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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While I would love to see this happen (male race represent!), I feel like if it ever did happen, it would be a bit of a shark-jump for the show. I pine for the days when there were only two Alicorns, and things made sense: Alicorn-ship was godhood, reserved for those with the power to move celestial objects. Now we can reasonably poke at questions like this because the mechanism of Alicoronation is known (and dumb).
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    When they don't know that you're stalking the forums 24/7
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    I'd prefer to make this a blog post, but I can't since it doesn't allow for it. Might as well get this monkey off my back Expect lots of Ranting/venting/whining. I'll admit it gets a bit whiny...and personal...please don't ban me ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If anyone has been following me in the past few weeks you'd know that I haven't been very fond of Season 6 as a whole, and while I can't say it was a total loss, as it still delivered on a few things, and had plenty of good episodes, but after giving it much thought though, my feelings towards it still haven't changed, in fact my feelings have actually worsened, and if I was suddenly allowed to live in a universe where S6 didn't exist I wouldn't miss it at all. This is the worst I've ever felt watching the show, with me becoming more critical with it, leaving it in a distant last compared to the rest of the show, EQG included(and considering I'm usually really lenient on the show, I don't feel this is a good thing), and this isn't a feeling I want to have when I watch this, I feel like this is something I need to get off my chest, just finally dump my thoughts on S6 as a whole. I don't want to sound like a complete Negative Nancy, so I'll list things S6 got right, things that I do hope continue on into S7, but ultimately, this will be pretty negative. If you liked S6 that's cool, don't take this as a personal attack, just see as this might be a reason why some may not like S6, as I do feel I'm not alone in some of these thoughts THE GOOD 1) Spike and Fluttershy finally get their due Very happy for them and you should be too For the longest time, people have been having lots of issues with these two, due either their stagnation or how they've been treated in the past. Spike's episodes have had a long history of being some of the most criticized episodes in the show, with season 5 not only giving him only one episode, but his worst by far, and Fluttershy never growing passed her shyness, getting to the point where it feels like that's all there is to the character(and having as little screentime as possible didn't exactly help). So the great pony gods in the sky smiled the days Spike and Fluttershy finally got their due. Spike's episodes in Season 6 are not only some of the best episodes he's ever gotten, they are some of the best in the show and while Fluttershy still could've benefitted from more screen time, almost any episode that had her as a major role she was on fire this season(well, except for 28 Pranks Later, but more on that later).This season is definitely what they needed and I hope they continue to have this momentum going forward 2) A great season for guys Drinks are on me This was a great season for the male characters. Besides for the aforementioned Spike, Discord's made a great recovery from the debacle that is What About Discord, as he was in top form in both Dungeons and Discords and To Where And Back Again(one of that episode's few highlights), Big Mac got some good expansion too, with deeper look into his nerdier side. Plenty of the new males introduced were great as well, Sunburst is adorable, Quibble is hilarious, the Flim Flam Brothers aren't redeemed and are still slimy con men(thank God!) and Thorax is one of the best support characters introduced yet. Of course it isn't perfect(I'll talk more about him later), but otherwise it was one of the better portrayal of male characters this season 3) The Map gives better episodes "I still don't know my purpose, but the least I can do is shit out better episodes" There are still many problems with the Cutie map's existence, but it's output this season far surpasses that of S5's. While I still maintain that "Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" is still the best Map episode, as well as one of the series best, Made in Manehattan and Hoofields and McColts are on the opposite end of the spectrum, MIM is one of the most boring episodes the show has made and HAM manages to be both boring and awful, doing a disservice to it's focus characters and giving us some of the worst side characters ever. Meanwhile S6's Viva Las Pegasus and Top Bolt are also some of the best the show's given, putting their focus characters at their best(and giving Griffonstone a run for its money) and despite notable problems with Spice Up Your Life(notably its portrayal of Rarity), there was definitely a lot more heart and effort put into it compared to HAM and MIM, as everything else apart from that one flaw everything else was great. 