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    Nearly two years ago, IDW published their first FIM Christmas special, the EQG Holiday Special. Written by Ted Anderson and illustrated by Tony Fleece, the comic centers around Sunset being framed by a cyberbully named "Anon-a Miss" around Christmastime following the events of Rainbow Rocks. If you haven't read it, you can see it on YT: I wrote a whole review for it here, but to sum it up, it's the worst piece of entertainment to come out of FIM. Not Rainbow Falls. Not The Good, The Bad, and The Ponies. Not EQG1 or FG. Not One Bad Apple. This. I HATE almost every single damn thing about it, especially these: Every single one of the ReMane Five is out of character. Sunset helped save Canterlot High and her city. Based on a rumor, the ReMane Five accuse her of spilling their secrets and abandon her. Consider the fact that in the middle of the comic, Sunset communicates with Twilight while in the Library at night. The comic states she's homeless, yet it's written as a gag and suggests that the RM5 are heartless enough to ignore her and let her live in the cold. The CMCs are completely OOC and have their worst portrayal, period. This whole comic is a clear ripoff of Ponyville Confidential, but unlike the former, the pony CMCs have an alibi of being forced to gossip or risk being humiliated. Here, Apple Bloom framed Sunset out of jealousy, SB for feeling ignored, Scootaloo just because. Yet, the ReMane Five not only forgive them on the spot, but NEVER apologized to Sunset! If I were Sunset and they treated me like this, I'd leave for Equestria and never return! This whole conflict trivializes the very-real epidemic of cyberbullying by writing the characters so poorly, giving the CMCs half-baked motivations, rushing the plot through, and simplifying how damaging it it. I finished episodes hating it, but my anger either subsides or goes away. This comic left me feeling bitter, cold, hurt, and offended. It was the angriest I ever felt after finishing reading or watching anything FIM. My anger hasn't gone away, and I honestly feel angrier about the special now than before. It's my most hated piece in this series. May nothing from this series ever reach this level of quality ever again.
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    As you can probably already tell, I'm weird. I'm coming over from the Poniverse forums, I'll remain active there too but I have some friends over here. Also, you guys have some sick emotes, and I need those in my life pronto
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    Really though, I haven't laughed this hard in a while.
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    Got me an early birthday present at wal mart, a nirvana cd! woot! (And on another note, burger king screwed up my order at lunch! ARGH!)
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    Welcome to the forums, Attack of the Pwns!
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    I don't know about you guys, but I am really craving some Pizza right about now
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    Hello and welcome Attack, hope you will enjoy your stay on the forums If you have any questions feel free to ask, See you around
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    Aye, this is one of her worst though I feel her roles say like in Boast Busters, Owl's Well that Ends Well, Spike at your Service, Rainbow Falls, and Flutterbat are very comparable as well.
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    Hello there and welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay around here.
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    Crysis also falls into this category. You need to download a special third party executable in order to make it run. This is aside from the fact whoever decided that the sprint meter and the suit energy meter needed to be the same thing needs to be knee-capped.
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    The problem with this episode for me is that they tried to portray Twilight as a skeptic individual. On a bad day, I'd say that they were trying to make her seem like the evil, short-sighted, monstrous atheist that thinks bad things of all that don't see the world in black and white as he/she does. The problem is that the people responsible failed horribly even at that. Twilight comes out as an idiot, period. Here is how you do it: observe phenomenon, create an hypothesis to explain it, elaborate experiments that control variables and creates results which can be used to formulate a theory capable of predicting future events, test it. Did it work consistently? Good, collect your prize from the Canterlot Society of Cartoon Logic. Didn't work? Stop raging against reality for not conforming to your theory and see what you got wrong. Man... It must be hard being a fictional character... You're submitted to the stupidity of the plot. This is probably the worst Twilight has been in the entire cartoon.
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    S3 E6 - Sleepless in Ponyville: All the feels and Scootalove in this episode!
