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    Hi everyone! Joined because just reading EQD on a daily (ha!) basis is not enough, so I'll yet again try to be more active in the community. 26/M/Poland, working in IT, trying to learn how to draw with mixed results. Except from obvious topics, if you want to chat about Doctor Who, Douglas Adams, cats, Game Grumps, Nintendo Games, philosophy, mathematics, classical music, Mighty Magiswords... actually, if you want to chat that's great.
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    One talented unicorn got lost on her life way, and ended up doing some nasty things in the world beyond Equestria. That was until the other pony came to confront and ultimately stop her. But instead of getting sent to oblivion, the wronged unicorn was convinced to start everything anew. And despite all of the hardships, she succeeded in becoming a nice and friendly pony herself. But unbeknownst to everypony, a very special bond has been established between the unicorn and her new friend and mentor. They have become something more than just friends. Their feelings have evolved. Both of them have become the other half of one another. Both now shall be spreading the Magic of Friendship. Together! WELCOME TO THE SUNLIGHT FAN CLUB! The place where one is free to discuss and adore the love of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer. Some Rules for Y'all: ☆ There is another one, in human world, bearing the name and likeness of our princess. My kindest request to you to keep her posts with away from here. This Fan Club has nothing to do with her; ☆ Bear in mind that there is a younger ones out there! With that said, no NSFW content is allowed. The SUGGESTIVE content is allowed to a certain limit. Please choose the pictures and words carefully; ☆ This is a Fan Club, not Hate Order. If there is something not-exactly-nice you have to say about this place, Twilight, Sunset, or virtually anypony or anything, then please keep that at bay; ☆ Whatever them good old EqD Forums rules have to say!
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    How about a classical arrangement instead? would you enjoy the genre better compared to Avenged Sevenfold's musics? I do fancy a bit of classical themes myself
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    Cadance might not have the royal blood, per say, but she is part of the royal family as Celestia's niece. That should at the very least guarantee her a spot as a candidate for the throne. Blueblood on the other hand is a bag of mysteries, he may be part of Celestia's bloodline or he may be from an offshoot line that started from another pony Celestia adopted and has no real blood ties with her. The former would indeed make him the prime candidate if Equestria were a classical Monarchy / Diarchy, but the latter means he's in the same boat as Cadence. Twilight should, at the very least, have the title of Lady and be considered a (Minor?) Royal since season 2, as she is sister-in-law to a princess. But from a Monarchical standpoint she really has no claim to the throne unless all other candidates are MIA. Now if you put the whole Princess, Alicorn and crazy magical powers into perspective... Cadence, Twilight, Celestia, Luna and Flurry Heart(?) (possibly Sunset Shimmer? Her state seems to be in a limbo of unconfirmed theories post Friendship Games.) are essentially at the top of the hierarchy, so if two were to suddenly vanish, the other two (minus the toddler of doom and self-exile) would have to step in and take over. The most reliable approach would be a regency comprised of Cadence and Twilight / Shining Armor until a more permanent solution is found. The Royal Guard seems to only answer to Princesses and are like a band of lost puppies without one there, as we see in the Season 4 opener. But the long-term solutions would definitely be the Friendship Council, just Twilight or Twilight and Sunset as Cadence already has an Empire to rule. I'm leaving Starlight out of this since you can't even qualify her as a responsible pony, let alone one worthy of ruling a country.
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    Your art style (of the hoomans) reminds me of something, can't put a hoof on it hmmmm Anywho! I love what you do keep practicing. Memes/10
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    @RK_Striker_JK_5 Looking at your Luna Eclipsed review: I have to agree about Pinkie Pie in that episode. I haven't seen much of the show pre-Season 5, but, based on some of your other reviews, I have to imagine that Pinkie is one of the trickier characters to write. When done well, you get stuff like "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" and her parts in "The Gift Of The Maud PIe", "The Lost Treasure Of Griffonstone" and "Saddle Row Review". When done wrong, you get one of the more annoying characters in the show and ammo for people who hate MLP in the first place. Pinkie in "Luna Eclipsed" is one of those episodes in the latter. I could probably say the same for Rainbow Dash and Discord, but that's for another time.
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    Welcome to the forums! please talk to us we need more things to chat about.