4) A Potentially bright future for Equestria Girls "In the name of Equestria, we will punish you!" I dunno if it belongs here since it's technically not part of S6, but was worked on around the same time. Before Legends of Everfree, it seems like the series didn't quite know what it wanted to be. While certain tropes played up to being some sort of Magical Girls spin-off(akin to Sailor Moon), it was pretty obvious there were more tropes gravitating it towards something similar to Monster High, and while this certainly isn't a bad thing(I actually enjoy this series), it does create a certain conflict of identity for it. However, with LOE, with it focusing heavily on the girl's newfound powers, it seems like they've decided to go more towards the Magical Girl route, the the glee of many. While I can't say LoE, while a solid movie, was better than Rainbow Rocks, especially with it feeling more like a pilot than a movie/special, I can say that it feels like the series finally knows what it wants to be, and with the next installments of Equestria Girls being split into 3 22-minute long specials, it feels like they're beginning to test the waters into its own series, and finally try to stand out on its own. EQG will probably stick around for a while, especially with the immense popularity of Sunset Shimmer, but Hope Shines Eternal for this spin-off, and I've probably lost a few readers for that pun Unfortunately this is all I can really say about the positives about S6, if there were some I missed feel free to include them Negatives 1) The Old Blood pulling the weight "Corey I'm sorry we all yelled at you over Rainbow Falls, please come back....no seriously I miss you." As with many long running shows, it's only natural for writers to come and go, but what worries people is if they new people coming are up to snuff. This season saw some of the biggest influx of new writers since S4, but unfortunately a lot of them weren't pulling their own weight, and a lot of them pulled out some of the weakest the show's had to offer, either by being really boring, or setting whatever character they focused on so far back. It's also worth noting that with the exception of Dave Polsky(who...honestly isn't exactly a high point) all the writers who've been with the show has since departed. Many of the show's best episodes are from people who've been around for since Season 4 at least, with the likes of Josh Haber, Nick Confalone, and Songco&Lewis, and speaking of which, Josh took up the role as story editor from MA Larson and Meghan McCarthy, and while, he can write his own stories fine, for a guy who was with the show for a while, it's amazing he let some of the crap through. As far as new writers go, the best one was easily the duo of Burke&Wyatt, who delivered the excellent Times Are A Changeling and Viva Las Pegasus. The next best new writers were Jessica Skelly(Buckball Season) and Mike Vogel(Hearth's Warming Tale, Stranger Than Fan Fiction, and also worth mentioning that he's been with the show for a while, since S1, but he was Hasbro's VP of marketing at the time, S6 was his first time writing), and even then they have their own set of problems, with the former needing work on her dialogue and the latter suffering from similar problems with McCarthy, in that while he can write great small/SoL episodes, his work on major developmental episodes (Every Little Thing She Does)and finales are his Achille's heel(also his portrayal of Rarity needs to be called out on). And then there's the next batch of new writers, The Fox Brothers, Dave Rapp, and FM D.Marco, who have quickly become some of the fandom's most disliked writers within recent memory. It really feels like a lot of these guys didn't do any homework when they came on, which plagued a lot of episodes this season 2) Worst season for about half the mane cast Screw picking one, hug all 3, they really need it It was easily the best for Spike and Fluttershy, but was problematic for a lot of the cast, but for 3 certain ponies, it was easily their worst showing by far. For Twilight, this season she was given a similar role she had in Rainbow Rocks, in that she was supposed to be a teacher for Starlight Glimmer, and guiding her on her quest for finding friendship. However, this seemed to have an opposite effect on her role in Rainbow Rocks, as she's shown to be a very ineffective teacher, constantly paranoid over her student, not trusting those she's forgiven in the past, and her lessons having little effect on Starlight(but apparently we're supposed to assume that they worked by the finale). There's also the fact that a lot of her roles didn't play up most of her strengths and just left her pretty boring. It wasn't until Top Bolt where she really got to shine...which was the penultimate episode of the season. Also, despite showing her try to do a lot for Starlight, she still chooses Trixie over her. She might as well been given been given a giant middle finger, Next we have Rainbow Dash, whom I'm convinced the