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    Stellar is very apt. As for a helmet? No... you'll be needing full-body armor. One of these days I might rank the episodes... except I don't even have a top-ten songs I like. Just a top-three. But yeah, awesome episode all-around. Okay, I'm tired, I've had a long day at work. I don't feel good, so I guess that means I'm in the best mood to be... Feeling Pinkie Keen Originally posted here on June 2, 2014. Strap in, folks. We have a nice pan over City Hall before fading to Twilight and Spike. Spike has a stick, something green around his neck and a rock balanced on his head. Twilight, for some reason, is struggling to turn these into a top hat and tails with swaggerific cane. ZZ Top, take it away! And for some reason it seems that both of them need to concentrate on this, even though that's never been needed before. Pinkie Pie lets out a squeak and the top hat becomes a rock once more. Spike gets a concussion and... it's not really that funny. Twilight chews out Spike while he needs medical attention. Hey, Twilight?! Bite me! And again this sort of magic needs their full attention. When did it need Spike's attention before?! I am not even a half-minute in!!! And for this... Four. Spike points out Pinkie acting randomly. She's scooting about with an umbrella hat on. Twilight dismisses her, thank goodness! But for some reason Twilight goes over to ask her what's up. I... don't know why. She just dismissed it as her being Pinkie Pie. There's a Wide World of Sports reference. And... the tail is twitching, which means her Pinkie Sense is telling her stuff's gonna fall. Duck and cover! *Hides under desk* Wait, this isn't the 1950's in TV Land! Twilight says it's not gonna rain when a frog smacks into her face. Hello, my baby! Okay, that was good timing on the joke. And Pinkie Pie can talk Frog. Because why not? Back from commercial and it's the same scene. Hmm, that doesn't happen too often. We pan up and we see Fluttershy with a cart of frogs. Because why not? Okay, the pond is getting over-populated, so she's moving some of them to Froggy Bottom Bog. Okay, that makes sense. Fluttershy mutters a muffled 'bye-bye' and it's actually pretty cute. Pinkie points out the frog and Twilight gets rather condescending. "Did your Pinkie Sense tell you that, too?" Okay, back off, Sparkle. The frog jumps off, Pinkie flits off and Spike hops onto Twilight's back, singing the praises of the Sense. Twilight's dismissive of it. And at this point, so would I. Then for some reason Pinkie speeds over from wherever the hell she was and says something else is gonna fall. Twilight is dismissive... and falls into a ditch that there's no real way she'd miss. Stars are spinning and this one isn't funny either. Spike says the blaringly obvious and actually asks if it's safe to help her. It is but he doesn't actually help her. Instead it's more praise for the Pinkie Sense. By now... I'd be a bit less skeptical. And then Applejack shows up with a cart of produce and asks why Twilight is hanging out in a ditch. Instead of helping her. Okay, Spike? Applejack? HELP HER OUT OF THE DITCH!!!!!!! Twilight is still pretty dismissive, but one mention of the tail and Applejack gasps. She dives under her produce wagon, and it turns out she believes in it, too. Those who have lived in Ponyville a while, so I guess it's been observed over a period of time. And Pinkie pops up yet again with floppy ears. But they're not hanging low. What does it mean? She'll start a bath. Flat what. Twilight is dismissive, and suddenly a cart rumbles by and splashes her with mud. Okay, this is becoming overly cruel. It's not funny, stop it! For me, by now I'd be asking about the Sense. We cut to Twilight in a bath. Pinkie walks in with a bottle and explains she gets these feelings, and each one means a different thing is gonna happen. Her shoulder's achey, so there's an alligator in the tub. Wait, alligator?! She reaches in and yanks out Gummy! Twilight is understandably freaked. She chews out Pinkie, and I'm on her side here. But