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    The Great Gate of Kiev, specifically, right now.
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    @ChB I like that better than the original title "How the Glim (Almost) Stole Hearth's Warming". HaHa.
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    Actually, I'm looking forward to your 'Best Night Ever' review a bit more. Now, then. We all inoculated? Circle, circle, dot dot, but it's not an everlasting shot for... The Cutie Pox First posted here on July 9th, 2014. Todays' the day the Crusaders will get their marks in... bowling! Man, there used to be a candlepin bowling alley a few minutes from where I live. Good memories of the place. And wait, bowling?! When do they bowl? But they'll be the... Three Strikes! And that's the whole ball game, ladies and gentlemen. Pin Twins? nope, three of them. Larry, Moe and Curly. And sometimes Shemp. The Bowling Dolls, complete with Charlie's Angels-esque silhouettes. Inside, we see Big Lebowsky expies. Since I've never seen the movie and have no plans to, I can't make any real jokes/references about them. Sweetie Belle is pleased with her gutter ball! Scootaloo nearly takes everyone's heads off before guttering out. And Apple Bloom gets faked out on getting a cutie mark. It turns out her ball does the standard 'roll slowly and fail to even nudge a pin' gag. Aww. Outside and after the credits, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are cheery, but Apple Bloom's not. They notice her dour mood and try to cheer her up with treats, a party, a new chapeau that looks like she's ready for a Royal Wedding, but nothing doing. Scootaloo even says it's 'just' a cutie mark. Okay, major change of tune, there! Apple Bloom wanders into the Everfree, and the others just... leave her be. The heck? Apple Bloom trips and... ooh, okay, I've had some fillings over the years, and all four wisdom teeth out at once, so I'm in sympathy pain right now. Zecora walks up, sees it and leads her back to her hut. There, Apple Bloom lets loose a bit about not having a cutie mark. Zecora tries the patience bit, but Apple Bloom's heard that more times than I've heard the Transformation 'buzz-crunch'. "I'm too impatient to be patient!" And she almost blows up Zecora's house by messing up the tooth remedy. Apple Bloom drinks some of it and her tooth regrows! She notices all of Zecora's potion, stuff that fixes the bad and brings the good. She slyly wonders if she can mix up a brew for a cutie mark. But, no. Meanwhile, Zecora brews up some... rooster Viagra. I'll just be straight. It's rooster Viagra. Apple Bloom notices a plant called 'Heart's Desire'. It will ignite the rooster's 'fire'. And he'll get higher and higher, amirite? All the petals fall into the cup, like magic. I guess She Can Do Magic! She can Have Any-thing, that she Desires! Apple Bloom begins to get ideas while Zecora notices she's out of amethyst. Better get to Gemworld, then. Apple Bloom decides to become Sabrina, and we cut to the next day. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are in the schoolyard when Apple Bloom walks by, nose higher in the air than Diamond Tiara's. And Apple Bloom flashes her flank at them. No, seriously. That's what she does! She blinds them... with her SCIENCE! Nope, her cutie mark! It's a steel ring. Ohhai, Twist! She speaks again! Hey, Apple Bloom! Remember your friend, Twist? Yeah, it angers me she was left out of the friendship circle and pretty much forgotten. No, it's a loop-de-hoop! And like magic, she's got one around her barrel. Wait, where did that come from?! It's from an old rain barrel from Applejack. So it's the Equestrian origin of the Hula Hoop here, then. The other Crusaders are very happy for her, which I rather like having them be. It would've been too easy for the writers to have them be angry/jealous. Instead, they're happy for their friend. Kudos! And worst pony, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, say it's a lame mark. You fail at life! And hey, they appear again and are nothing but one-dimensional bullies! Why am I not surprised? Apple Bloom shows off a bit with it, and it's pretty cool. The bell rings and Cheerilee calls them inside, but they're too enamored with her tricks. We get a scare spot of Cheerilee about to bring da' hammer down... but no, she wants Apple Bloom to show off her special talent! We get a montage that reminds me of those old news shorts I've seen from the fifties about people doing insane Hula-hooping, including one bit of Worst Pony messing up. And I chuckle darkly at that. Special props to Apple Bloom being able to fly with it. She must go. Her people need her! She also teaches a bit of loop-de-hooping. Oh, and she gets a second cutie mark! Diamond Tiara accuses them of being fake cutie marks. Hmm, Cassandra