writers were deliberately treating like garbage for some undisclosed hate and punishing anyone who was invested in the character(I'm sure someone's gonna call me out as a butthurt fanboy for that, calling it now). Reasons why I feel this why is because while she had some more good appearances than the other two ponies here, is simply because of the mere existence of two of her solo focus episodes this season(that I'll touch on later, you sure as well know which ones I'm talking about), the circumstances around them, and how anyone in the staff allowed them to get passed brainstorming is absolutely baffling And lastly there's Applejack who's arguably had it the worst of the 3, had easily her worst season, as the first two thirds of the season had her at her absolute worst out of any season, between her stupidity in AJ's Day Off, or her hostility toward's Applebloom in The Cart Before the Ponies, and her idiocy in PPOV(As much as I loved Rarity's depiction of Pirate AJ, it can't save the episode), it took her until BUCKBALL SEASON to actually have a decent appearance, which is about 3/4ths into the season, and she was still great in Viva Las Pegasus and Where the Apple Lies, but overall it was just a really bad time for AJ 3) Newbie Dash - The Ultimate "Fuck You" of a milestone episode A poster child of how NOT to write a milestone episode. 1) Give it to a new writer, 2) Make sure the new writer knows fuck all about the show, 3) Make sure every past development of a character's arc is forgotten completely and fuck over your audience completely for having any sort of of investment of the character and mocking them for it. Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolt arc was the show's earliest arc in the series, dating back to the very first episode. As the show progressed we've seen her slowly, but surely get closer to her goal, and despite a few bumps(namely the portrayal of the Wonderbolts) on the road, this arc has given some of the show's best and most beloved episodes such as Sonic Rainboom, Wonderbolts Academy, Testing Testing, 1-2-3, and Rarity Investigates. With Rarity, Twilight, and the CMC, not only receiving very much beloved conclusions to their arc, but also starting a new chapter for their characters, it was only natural for Rainbow Dash to receive her due. However, unlike those three, which capped everything off in a spectacular fashion befitting for their characters, putting every bit of effort the writers could, NEWBIE DASH does absolutely everything in its power to completely mock anyone expecting at least some satisfying climax. In the cold opening, the audience is suddenly told Rainbow becomes a Wonderbolt, no big feat accomplished, no big celebration, no nothing, just heads straight to the opening. Right off the bat you can tell the writers gave absolutely fuck all about this episode, and it only gets worse from there. The rest of the episode spends its entire runtime of making a character we're supposed to be happy for make a complete mockery of herself through and through, constantly humiliating her while having her dealing with a nickname that haunted her since her childhood, with her idols now teammates, the Wonderbolts coming off as real bullies and never once wondering what was wrong with her unusual unperformance. The cream of the crop, is when she's finally at her absolute lowest, instead of giving her a chance to climb back up, they somehow manage to bring her down further. Strike one - Her plan to "look cool for the Wonderbolt" includes an incredibly reckless stunt that would've her gotten her kicked out - Goes against everything she learned in Wonderbolts Academy. Strike 2 - Rainbow Dash suddenly doesn't know she's supposed to cross the road(because suddenly the writers decide now to make this a problem), and she isn't aware of her surroundings - Goes against everything we know about TT123. Strike 3 - Suddenly she doesn't know how to work with a team, has issues flying with the Bolts, suddenly cares more about herself than them - Goes against everything we know in Wonderbolts Academy and Rarity Investigates. All of this over a nickname. All of this constant humiliation. And what does the episode conclude with? "This is normal for us". Which comes dangerously close to "Hazing is OK". I'm positive that this moral wasn't intended to be interpreted like that, but it's still amazing that no one in the writing staff saw this. And what was all this for? That impersonation scene. The fact that anyone there thought this was a great way to end an arc is outright infuriating to me. Whereas other characters were celebrated for their achievements, for this the writers might as well be pointing their fingers and laughing at the audience going "HAHAHA LOOK AT YOU, YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT SHE ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING, YOU FUCKING WASTED YOUR TIME!" "BUT MEGAS, SHE NEEDED A REALITY CHECK!" Fuck off, if you seriously think that the best way to complete a character's milestone, their biggest achievement, is to humiliate them every chance you get and make a