Pinkie rolls her eyes because he's got no teeth. And he begins trying to gum her to death. It's... kinda funny? Later Twilight and Pinkie are leaving. Twilight doesn't believe it and calls it mumbo jumbo. Twilight, at this point you've had several instances of the Pinkie Sense working. You live in a country with quantifiable, identifiable magic. Pinkie... says what I just said. "You do magic. What's the difference?" And Twilight stares at her, open-mouthed. And next she... I still can't believe it. She gets onto a literal soapbox. Apparently magic's something you study and practice. It's conscious and direct and dear god I am about to punch her with a Buick. Twilight, right now you are an elitist asshole. Get off your damned soapbox and realize that not everything fits into your little checklists. Pinkie Pie gets angry, too. But she, being Pinkie Pie, says it's a bunch of random hings happening. Pinkie Pie calls them combos and now I'm hungry. Dammit, I just ate supper! She gets a combo and Twilight gets literally flattened against the door to Golden Oaks by Spike, complete with an audible backing-up beep. Not. FUNNY! This combo means look out for opening doors. Okay, show? Although Twilight is acting pretty high and mighty, the injuries are starting to make me sympathize with her. We are running into Boast Busters syndrome, here. And that's not a good thing! Twilight says she doesn't believe this, and Pinkie buts in because she doesn't understand. Pinkie, she was referring to the injuries, methinks. We cut to the basement and some machine hooked up to Pinkie. I literally have no idea what it's supposed to be doing. Apparently when she gets a twitch, there'll be all sorts of 'scientific information'. Pony what?! It's a colander with all sorts of Christmas lights attached to it. No twitches after about... 20 seconds or so? Twilight's getting impatient. Still nothing and now Twilight's getting mad. Pinkie can't control them, though. It makes no sense! Wait, how? They've been pretty random all day, not to mention Pinkie said they were random earlier! And we get this... "I will not believe in anything I cannot explain." That's a pretty loaded statement. Pinkie feels something. Her tummy growls, which usually means she's hungry. Hah, hah? Twilight yanks out the cables with her teeth and declares she doesn't need to understand it or care! Pinkie slips out of her hoof cuffs and bounces off. But at the top of the stairs she gets a combo and Twilight gets flattened by the door. Again. "Pinkie, have you seen Twilight?" "Uh, huh." And Pinkie bounces off. Okay, NOT funny! Spike notices and asks what Twilight's doing back there. UGH! Twilight asks if they planned this, and Spike is as confused as I am. Twilight says it makes no sense and says she has to figure it out! We have a brief shot of Flutterhsy flying with her frogs before cutting back to Pinkie hopping about. Well, that was a pointless scene! We see a bush moving and it's Twilight, complete with binoculars, pith helmet and pencil in mouth. She begins scribbling while Spike wanders by and asks what's going on. Twilight pulls him in and chews him out for sneaking up on ponies. Spike asks if isn't that what she's doing. No, it's scientific research. Tomato, tomahto. But unfortunately, we can't call this off. She's observing Pinkie and comes up with some pseudo-Latin name for her, which actually seems vaguely insulting. The bush is bigger on the inside, mind. She's getting to the bottom of the Sense! We cut to Pinkie rolling around in the school's playground. Okay, creepy, much? Twilight observes an itchy nose and Pinkie diving for cover, which makes no sense. Because it's a twitchy tail that means something's gonna fall. And a bee swarm out of nowhere and heads straight for Twilight. She is now covered in band-aids, and observing Pinkie near/at Sweet Apple Acres. She notices the combo for opening doors. Spike dives for cover while Twilight is patronizing. She leans against the barn door and nothing happens. She trots off and falls into a door that opens in the fucking