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    I'm now drinking a cup of hot apple cider made from my mom's Keurig. It is delicious.
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    *Walks dog outside this morning.* Hey, where'd all this Big Lipped Alligator Rain come from?
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    Oh my gosh!! YES!! Flowers have been drawn in pencils!! my favorite flowers no less! One of my internet dreams have come true and its thanks to you~! thank you! (also yes, you got the cutie mark right~)
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    Breaking news, scientists recently cloned the long-extinct feather-bellied Hammock Sized Pony. IT'S HAPPENING! IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!
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    Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday of them all and it has always been. Christmas music makes me happy and I get excited when I get to buy gifts to people. Decorating the house with colorful lights and plenty of other Christmas stuff is a bunch of fun too and gives the house a cozy look. I love the holiday even more if there's a lot of snow outside. Which doesn't happen that often around here (at least not nowadays anyways) but when it does, it just feels even more special.
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    Netflix does have a recommendation thing if you already are subscribed, I'd ask them for it. They have added/fixed missing episodes when I did that myself, so they do take note of what people ask for.
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    I've seen all of them but I'll probably re-watch Minty's special closer to Xmas. I really would binge G1 and MLP Tales if they ever get them though <3 I have a serious love for Tales.
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    I just imagined Sunset Shimmer with GLaDOS' voice. It would be kind of weird though.
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    Alright, so, since it was all about Azaleas, I could only assume same goes for the cutiemark~
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    That's silly. Roads are for things that go "vroom vroom." Just keep driving. *thump thump thump thump* I'm driving. *thump* One day a notebook falls from the sky before you. On the cover it says, "Brown Note." Flipping through, it turns out it's just like the Death Note, except instead of killing people with heart attacks by default, it makes them have such explosive diarrhea that they poop themselves to death within 40 seconds of writing their name down. It also turns out you can do non-lethal things as well to people, as long as diarrhea or dysentery is somehow also involved in the instructions. You also find out, unlike the Death Note, you have to sign at least sign one name into it within 2047 minutes (AKA 32 hours and 27 minutes) of touching it or you fall victim to the book yourself, and you cannot decide if you want to keep it or discard it until you either have killed one person or affected 1000 people in some other fashion with it, and it turns out the book is indestructible. About this time, to confirm it's real, the God of Poo that dropped it appears before you. Wat do?
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    I need to laugh for a few seconds. Maybe it's my different background, and while I certainly can understand why someone would point at this episode and think of racism (Zebra... Racism...), it's almost too obvious not to see. But what I saw the first time was "fear of the unknown". Of course, Zecora's behavior didn't really help, but that's MLP being obnoxious. I think that it reduces a bit the cringe factor of a whole town of racists. The point remains that the problem with this episode is this dumb plot device of the whole universe being stupid except for one character that turns out was wrong in the end. I'm glad MLP doesn't do much of this. Anyway, I also love Zecora and her speaking mannerism and at the same time I dreaded putting her in a RPG I used to DM for. I want that Sailor Mars!
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    I just wish they had G2 (MLP Tales) on there.
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    Not entirely sure how I can respond to this. Mostly because I want Trixie ALL the time in the show.
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