complete mockery of their accomplishment, then it is you who needs a reality check, Storytelling doesn't work that way Six years of character development, six years of investment, six years of time, thrown out the window complete for the sake of a stupid fucking joke. It's amazing I didn't quit from there. There's been lots of bad episodes in the past, but considering all of the circumstances surrounding this one, this episode is the only I've ever felt that warrants a fucking apology. Instead they make 28 Pranks Later 4) Insult to Injury - 28 Fucking Pranks Later Skip this shitty ep, watch a better Zombie parody, have an ice cold pint, and wait for this to all blow over As if that wasn't enough, they went ahead with this. When the synopsis was first revealed, a ton of people first thoughts were "The Mysterious Mare Do Well 2 Electric Scootaloo". It's not a good sign when everyone's first thoughts were towards one of the show's most hated episodes ever. Of course it doesn't necessarily mean much, everyone thought Gauntlet of Fire was gonna be a retread of Dragon Quest, another wildly unpopular episode, however that episode managed to address a lot of that episode's problems and delivered a much more satisfying episode, so many were giving this episode the benefit of the doubt. Of course the exact opposite actually happened, and the episode turned out to be what many feared. Not only did the writers not learn anything at all, they in fact shit out an even worse episode. Instead of addressing MMDW's problems, they instead thought the best way to fix the episode was to make Rainbow Dash act even shittier, regressing her as far back as the beginning, so they can try to justify bludgeoning Rainbow Dash over the head with a proverbial sledgehammer, which was more transparent than a Roman Reigns push. And what was this for again? To dick ride off the zombie hype train. Again, I hope you guys thought it was worth it. To this day, it's the only episode I've ever filtered from Derpibooru 5) Fucking Zephyr Breeze Really wished this actually happened It's amazing how unlikable this guy is. When they said this guy was hate-able, they weren't kidding, as he's managed to top Sven Gallop and Spoiled Rotten as some of the most unlikable character in the show. Which wouldn't be so bad....if they didn't expect us to root for him the whole time. The episode, Flutter Brutter, this character spends being a lazy cock, wrecking his parents things, and not putting every effort to anything, then the episode throws suddenly a sob story about how he can never live up to his sister and we have to feel sorry for him. Besides the fact that they did this much better with Big Mac in Brotherhooves Social, the episode suddenly expects us to root for him when he spends the entire time being one of the most unlikable d-bags in history. For an episode that does everything else right, Zephyr himself is the definition of make or break. 6) Rarity Out the Ass I've always felt that there's always been a bias towards Rarity among the staff, and it's not hard to see why, they've made a fantastic character based off a wildly disliked trope(she's even my third favorite character in the entire show), but I was always bothered by some of the favoritism she's received. For example, she's the only character that's actually had an entire episode, Spike at Your Service, changed because the writers didn't like how she acted in it, and considering how awful they've let other characters act, that says something(also, that was a Spike episode, the episode was changed for Rarity, not Spike, who remained a bumbling buffoon. Let that sink in). This season displayed some of the worst character bias since the early start of the comics, with Rarity making a major appearance in a majority of the first half's episode, either as a main character or a major supporting character, and even in the second half there were still episodes where she had a major role. It didn't take too long until people got really sick of her, especially since other characters were severely lacking either in character development and/or screen time, especially Pinkie, Fluttershy, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Celestia, to name a few "But Megas! Why are you picking on Rarity?! Rainbow Dash got THREE solo episodes! THREE!!!! I have to emphasize on THREE!!!" And so many people were really fucking happy for that, one's a giant middle finger of a milestone and the other is a shittier rehash of her worst episode. There's definitely a character bias, but it sure as hell isn't for Rainbow Dash 7) Reforming an entire fucking species By the time Starlight was reformed everyone was more or less sick of villains being redeemed, as there's been a ton of them happening at that point. It got to the point where everyone became wary of when a recurring villain showed up they would be redeemed. Flim Flam return? Redeemed?!