ground. It's Applejack's new apple cellar. We come back to Twilight in casts, with a pulley system and wheelchair. NOT FUNNY! Spike ratchets her forelegs up. Twitchy tail and Twilight's forelegs are slammed into the armrest. Suddenly, flower pot, anvil, wagon of bales of hay, and finally piano. We pan up to see Ditzy and Raindrops and a moving van in the sky manned by pegasi. THIS makes no sense! And it's just damned cruel to Twilight! We cut to Applejack passing by, taking some apples to her new cellar. Pinkie reveals she knows Twilight is following her. Twilight, angry, asks why she didn't tell her. It would spoil the 'secret'. Twilight is about to stroke out at this point, and her injuries are NOT amusing. Pinkie suddenly shakes all over. "It's a doozy!" It's gonna happen at Froggy Bottom Bog! Applejack gasps out that that's where Fluttershy is! Applejack says they better go make sure she's okay. good call, Applejack! Twilight says for everyone to remain calm. Pinkie's got a case of the shivers. Everyone else has already galloped off. Twilight follows because she wants to basically rub it in Pinkie's face when nothing goes wrong. We cut to Fluttershy letting the frogs out. We suddenly get a beast from below rising up while ominous music plays. The rest enter to rustic country twanging... for some reason. The swamp? Applejack's in the group? Why the country twanging?! Pinkie suddenly gets another doozy. Twilight is snarky. Spike asks what Applejack thinks happened. Applejack's trying not to think about it. Spike can't help it... which makes sense. Quick, don't think about your locker combo! We get the 'exploded twice' meme. Applejack rightly dismisses their insane rambling, as does Twilight. They spot the bog and go looking for Fluttershy, quickly finding her but not before Pinkie gets a faceful of mud. Eh... kinda not funny, but compared to earlier crap kinda passable. They're all relieved, and Twilight loses a ton of sympathy points by saying it's not nice to gloat, and then gloating. Twilight... ugh. Ominous smoke rolls in while Twilight continues to gloat. The hydra rears up, one of the heads in front of Twilight, who continues to ignore it. Head, meet desk. At about mach 987! Spike points it out to her. She sees it, but doesn't believe it! The heads roar, one a bit too slow. Most run, except for Pinkie. Twilight runs back to save her. Some have mentioned the Stare, but in this case we can forgive Fluttershy for being too scared to use it. Fluttershy apologizes to a frog as she runs off, because! The hydra gives chase, but Spike gets stuck. Twilight runs back and snags him. And I gotta call her out for no use of teleporting. Unlike Fluttershy, we've seen that she can keep a much more level head. Twilight thinks they'll make it, but Pinkie's still shuddering. Oh, too much coffee. *Gives her decaf* They come across a chasm, with several stone columns lining a path across. Twilight says to hop across, one at a time. Fluttershy, she can fly. Telekinesis, teleporting?! Spike asks if she can turn the hydra into a squirrel or something else. Nope! We get a callback to Dragonshy. God I wish I was watching that now. Twilight says she'll distract it while Applejack grabs pinkie by the tail and hops across. Twilight, the damned thing's pretty far away. Go with the others! she asks what a 'brave' pony like Dash would do, and charges. The hydra heads all got for her, but miss and follow. Under its belly. It flips itself over, one head being crushed. Back at the other side of the chasm, Pinkie's shuddering. The hydra recovers and ambles after her, one head smashing one of the columns! All but the farthest two are demolished. Okay, teleport??!??!! Pinkie says to jump, which Twilight balks at. Pinkie says she'll be fine. "You have to take a leap of faith!" Oh, good effin' LORD! So Twilight backs up, jumps, comes up just short... and lands on some gas bubble. It pops, sends her bouncing along the last two columns, because we need more amusing injuries, and she slams into a rock wall, giving a squeaky smile of triumph. Yay! Twilight