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    Absolutely Fabulous!
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    In Watch Dogs 1 could you find ponies. And now is Watch dogs 2 out. Has someone found in Watch dogs 2 Ponies? I found one on the wall of the DEDSEC HQ.I think it looks a bit like celestia WATCH_DOGS® 2_20161118000007 by Jasmin L, auf Flickr
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    The title says it all. What kind of episodes do you really want to see in season 7? For example, I want: A Celestia/Luna episode. For obvious reasons. A Cadance/Shining Armor/Flurry Heart episode. Yeah, I want an episode focusing on the royal family. I'd really like to see a day in their lives. It would also be a great opportunity to give them some more well deserved character growth. Another flashback episode. On any of the mane characters. I would LOVE to see what their upbringing was really like. Especially Starlight. What was her home life like? How did she get her cutie mark? When did she start her village? That could be an amazing in-depth look at her villain origin story. A Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon episode. Now that they are reformed, I would love to see these two again. I was kinda disappointed that we barely saw them in Season 6 other than in a few background appearances. Maybe they can help the CMC with some kind of problem. A (good!!!) Spike episode pairing him with Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rainbow or Starlight. I'd like to see what Spike's chemistry is like with these other ponies for an entire episode. We've seen that he has great chemistry with Starlight, so an entire episode centering around both of them would be nice.
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    I just found out that my step-grandma died this morning, but I'm not that sad about her passing away, I'm sad and worried about how my brother is going to handle it.
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    Found this PMV on YouTube while searching.
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    Don't you just love it when you crack an egg, and two yolks came out?
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    With all the G4 merchandise she has gotten, it would be nice even if it was just for one episode or as a background pony.
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    You know, now that I ponder it, I wonder if there are specific Iron Pony competitions for unicorns and pegasi.
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    A lot of stuff honestly. Mostly stuff like Pokemon, Digimon, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and other video game series. I actually didn't get into Persona until after I became a brony if you can believe that. Also anime. Lots and lots of anime.
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    ... Pregnant? I mean really, why else would Discord be knitting a foal's toy? And his over zealous protectionist nature seems to suggest he knows something we don't know? And Fluttershy's hips seem more foal bearing than usual. What dastardly secrets are in store for us come season 7? Also what does Google know what we don't know?
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    Oh yes, the "Fainting Couch", definitely the best! Out of all of the worst possible things that could happen, this is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!
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    Lol, I'm sorry, but this whole conversation had me in stitches. Fluttershy is my favorite of the Mane 6, and I don't for a minute believe she, or anypony else, is pregnant. Pregnancy suggests sex, and sex outside of marriage will never be covered in such an innocent show meant for little girls. We never even saw Cadance with a baby bump because they didn't want to linger on that subject any longer than The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows. And she's married. Little girls might start asking awkward questions if the show lingered on the subject too long... Which could upset parents.... Sadly, the show's staff have to keep all that in mind. Didn't the show's staff say a while back that they weren't planning on any of the Mane 6 to enter into any serious romantic relationship for similar reasons? I'll accept this is going to be a headcannon now, though it still makes more sense if it were Rarity given it's her picture in the pony gestation answer. Discord could be making that stuffed bunny for Fluttershy herself! She does love stuffed animals! And Fluttershy is his first and closest friend, she's sweet and sensitive, who wouldn't be super protective of her? Or love giving her hugs?
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    I love her drama, though. To me, it makes her all the more fabulous.
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    Ah Miss Rarity... I've always loved her coloring, especially the purple/blue/pink sheen in her hair. No other pony's hair does that. Though superficial, she was immediately one of my favorites for no other reason but because I loved her hair. What can I say, I'm a girl and have a tendency to be a bit of a fashionista myself. I know Lauren Co. was aiming on making her break the trend of "mean girl" just because she likes fashion. But to be honest they could have done a little more to make her less cliche. She's still very vain, and full of drama, always swooning onto chaise lounges and such. Those traits can be as damaging as being a mean girl. I do love her character, though.
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    She's a Rarity! Rules for this thread: ☆ This thread is now known as the Rarity Fan Club. ☆ Please keep in mind what Fan Club this is. So please, don't make a Pinkie Pie post, for instance, unless it has Rarity too. ☆ Bear in mind that there are younger ones out there! No NSFW content is allowed. SUGGESTIVE content is allowed to a certain limit. Please choose pictures and words, carefully. ☆ This is a Fan Club, not Hate Order. If there is something not-exactly-nice you have to say about this place, Rarity, or virtually anypony or anything, then please keep that at bay. ☆ Ships are allowed as long as they don't contradict any of the rules above. ☆ All EQD Forum rules apply
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    AGH! ...oh, sorry. "Incoming!" is a trigger for me. I still haven't gotten over the war and I STILL sob on the floor every Veteran's Day... Oh, wait. Wrong character. Hiyaz! ^_^ (There we go.)
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    The Ticket Master: Sacrifice your gift and you get six-fold.
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    Friendship is Magic: Lured me into the herd like a spell.
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    Maybe Discord is pregnant
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    *Spoilers below* 1. A celestia focused episode. No Princess Luna, no Discord, or anything that is going to put the spotlight away from her. Let Celestia shine for once in an episode on her own. 2. More focus on rarely used pairups like Raridash, Flutterjack, Raripie, and others. 3. Continue what you're doing with Spike as he's been easily the brightest spot in S6. 4. If you're going to continue writing Starlight, have her have episodes where she bonds with each of the mane 6. That means put her away from Twilight and Spike or pulling a cheap montage ala Every little thing she does as if you want me to like Starlight, than show her how she would react to each of the mane 6 and how she hits it off with them. Make her conflict with them interesting and the impact of them bonding worth the story and episode. Also, let Twilight develop away from Starlight as a big problem for Twilight in S6 was of how she was so dependent upon Starlight's own development and portrayal and that because it wasn't done well she suffers greatly for it. 5. Develop more on characters like King Thorax and Dragon Lord Ember as you've shown them and I like to see more of them too. 6. Put more care and thought to your stories please. Alot of the problems S6 had could've been fixed if much better editing and thought was put into the stories.
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    - Celestia episode. And I mean one truly dedicated to her, no freaking Luna stealing the spotlight. Throw her a bone already - More RariDash, FlutterJack, FlutterPie, TwiJack, Flarity, and TwiDash episodes. No more fucking Rarijack - Finally let us see Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo's families - Starlight episodes with her actually bonding with the mane 6 instead of Twilight all the time, or crap like "Every Little Thing She Does" - Keep doing what you've been doing for Spike episodes, it's one of the few things S6 actually did right - No more fucking Applebloom episodes, give the other CMC a chance to shine - Lightning Dust returns - Actually do something with Dash's Wonderbolt status. Leaving things off with such an awful climax like Newbie Dash and not making any sort of real attempt to follow up of what's next that actually tries to salvage it and makes her arc worth it really comes off as a "fuck you" to anyone who was interested in it. - FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST! NO MORE FUCKING GARBAGE LIKE NEWBIE DASH OR 28 PRANKS FOR DASH EPISODES!!!!!!!! NO MORE EPISODES THAT SOLELY EXIST TO TREAT HER LIKE GARBAGE! PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE THIS FUCKING CHARACTER! FUCK!(end rant of an excessively salty fanboy)
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    She was an amazing villain, and while I think that she was better as a villain than after she was reformed, I still like her. Especially since she is still a bit morally questionable. That makes her a fun and interesting character. Because of that, I picked the second poll option, since it mostly describes how I feel about her (although as of the time of writing, I seem to be the only one...).
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    Her name is "Remmilg Thgilrats" backwards.
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