(thankfully they didn't). Then Chrysalis was confirmed to return, people were afraid they'd redeem her, and thankfully they didn't. Instead they managed to top that, and redeemed the entire changeling army, which, quite frankly, is an absolute steaming load of diarrhea. Besides being completely implausible(a few siding with Thorax is fine, but the entire race? Come the fuck on, somebody had to say no!), they gave them some of the worst redesigns ever 8) You saw this coming - Starlight Glimmer Time to address the big elephant in the room, Starlight Glimmer. Ever since her redemption made her a reoccurring character, she's been one of the most highly controversial things in the show arguably since Twilight's ascension, mainly due to the divisive nature of the character's redemption. S6 was their chance to get people warming up to her(which admittedly it started well off early on), but instead managed to make her even more divisive. 1) The show is seriously bending over backwards for her. A point people have been making a point about how easy she got off for her actions in the S5 finale, but the show intended on believing she's willing to learn from her mistakes, yet when she made more massive mistakes, she's given more slaps on the wrists. At some point it feels like she can do what ever she wants and show just bends over backwards to her 2) She never faces the consequences of her actions, and everything is handed to her on a silver platter. I'm not saying she should get death or get thrown in jail, that's not what the show is about. But facing the consequences of her actions is how you make a believable redemption, so it feels like everything she accomplishes and goes above is earned. Instead she receives instant forgiveness, everyone is willing to be friends with her and immediately becomes Twilight's student. But not having earned any of it Oh and they pull they same shit again, same exact results 3) She's hardly around yet the show wants us to assume she's grown. She's missed many major events that could've included her but they decided to leave her out 4) She barely hangs out with the remane 5 yet, the show wants us to assume she's best friends with them. Despite this she doesn't feel like she's friends with them at all. She's barely around and misses major appearances like Rarity opening another boutique or Dash becoming a Wonderbolt, and such. When she finally gets a chance to hang out with them, first thing she does is mind control them 5) She's barely shown change, but the show wants us to assume she did. When it seems like she's going somewhere with No Second Prances(as poor as that episode was) the writers shit out Every Little Thing She Does, where she finally hangs out with the remane 5 only to mind control them as mentioned above "But Megas! Twilight mind controlled Ponyville in Lesson Zero! UNFAIR DOUBLE STANDARD!" First off, different scenarions Second Twilight was going mental, absolutely desperate, and was at her absolute lowest point in the episode when she did that Starlight first idea was to use mind control them. Why? Because she couldn't have been assed to actually try to be friends with them and just wanted to make her life easier And again, same bullshit happens, a slap on the wrist a quick "I'm sorry" and another bullshit montage 6) She drags Twilight down, makes her look like an ineffective teacher only to get fucked over. This was probably meant to start a new arc for Twilight giving her a mentor role, but as we've seen it's done her no favors. In No Second Prances we constant see her go crazy over Starlight and Trixie the point of ending their friendship by mistake. Then there's ELTSD, all the mind control bs happens, and the first thing she does is praise her magic, but tells her what she did was the wrong way. Instead another slap in the wrist. Of course, as ineffective as she was we still see her try to do a lot for Starlight....only for her to choose Trixie as her best friend in the finale. Might as well shove a middle finger in Twilight's face 7) She gets to star in a finale the she honestly didn't earn. Said finale also needs to completely fuck over every major character without any reason or explanation? Why? Just to make Starlight look good _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wow, that...4 for 8 Yikes, and I did a lot more venting than I wanted Again these are personal feelings, and some I felt I really needed to get off my chest, if you agree or disagree, go ahead and comment....or don't your call
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    I always considered this episode's lesson more like a way of justifying/trying to make Rarity's character look good rather than a friendship lesson. They just wanted to make us all know that Rarity was not gonna represent the trope she, well, seemed to be representing. Side note, I always thought Sapphire Shores was a Katty Perry expy rather than a Beyonce (but I know nothing about pop culture, so yeah xD).
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    Overall, I love this episode and consider it to be one of the highlights of the series. "THIS IS WHHIIININNNGGG!" is still one of those laugh-out-loud moments for me. And I don't mind the lesson. Rarity is the 'girliest' of them, so seeing her being able to manage fine is just a positive for me.
