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    hOI everypony ! My name's Imalou, I've been watching and in the fandom since march 2011 and I'm a pony drawfag ever since ! I'm the proud momma of theses three that you may have seen on the drawfriend or derpibooru or even /mlp/ I'm a 20 girl, French, living in Paris for being more specific (honhonhon) and a professional concept artist in the game industry. My passion for drawing exists since I learned how to take a pen in my hands hehe, I've been drawing digitally since i'm 11 ! I love animals, especially doggies ! I was initally a furry before entering the world of the ponies -come at me bro !!- My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie and she was the character that made me watch MLP I love meeting new people and have fun, I love going to conventions, sing at the MLP karaoke and draw other's people fav pony/OC ! My favorite vilain is Chrysalis <3 and my favorite artists in the fandom are Crookedtrees, AssassinMonkey, Equestria-Prevails and Tsitra. My fav seasons are season 1, 2, 4 and 5, for me the best Pinkie Pie's episode are in season 4 <3 I found this forum while reading an article in EQD who was introducing all the staff of the website and I saw there was moderators and admins of the forum so that's why I'm here ! I'm looking for meeting new people because in 6 years most of my brony friends stopped watching the show, I'm missing the good old vibes from 2012 :'( ! The french forum where I was is pretty dead for now so I'm looking for a new place to discuss about the show ! I think that's all, if you have any questions about me or about drawings don't hesitate <3
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    If "Blue Lives Matter" wants the black community to support police officers, then show total accountability, reform, listen to the pain the minorities are speaking about, and don't counteract a cry for help by the black community with a tone-deaf rally cry yourself. "Blue Lives Matter" sacrifices dignity, stereotypes police officers as a bunch of authoritarian goons, glorifies white supremicism, and gives minorities the cold shoulder. Calls for the massacre of BLM protestors grew exponentially on the BlueLM Facebook page this summer, and "Blue Lives Matter" called for a boycott of Ben & Jerry's for speaking out for against systemic racism. "Blue Lives Matter" is a classist and racist breeding ground for hate and doesn't deserve respect.
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    I am now a Ponyvile Pony! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!
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    "Ah' gotta wonder how long this Mermaid transforma-jiggy is supposed ta last.."
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    "All of this... and she likes a CRACK?!" -- Rarity (The Gift Of The Maud Pie)
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    Happy 9:06 pm people of the internet
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    Awaits how Starlight Glimmer "takes over" Season 7. It's inevitable.
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    Banned because the capricious and arbitrary wheels of an abusive, autocratic bureaucracy have decreed that three dissidents must be exiled, and if they cannot be found, then they must be invented.
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    I did enjoyed Call of the Cutie as it does a lasting job at starting Appleblooms friendships with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo who let us be frank, those two are better characters than Applebloom overall. A bit for you to know, originally Faust wanted Applebloom to find her own cutie mark on her own but Hasbro correctly thought it weird that in a show of bonding with friends that AB wouldn't have a small group to aid her in that quest and so helped developed Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo to come along too.
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    The Angels of Hell [Cave Story remix] Prelude [The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remix] A Symphonic Metal Tribute to Steven Universe
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    Aside from Rarity and Twilight, we've not really seen any indication of orientation for any of the mane cast. Even with them, there's room for bisexuality. Assuming cutie marks appear roughly around the pony equivalent age to human puberty does put the CMC at the age where they're gonna start noticing ponies and feeling things. The door's wide open for one of them to struggle with sexuality and/or gender. There's the inner struggle of figuring it out and accepting it yourself and then the outer fears and doubts that come with coming out. As far as things the show has already done, Scootaloo confessing her fears to Rainbow Dash in Sleepless in Ponyville was very analogous to coming out as gay. It's close enough that it shot that episode up to my top 5 once I made that connection. Writing the whole thing off as "mature" or "political" doesn't help anyone. Some of us figure out we're different pretty early on. Personally, I figured out my interest in dudes around 6th grade, and all I knew was that it was bad. Having another perspective on it would have been very helpful. Just hearing that it was fine and the people who were hating on me over it were just a bunch of shitters would have made things more bearable. To a certain extent, it's hard for me to argue this stuff because there's a disconnect in perspective. Like, straight people can't properly grok what it's like being gay (and I'm not trying to dismiss anyone or mean this negatively). You can know that growing up "different" is confusing and lonely and scary. You can know that being in the closet messes your head up the longer you stay in it. But you don't fully grasp it unless you've experienced it yourself. It makes it hard to explain how much comfort and strength you can draw from a hero or a favorite character who's gone through the shit you go through growing up gay or even just having that character tell you that it's okay to feel like you do and you're awesome and fuck the haters.
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    Half true! They're the ones from last year The pone after me has signed up for the WORLDS ADRIFT PLAYTEST AWWW YEEEAHHH
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