Truth, I believe? CHeerilee thinks that maybe Apple Bloom has two special talents! And Snips and Snails with plates and sticks OUTTA NOWHERE! No, seriously. Where the hell did they get those? Writers... We get another montage of Apple Bloom showing off, including her using a hoop to slice the edges off of the cloud Dash is using for her midafternoon, post-morning nap. And then Dash wakes up, looks over the edge and heckles her! She even spins Twilight's mane into Rarity's style. Spike's eyes become hearts and it gets ALL kinds of skeevy, there. The Apple Family's there and proud of Apple Bloom. Applejack even helps her to show off, like a filly with some fancy ribbons. Okay, I kid. It's family, after all. Back at Sweet Apple Acres, they're proud of her, but Apple Bloom looks pretty tired. Big Mac helps Granny with a Charlie Horse and yups and nopes. Apple Bloom goes to bed, but that night, Applejack's woken up by rabid tap-dancing! She finds Apple Bloom tap-dancing, with a third cutie mark. I guess three times isn't the charm when it comes to cutie marks. "Help me." Ah, she's got the body of a fly, then! Applejack tries to help, but no go. Applejack goes to Twilight for help, but Twilight's got nothing either. Spike finds the right book and gets proper praise for it. Twilight looks through it, finding the cutie pox! It afflicted a population of ponies during the Paleo-Pony Period. Spike says to sya it ten times fast and Twilight bucks him off. I slap Twilight upside the head for that. Random cutie marks appeared, and the ponies couldn't stop themselves. Even worse, no known cure. The pox appeared and then disappeared, probably by the afflicted simply dropping dead due to exhaustion! And Apple Bloom gets a fleur-de-lis. Oh, no! She'll hang all over Fancy Pants! She even speaks what I believe to be French. Applejack calls it 'Fancy'. And I do not see that as the Equestrian name of the language, for the record. Applejack's panicky, and Twilight realizes she needs Zecora for this! Applejack gets a... semi-skeevy smirk when she says 'Zecora' there. Just odd, there. They gallop to get her, Spike again on Twilight's back. Spike, don't joke or she'll hurt you again! Apple Bloom is far behind, and gets another cutie mark. She's Michelangelo, and not the Turtle. And another, and she's Bert from Mary Poppins. Then another and She's... Cheese Sandwich? Next, lion-taming. Dang, I should've used one of my lion-mode Transformers for the pic this time! Ah, well. Then she's Gary Kasparov, D'Artagnan, and the Flower Trio begin to freak out. Spike... says she's not cursed. She's got a mysterious disease called cutie pox. Spike... you just re-earned that bucking off! The town panics, as it's wont to do, and evacuates. And a tumbleweed rolls by, natch. Zecora shows up and... thinks it's her. Aww. *Hugs* That's pretty sad and kinda hits you. Twilight tells her about the cutie pox as Apple Bloom turns into Albert Einstein. Applejack says magically she's her... and asks if her zebra sense was tingling. Ho, boy. Nope. She thought she had enough flowers for all her potions, but after Apple Bloom had left she found her inventory lacking. Apple Bloom begins washing windows. She is... ze Viper! And ponies have hazmat suits? Zecora's got the cure, the Seeds of Truth. They'll grow if the truth's told to them. "True and pure." And with this close-up we realize Zecora knows Apple Bloom took the flower. Applejack plants them while Apple Bloom becomes the Tasmanian Devil. Pinkie says she ate three corn cakes instead of two, and that's... kinda wrong, but not quite terrible. No, six corn cakes. She cries for it to stop! No, Pinkie. It won't stop. Hey, townsfolk? Might wanna at least try! Apple Bloom finally gives in and says the marks are all fake and she used the Heart's Desire. And the Seeds bloom. Apple Bloom eats it, and the marks disappear. The CMC ask if she's alright, and she is! YAY! She apologizes for lying, and is forgiven. Aww. Twilight gets a really weird look on her face as she asks Apple Bloom to write to Celestia about this. So we get the letter and lesson, and it's a good one about honesty and not lying. She's learned that good things come to those who wait, and of course, she's waited long enough. Cue sad trombone! Off to earn their cutie marks! They go to talk to Zecora about a potion-making cutie mark, and end credits. Thoughts I really like this episode. Good focus on Apple Bloom, here. She really shined. A good lesson, too. And even better, it fit and flowed organically from the episode itself. Always good to see Zecora, too. I really do like the relationship she's got with Apple Bloom, which makes sense, since she was the first one to try and be friends with the zebra. Her speech patterns are still hard to write, though. I also love the Apple Family, here. Applejack... might