doesn't know how it happened, but admits we had a doozy with a hydra. But... that's not the doozy! Pinkie's still shuddering! Twilight loses it and evolves into Rapidash. I half-expect her to start the killing. But no. She calms down and gives up. She doesn't understand the Pinkie Sense, but admits it's real. She believes in it. And THAT is the doozy, that she believes in the Pinkie Sense. What that's flatter than Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's characterization! Pinkie trots off humming to herself and I need a drink. Well, I wish I drank alcohol so I could need a drink, but whatever. Let's wrap this one up STAT. We cut to Twilight sending Celestia a letter. We see Twilight at an odd angle, head not visible. Gee, I wonder what that could mean. We cut to her wearing an umbrella hat. Hah, hah? Not really, actually. Pinkie's tail is twitching. The moral is that there are things that lack explanation, but they're not any less true. Ugh. And as the two ponies trot off, Spike goes to the top window to send the scroll, even though he's never had to do that before. And Celestia out of nowhere. The end, thank god! Thoughts Oh, this one was painful. The 'comedy' bit alone were wince-inducing. I do like physical, Loony Toons comedy... in Loony Toons or the Three Stooges. NOT in this show! It felt very out of place and just painful after the first few times. It was wince-inducing. Twilight pings back and forth. She's a straw/physicist/scientist/atheist/insert appropriate word here, coming off as incredibly arrogant and dismissive, but the harm she was getting was making me sympathize with her. Then she has to open her mouth. The moral is misspoke, for lack of a better term. There are things in the world that's not understood. But that's not the end of the journey, only the beginning. Twilight was being punished for trying to understand... and came off as an asshole while trying to understand it. She trashed the scientific method. the Pinkie Sense was observed in action, after all. Also, leap of faith? Really? Really?! So, yeah. This episode was bad. Sun_Tzu didn't review it. And you know what? He was right not to. Now, for this pic, it's not a hydra, but the toy I do own that turns into one, Robots in Disguise Megatron, is a bit too complex for me to get it transformed in time for this to be done. Also, it's more effort than the episode deserves!
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    Er... no. I honestly cannot see how you can come to that conclusion. A). Everything I listed shy of the Alicorn stuff was laid out in Twilight's first season... much of it in the very first episode of the show. We've now gone through 2 seasons since Starlight was introduced, with her starring in 4 episodes in her first season and 7 in her second, and still not a single hint as to how she became this powerful. It's not remotely unfair to compare that to the amount of explanation we had for Twilight midway through her initial season. Starlight is not a new character... she's entering her third season, and last season she had more focus than any other cast member. She's not been lacking opportunity. B). Everything I listed was flat out stated in the episodes. People are calling Starlight "Overpowered" because she's a unicorn who has arrived on the scene as powerful as Twilight with no hint of how she is that powerful. People in this very thread have told you that they'd be more accepting if there was just a reason given for her power. If she drained it out of another source like Tirek, then that's something. If she was granted a ton of power from an artifact, that's something. If she were secretly a grown Flurry Heart lost in time, that's something. If she were some kind of special race of being that was inherently that powerful, that would be something. But they made her a unicorn and gave her none of the explanations that they gave to Twilight to explain why she's so massively powerful. She just is. It's perfectly fine if that doesn't bother you, but it's not really a mystery why it does bother some people.