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    Alright, folks. Time to move away from the pink menace, at least for now. Time for one of the best things for me, family! Time for some comedic hijinks between two pairs of polar opposites as we attend the ... Sisterhooves Social Originally posted here on July 8th, 2014. We open on a slow zoom onto carousel Boutique, between a pair of symbolic birds. Rarity is dreaming, a pleasant one from what I can see. Smoke wafts in and she wakes up in an understandable panic. After tumbling down the stairs we see it's Sweetie Belle in the kitchen with a thick haze of smoke overhead. She was gonna serve breakfast in bed, and Rarity groans. Wacky hijinks, perhaps? After the credits Rarity flings off her sleep mask and stalks over, passing by two ponies in the background. Wait, what the heck?! Okay, that's awesome. Magnum PI there speaks up and Rarity identifies him and the Nanny there as her parents! And you have no idea how glad I was to see her with parents alive and well. Also, since she's living by herself, then it's OBVIOUS Rarity's true age is at seven billion, two hundred ninety million, three hundred sixty-three thousand, seven hundred forty-two and seven months! :p Okay, minor aside, I'm not fond of age debates. They can occasionally give me a worse headache than a candy shop that was once at the Fox Run mall in Newington. Even a few minutes in it and I was nauseous for a large part of the day afterwards. Not fun. Anyway, they say Sweetie Belle cooked, or fossilized, the breakfast all on her own! She even burnt the juice. I'd arch an eyebrow but I've seen even worse than that. Mom gave her lessons and wouldn't be surprised if she had a cutie mark in fancy cooking by the end of their vacation. Rarity's caught a bit off-guard by this revelation. Sweetie Belle puts down a bowl of gray goo. Applesauce? Nope, toast! Okay, that is pushing it a bit! She goes to grab her stuff from Dad's wagon, and Rarity makes sure it's seven whole days. Yes, just like Project: Backstep. And six nights, too. That was a movie starring Harrison Ford, right? Rarity says she's got a long list, but she supposes Sweetie Belle can be added to the list. Oh, Rarity, don't pull a Twilight! There's a large crash and we see Sweetie with a lot of luggage. "Just a few necessities." Hah! Outside the Belle's are taxied away to wherever their vacation is. Rarity leads Sweetie Belle inside and says they have to clean up, which confuses Sweetie Belle. Well, the breakfast is burnt. She says it's not that burnt, but I think it's carbonized by now. Rarity starts a proper breakfast and Sweetie Belle wants to help, but Rarity says she'll get things started. We have a montage of rarity cleaning and cooking, with Sweetie Belle looking more and more frustrated. She finally pipes up, and rarity says she can... put the garnish on the plate. Rarity micro-manages her and says she's looking for perfection. The table gets tipped, the breakfast spilled... and the parsley lands perfectly. I believe that's either Karma, justice, irony or some killer combo of all three. Either way? HAH! Rarity finishes cleaning. Again. She notes the time and asks Sweetie Belle to take the dirty towels to the laundry room. So will the bubble-headed bleach blonde come on at five and tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye? She cheerfully pushes the basket into the laundry room, saying she'll make herself useful. Hmm, a tub of soapy water, no machines there. She spots a sweater hanging on a line and gets a gleam in her eye! No, Sweetie Belle! It was only a reference to a Don Henley song! We cut to outside. Rarity peeks outside, does a double-take and sees it and the laundry on the line. She's aghast and it turns out the incredibly expensive wool sweater, in the heat of the sun, and not the Heat of the Night, will shrink. And it does. It might fit on one of Rarity's dolls, but that's it. She tamps down her anger and decides to create, then steps in a bucket of water. Hey, that's on you, Rarity! She tells Sweetie Belle to stay out of trouble. Sweetie Belle's miffed. We cut to her inside, and ohhai, Sweepie Belle! she remembers Rarity telling her to stay out of trouble, and she decides to draw. Happy little trees, perhaps? She starts, but decides it needs something. She spots a chest full of sapphires. Rarity walks in some time later, floating a some fabric and scissors. Sweetie Belle rushes over with the drawing and Rarity screams! She races over to the chest and Sweetie Belle's all Scootalooed down on the floor. Turns out these are extremely rare sapphires for a very important client. Sweetie Belle is sorry... but that doesn't really cut it too well. "Sweetie Belle, what am I going to do with you?" And Sweetie Belle pulls a Pinkie and says they could paint, ride bikes... wait, bikes for ponies? That just sounds weird. After some other stuff, Rarity cuts to the chase and says she has to go find more gems. Sweetie Belle asks if she can help, but Rarity gives her a big NO! Okay, slightly harsh, Rarity. She finally gives her a smaller no and says to clean up after herself. And find something to do that doesn't leave a large mess. Sweetie Belle wanders, not cleaning up after herself and finds another room that's pretty messy. This can only end