the old Team Fortress 2 servers. (i miss mlp heroes) I'll mostly just be a lurker around here, don't expect me to post too much. That's about it, really.
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    I'm now eating a "Maud Pie" for dinner. To be serious. I'm actually eating a pizza from a place in my area called "Mod Pizza".
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    I loved both those series to pieces.
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    I've literally only watched one Anime, Sword Art Online, but I did quite enjoy it. The closest other thing to Anime would be The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra, but apparently those are considered "Western Anime".
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    hmm...found that episode to be forgettable.
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    "Little, little man!" -- The Heavy (Team Fortress 2)
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    Hey, you! Do you have a charger for the new iPhone 7.9? This one needs an nuclear power source and the nearest power station is near this sea front. Can you break in there and charge it for me please?
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    Ah, as for the post itself, it wasn't the thinly veiled racism theme that pissed me off as Zootopia had a similar theme but yet executed that far better and I loved it for it. It was how utterly lazy the writing for the episode and it's theme were as it was never established beforehand that the ponyville ponies would be so prejudiced against an individual based on how they appear to be and in fact, as @RK_Striker_JK_5 mentioned, they showed far more tolerance to the more alien Griffon Gilda than they do to a much more similar pony so it's just a very weird and blatant lazy use of it.
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    Wow. You guys seems to have bad luck. Kind of like me. Ironic... I was actually aware of this forum for quite some time now. But I left it alone. Because I had other forums. However... let's just say... that circumstances of changed. You don't need to know. Either way... you all just obtained someone who is REALLY controversial and a VERY polarizing individual. That being me. Aren't you happy? No? Well too bad. I guess I'll start with who I am first... I became a brony a little after Season 1 had finished airing. I heard too much about it and wanted to see what the big deal was all about it. It got to the point where I felt like I was losing my sanity (hence my username) and I eventually caved. The rest is history pretty much. I have 3 college degrees and am trying to find a job in the Paralegal field. It's actually harder than it sounds. I've been looking for over 2 years now. I may never find one. Anyway... as I stated... I have A LOT of controversial opinions ESPECIALLY when it comes to MLP: FiM. Some of you may actually know who I am. Because I posted in the episodes discussions/recaps/whatever you want to call them on the main Equestria Daily forum. With the same username. So, for those that have seen my posts... you know how I feel. So I can only ask that those people that don't like those posts are asked to just not post here at all. Also... when I state the way that I feel about things... let's just say... I don't hold back. So... let's go through them one by one shall we? Stop reading now if you hate controversy. 1. I LOATH the Equestria Girls movie series and will NEVER watch them EVER. The show was fine the way it was. With ponies. They didn't need to turn into ugly humans. That's what anime is for. I even completed video game 'challenges' that pretty much declare that I don't have to watch them EVER. So... I'll just 'present' my challenges to your ridiculous claims to watch it. 2. I HATE Discord. As this so-called 'redeemed' character. He was good as a villain. But now? NO. HE'S JUST A JERK. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. The way they did it was absolutely RIDICULOUS and he's NOT REDEEMED. This causes me to not like most of the episodes he's in. 3. Starlight Glimmer. OH MY GOD. I COULD GO ALL DAY WITH THIS RIDICULOUS CRAP. But I won't. Either way, I don't like her. In fact, I could care less about her. Seriously. SHE TECHNICALLY COMMITTED A CRIME AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUNISHED FOR IT. NOT REDEEMED. Her motivation was absolutely HORRID and the way they did it was the WORST REDEMPTION I'VE EVER SEEN. Not only that, she's an idiot. Seriously. She also has no common sense whatsoever. Which Every Little Thing She Does proved. Having fun yet? No? Good. 4. Honestly I just don't like redemption in general. ESPECIALLY when they do it HORRIBLY like they did for Discord and Starlight. You want to see REAL redemption? Go see how they did it to Sombra in the comics. THAT'S how you do redemption people. Pure and simple. That I actually liked. To be completely honest... I just don't like the direction the show is going in general. They're shoving Discord, Starlight, and Trixie in my face and expecting me to like them. YEAH I DON'T THINK SO. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So I don't know what I'm going to do. I want to stay with the show until the end. Really I do. Because I'm the type of person that likes to finish what they start. MLP: FiM not being an exception. But if this crap continues... I just don't know what to do. I'm hoping S7 will be better, but if it's not... it's likely I'll be FORCED to make a decision. Either continue to force down the CLEARLY bad tasting medicine or quit taking the medicine and just stop altogether. It'll be interesting... that's for sure... U MAD? However, I have some questions about this forum as well. So if someone whose knowledgeable about his forum can answer them I'd really appreciate it. 1. Is this forum active? 2. Are we allowed to have fun? 3. Are opinions on here respected and treated with respect and not bashed? 4. Do you think you can just accept my controversial and polarizing opinions and move on with your lives? Because this seems to be an issue that I'm CONSTANTLY running into on other forums. Why can't people just ignore something when they don't like it or don't like how it's stated? It's astounding to me how much and how often my opinion is bashed for what it is or how it's stated. If you don't like it, IGNORE it. Or add me to your ignore list, I'll do the same to you, and we can go our separate ways. I just want a reassurance that my right to have the opinions that I do will be respected and not bashed constantly no matter how controversial they clearly are. I think that's all for now. Unless anyone has questions. Yeah I didn't think so. You're all freaking out and running for your lives. Good. *eats popcorn as I enjoy the CHAOS* I think this is all I do on this forum for now. So people can come to accept that I'm on here now. Which I'm sure they won't be able to do. Either way I'll post in other areas later on so prepare for that as well. One other thing. In case it wasn't obvious, I'm a wrestling/WWE fan as well. I'm a HUGE fan of John Cena and ESPECIALLY Roman Reigns. Which is why I feel I'm the Roman Reigns of all forums I'm a part of. Because of how polarizing a figure I am. So if you could please just respect my tastes in that as well I'd appreciate it. So I guess that's it. I guess I'll see you all later. Maybe. Probably not. Everyone hates me. Which I've come to embrace at this point. So I'll just end with this. *locks and loads* *SUPERMAN PUNCHES ALL HATERS* #IBELIEVEINROMANREIGNS The Polarizing One, LostSanity
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    @RogueCookie Yeah, if you dont have a reference just give me a description and if you win I'll work with you until I get it right C:
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    Don't forget to tell your loved ones you love them. c;
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    https://myanimelist.net/profile/ShinmeyM When it comes to animes, my winning combo is comedy/ ecchi/ slice of life. Bonus points for school setting.
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    Maybe a written description could work too, it did say on the OP that If you do not have a reference photo please leave a detailed physical description of them.
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    Banned because it's never too soon for festive spirit!
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    From the Hammocktopian Department of Propaganda Science: Fluttershy Facts, Volume 1.
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    Only after they address incarcerated parents and chemical dependency. But the whole thing also sort of boils down to: who is REALLY the target audience here? Is the show supposed to actually be for little children before their tween years even, with consideration to the older audience so they don't lose their mind. Or is it a tween-teen show? Because if the former then sexual identity and sex politics may be off in a show ultimately geared to someone who hasn't even learned to work their parts yet; hell if they know what they like, they just think the other gender as cooties. Arguably, it'd be more confusing for them to work that in than it would be to wait until they've finally figured out the question; can't answer the question if they don't have it. On the other hand, tackling issues like incarceration, dependency, and some other life-areas would probably have more an impact. Sesame Street recognized that much with parents who are incarcerated, but we have to ask if the show is just trying to play follow-the-leader with Sesame Street. But a kid can connect with a character in the show if they're undergoing something much the same. Shit mang, I'd even go as far to suggest a story-line where a foal has to grapple with a parent being on deployment in the guards, or who has a parent that works too much at normal hours to even be present in their kid's life if you want to go the parent-child direction. But per the pone show, the safest course of action may be to continue with cute poners doing cute poner things. The real fun challenge would be to work in any of the above in such a way that it's not being shoved down our throats. On a related note: I remember somewhere - don't know where, will have to check later - that Equestria Girls was the spinoff that is supposed to be more geared towards the tween crowd; obviously it being highschool makes it an easy sell. So if you have to include even a major sub-plot involving gender and shit it'd be there as going ahead into Highschool is when the sexual politics begins. But you still can't have it go to the level of life studies, cute poner girls just ain't life studies mang. Or you know what? Kill someone first.
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