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    It's the fact that Twilight's abilities were so carefully seeded into the show that makes Starlight seem overpowered out of nowhere. You gloss over the backstory and justification that Twilight's abilities are given, but pains were taken to integrate her magic to her character multiple times through the first season. The first things we learn about Twilight, from the initial pilot episode in the first five minutes of the show itself is that: She studies so much that she has no friends, she apparently lives in a tower full of books with her dragon assistant, she is mentored in magic by the princess-ruler of the land, and magically sends and receives messages from said ruler. Now, with just that introduction, it's not at all surprising that Twilight is good at magic... and we're barely into the show. By the end of the pilot episode, we've seen her be awarded the Element of Magic itself, and learn that her mentor is more than 1000 years old. All in her first appearance. When next her magic is an issue (During "Boast Busters") we are given dialog explaining the magical abilities of regular unicorns, and how they usually only have a little magic related to their special talents, while Twilight's special talent *is* magic itself, allowing her to have all kinds of magic and leading Spike to theorize to the audience that there isn't a unicorn in all of Equestria more magical than her. Trixie then shows up to make the claim that she's the most magical unicorn in Equestria, before Twilight shows off an insane magical ability that leaves the entire town and Trixie dumbfounded. By "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" we have yet more justification for Twilight's abilities given, as we're told how she idolized Celestia, desperately wanted into her School for Gifted Unicorns, and had a massive power surge when she was linked by destiny to the Elements of Harmony. We hear Celestia, more than 1000 years old, proclaim that she's never met a unicorn with Twilight's raw abilities before as she not only admits her into her magic school but takes her as her personal student. Again and again through that first season we are given to believe that Twilight is especially magical and shown many indications and reasons for it. Later seasons would talk up Alicorns and Alicorn magics to a large degree, likewise portraying them as something special above the power levels of normal ponies, culminating in a massive firefight with Tirek visually displaying the combined might of 4 Alicorns held by Twilight (who again is singled out as able to do so for being the Element of Magic) as being equal to the power stolen from most all of the other ponies of Equestria and Discord himself. That all combines to set a high expectation in the viewers. Then we get introduced to Starlight Glimmer, a unicorn who in a surprise twist is suddenly a match for Alicorn Twilight on a magic level and possibly exceeds her... but that isn't enough of a character trait of hers to bother giving it any explanation at all. We've had at least 10 episodes that majorly featured the character and the only thing we've learned about her past is that she expressly *didn't* go to magic school. After all of the careful groundwork to introduce audiences to Twilight's abilities, Starlight is like a record scratch across the narrative.
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    To address the original point, yes, I also think that Starlight is overpowered. She is stated to be insanely magical by the cast itself as a reason they need to keep her around following season 5. She can remove Cutie Marks and cast time spells far more powerful than Starswirl the Bearded's work. She can easily match the Alicorn Element of Magic herself, following a season where the combined magic of 4 Alicorns was suggested to be the equal of Tirek powered by nearly all of the magic of the rest of the ponies of Equestria (and Discord!) combined, where the audience is told that if Tirek were to possess Alicorn magic, he would be unstoppable... which certainly sent the impression that Alicorns were far more magical than other ponies. And this seems supremely overpowered because there is no given reason for it... she just is that powerful, out of nowhere. Twilight is given multiple reasons for her power level. She spent an entire childhood studying, so intensely that it is shown to be to the detriment of everything else. She was personally trained by a seemingly immortal founder of the most prestigious magic school in the land. The day she got her Cutie Mark she was flooded with magical energy linked to her becoming the destined bearer of the Element of Magic, leaving her with raw abilities that Celestia had never seen in a pony before. And then later she would ascend to Alicornhood, flooded by magical output from the Elements of Harmony. Starlight's past is missing anything similar. In fact, the only detail we know about it is seemingly contradictory to her being so powerful: when she was young, her best friend got his Cutie Mark in magic and went off to magic school, and she did not. In Season 6 the show backtracked a bit to show that she was pretty magical as a filly, but needed instruction in how to do things with it from Sunburst, so it's even more confusing why she wouldn't go to magic school. And it's odd that she blames Cutie Marks since that isn't what kept her out, seeing as how we know that Twilight applied to Celestia's school without one herself. Regardless, she went from that point to rivaling the obsessively-studying shut-in, prodigy, destiny-fueled, personal student of the immortal founder of the premiere magic school in the land... without any help that we know of or has even been hinted at. And she also found the time to form a cult and build and govern a town in the middle of nowhere as well. So yes, Starlight comes across as pretty massively overpowered to me.
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    Hopefully a new EQG one to make up for the "Anon-A-Miss" one.
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    Lookin' towards 2018 and 2020 like
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    For some reason I got the urge to brush my ponies' manes today, probably because they've all been standing on the shelves for so long. Pinkie was so pretty that I had to take a photo of her. She's still my favorite of the fashion styles I have.