SO well! Rarity comes back with the gems, peeks into the messy room and nearly strokes out. Sweetie Belle literally pops up like she's got springs in her legs, which would explain a lot, actually. It's her inspiration room, organized chaos! Oh, so we don't need Discord for chaos. Good to know! She was planning her new fashion line, and now everything's put away! Sweetie Belle counters that every time she made a mess, Rarity got upset. Rarity rounds on her and says it's her mess, in HER house! Sweetie Belle says she thought it'd make her happy, and Rarity herself springs up, grinds her teeth and says she needs some time alone. Sweetie Belle reaches for her, but Rarity harumphs and that's that. Outside, Sweetie Belle's walking along, head hung low. She spots a poster of two ponies with stars in their eyes and a blue ribbon on it. Apple Bloom shows up and asks how the sleepover's going. Sweetie Belle says it's 'smashing' in a mocking voice and kinda... waddles off. She hops onto the base of some statue and wishes she and Rarity could do something special together. I know that feel. There was a seven-year gap between my brother and I, eight between me and my sister. Apple Bloom zooms over and exposits about the Sisterhooves Social. It's a sisters competition with various events. Sweetie Belle says Rarity will think it's excellent! And... we do a Gilligan cut to Rarity calling it ridiculous. Okay, little harsh, there. It doesn't sound... 'clean'. Yeah, calling bullshit on that. They begin arguing and Sweetie Belle gets angry. She says she'll try the Social without a sister, then maybe the rest of her life without a sister! Whoa, Sweetie Belle! Calm down, kid. You do NOT want to spend your life without your siblings. It's not a good feeling. Rarity fights back and says she's better off with no sister. Rarity, same thing. you don't want that! But, they butt heads and Sweetie Belle storms out. After the commercials we're at Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack and Apple Bloom are miffed Rarity called the Social 'uncouth', with Apple Bloom eating an apple, burping and asking what 'uncouth' meant while spitting out bits of apple. Heh. Sweetie belle says Rarity thinks she's uncouth, and Applejack points out Rarity thinks everything's uncouth. She tells Sweetie belle to give her time. She'll come around, and she has a nice moment with Apple Bloom. Aww. Applejack asks her if she'll help with the chores. Sweetie Belle says she messes everything up, but that's just stinkin' thinkin'. And I am so glad that never caught on... Applejack kicks some rotten apples at Apple Bloom, who catch it with a basket balanced on her brainpan. They're for the pigs to eat! They make a game of it. Sweetie Belle says she'll try, but gets an apple right on the horn. It's hard work, which is why they do it TOGETHER! Cooperation, working together-dig it! Back at Carousel Boutique, Rarity's still steamed. She's finished, looks around and suddenly i-dea!~ We get a cut to her finishing up a line of clothes she calls 'Full Spectrum Fashions'. she ponders about Sweetie Belle's involvement, but reiterates she shouldn't have touched anything without her permission. Back at Sweet Apple Acres and Applejack's getting grape ready for be squished. I'll get Lucy and Ethel over for this one, folks. Sweetie Belle calls it grape juice. I say, "Sure, show. Let's go with that." Sweetie Belle also says Rarity would kill her if she got grape juice near her outfits. Apple Bloom splashes Applejack with gunk, Applejack jumps in and... Applejack gives her a noogie. Also, the tub is bigger on the inside. *GASP* Applejack is a Time Lord! Back at Carousel Boutique, Rarity floats her new line into the laundry room to be washed. She spies the sweater and is pissed again. Then she steps onto Opal's tail, and gets the idea to put it on the cat. "Opal-wopal!" Gag me with a spoon! She tries to stay angry at Sweetie Belle and says she's lucky this turned out so well. Yeah, that's a bit of a stretch for me. And back to Sweet Apple Acres and the Apple sisters are herding sheep. And one of them says they could've just asked which raises ALL sorts of odd/uncomfortable questions that I'm not addressing. And BACK to the Boutique and Rarity's almost finished with the outfit with the sapphires, but she's out. And now she's angry again. She goes over to the drawing and sees it.. and it's of the two sisters in a heart. Aww... Her heart grows 2.5 sizes and she goes for her Oscar here, declaring she'll never be sisterless again! I... wish I've seen a second of Gone with the Wind to make a reference. That night, Sweetie Belle and the Apples are having a cookout. Rarity finds them but Sweetie Belle turns her nose up at her. The Apples are pretty uncomfortable at this as the Belle's go back and forth, with Sweetie Belle saying she's adopting Applejack as her new big sister! Ouch... Apple Blooms' not happy about that, then Sweetie Belle says Applejack should be Rarity's big sister! I think this is starting to look like the Summers family chart. Rarity says she doesn't need lessons and lists off some stuff for them to do, but it's only stuff Rarity wants to do. Sweetie Belle turns her down. Apple Bloom confirms she and Applejack are still sisters, heh. And Rarity asks why she's gotta be so