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    So uh, sup? I'm Godlysloth. I've watched My little Pony since about half way through season 2 but never really stepped into the fandom. I mean I always wanted to you guys are brilliant! But, you know, I was a lazy teenager. Now I'm just a slightly older and slightly less lazy young adult! Thanks for reading! -Godlysloth
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    This is the same artist who made the legendary "Lullaby for a Princess"; that should be enough for you to want to hear this RIGHT NOW.
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    So, basically, stopped debating and joined up!
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    Today I'am turning 24, woot!
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    I guess Thorax has now made it canon to have changelings who merely want to make friends and live off love in a peaceful way, so many changeling OCs that had backstories of acceptance and looking for a partner to sustain them in a more friendly way is now very viable and normal.
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    Hello there and welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay around here.
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    Hello and welcome Godly Sloth, I hope you will enjoy your stay on these forums If you have any questions feel free to ask See you around the place
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    Banned for not going with "yabbies."
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    banned because technically shrimps are called prawns in Australia
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    This calls for a birthday song!
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    Wished on status update but I shall wish you a happy birthday here as well ^^ Happy birthday!
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    Congrats and Happy Birthday.
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