good. Applejack says it's give and take, and Element of Generosity or not, Rarity's almost always had a problem with that, hasn't she. But no, she gives lesson! Reasonable demands! Applejack uses an apple pie metaphor to try and work some sense into her. And Rarity, in her own way, figures it out! Well, maybe. Next scene is coming. Back from commercial and it's the next day, I think. It's the Social. The Whooves sisters win the blue ribbon in pie-eating. Sweetie Belle's trying to hide the hurt of Rarity not there. They see a big pig, the Whooves sisters there too. Wibbly-wobbly? And Carrot Top and some foal there also has a pig. A trumpet sounds and it's almost 'time'. For what I don't know. Sweetie Belle's sad, but Applejack has decided since she and Apple Bloom do this every year, this year she'll do it with Sweetie Belle! And I love Apple Bloom's "One. Day." there. Well, better than One More Day, that's for sure. Or Daying Another Day. We hear some feedback and everyone gathers around Granny Smith on a stage, speaking into the wrong end of a bullhorn. Big Mac corrects her and she spins it right round, right round like a record baby. And yes, I love that song. It's the big race! Race for your life, Charlie Brown! The teams line up, with Apple Bloom being a bit... odd. "One. Day. Good luck!" I love Granny Smith rocking back and forth like that. I won't describe the race. And we all know what happens at the mud puddle. Notice the eyes. The 'sisters' move like clockwork. It... does get a bit much, though. It's like they hacked the Matrix, basically. The Punch sisters run by, and barely win. Sweetie Belle hugs her partner, knocking te hat off and revealing the horn. And we learn it was Rarity under the mud. She shakes the mud off and glows. Applejack surfaces, thank goodness! And all three of them were in on it. Rarity did it for 'them'. They're apple pie! And the sisters go to celebrate. Rarity says a spa, and the other three laugh. No, she's serious. Back at Carousel Boutique, Rarity has her hair in bows and Spike's there for a... letter. Okay, will not hold it against this episode. Having a sister is great, but isn't easy. It's compromises, doing stuff you might not like, and having fun. And we get Wet-Mane Rarity. They have a minor argument about dirtiness and Spike is the voice of reason. We have a bookend of the birds outside and credits. Thoughts Oh, this one... I like so much MORE than the previous episode. Can you tell? It's always good for me to see family getting along, or working to getting along. I love the contrast between the Apple and Belle sisters, there. Applejack and Apple Bloom are tight. Rarity and Sweetie Belle are... not. I love Rarity going through the race, there. Good on her! Great advice from Applejack, too. I will admit Rarity either finding a use or forgiving all three of Sweetie Belle's screw-ups pushed SOD for me a bit. Just seemed... not quite contrived, but getting there. And the Sisterhooves Social is neat. Nice little bit of worldbuilding there. All in all, for me, a great episode. Not much more I think I can really say, there.
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    So, Simon and Nervous Stitch resigned from their positions on the MLP Forums and the Poniverse umbrella. Well, good fucking riddance! Stitch and Simon flat-out tried to ruin a former admin's life by falsely accusing her of rape. They don't deserve to be on ANY fandom board!
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    Why not? The show hasn't gone into much detail on how the whole 'alicorn' thing works. Twilight's the only one we've seen ascend to the position, which she did by inventing a spell to fix another spell she cast. I'd like to think pegasi and earth ponies could become alicorns too, by performing exceptional feats of pegasus-ness and/or ponydom, but the pegasi at least have a pretty uphill battle ahead of them; if a sonic rainboom didn't do it, what would? A sonic rainboom 2.0? And all earth ponies have really got going for them is some bullshit about being supernaturally good at farming. I mean Applejack grew an apple one time that was big enough to carve a small cottage out of, but she didn't get wings or a horn for it. Maybe the whole alicorn thing is a myth. Maybe they're all just unicorns who grew wings subconsciously with their magic because they thought they had some magical destiny. And Flurry Heart just has a weird mutation. But male alicorns, sure. I don't see how a(n implied) penis would prevent the transformation.
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    "And so came to past the great war, the unicorns have won using the almighty being in which they call an Onigiri; a unique Unicorn whose ability is to absorb other ponies and their traits, thus explains why she has wings and is also shining like a crystal, but even after being revered as a hero, this Onigiri shall never find the happiness she seeks, and that is....to have a friend" - roleplaying-personality Azalea, storybook reader.
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    Best meme: TWO. STARS.
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    You need to do more of these @Megas75 as this rant is awesome and I agree with every point made here.
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