be my favorite of the Mane Six. I really don't know. She loves her family, she knows where she wants to be, she's simple. But simple isn't a bad thing, mind. Lemme give you an example. I own the Leader-class toys of Optimus Prime from the 2007 movie and the 2009 movie. The first one is less screen-accurate, and the transformation is simpler. But I can pick it up, play with it, transform it and have fun with it. The second one's transformation is effin' RIDICULOUS and leaves me genuinely frustrated. I've managed it once. I still play with the 2007 version. The 2009 version... I am thinking of selling. Applejack is the 2007 version. The bowling scene was funny. It hit some standard sitcom scenes in alleys, but it was good. I loved the Crusaders sticking by Apple Bloom and being happy for her when she got her cutie mark. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon suck. And in other news, the sun rises in the east, water is wet and Snake-Eyes is badass. I think that's about it for this one. Tomorrow hopefully ends disc one of my season-two boxed set!
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    Yeah, Pinkie's whole 'For-EVER!' joke got stale and overused by the end. I do agree the episode overall is underrated. And now... I GO!
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    "General McBiggun! Gather your army! We are facing Squizard's forces at dawn!" "Geez, Discord, for the last time. Ruling a real empire is nothing like playing Ogres & Oubliettes!" "Oh no! Garbunkle's mind has been poisoned! He's now with the evil Squid!" "Okay, that does it. We will reduce our game meetings to one per month."
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    What sold me on this ship was mostly the art and the works of RS-Belle14, Oroboro, RadiantBeam, DrakeyC, to some extent The Albinocorn and a few others. Though Albino supports the flip side of this ship, which I don't. Rainbow Rocks also helped the boat set sail with how much Sunset has changed and in the following movies you see just how similar Princess Twilight and Sunset actually are.
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    Captain's Log, Stardate 1123.5 It's been four days, and I still can't even.
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    Bad: almost all mlp memes
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    Cannons are my favorite musical instrument.
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    There's no such thing. I'd like to see some fan-fic writers being taken on for one-off scripts. Particularly for characters that aren't tackled in canon.
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    You're never too early to decorate for Christmas...
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    I love the holiday season, starting with Halloween! After my birthday in August is over, every year since childhood I could just feel the excitement building. It plateaus at Thanksgiving, remains in climax through the Christmas season, and then plummets until New Years, where it's dead again. And then post-holiday depression settles in. As for the music, I've always loved it though there are a handful of songs I wouldn't mind EVER hearing again because they've been way too overplayed the last decade or so. It's been changing the last few years of working in a boarding kennel though, as Thanksgiving and Christmas are our busiest times of year, and we have blackout periods for vacation time. I have no family living 100 miles of me, so unless I get another job, I'm doomed to spend them alone or be a charity case for my local friends for the foreseeable future. And at work... nnnnnnggggggg, don't get me started. We're always way understaffed for the volume we get, the poor animals are grossly neglected; cold, lonely, dirty, depressed, bored, sometimes they get sick. The facility gets super dirty, seriously gross and smelly, and disorganized because cleaning falls to the bottom of the priority list due to lack of personnel and time. Those with the power to make a difference care more about the money, power, and policies than the animals, and those of us who do care heaps for the animals are left completely powerless because we just don't have enough time or help to care for the animals efficiently. It breaks my heart every year, and has taken a toll on how I perceive the holidays since working there. Not saying all boarding kennels are this bad, my company is just corrupt. Just please, PLEASE, if you ever consider boarding your pets during a super busy time like the Christmas season, be really careful where you bring them.
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    Indeed. This was a clear victory. I should make some more polls.
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    Vapor Trail easily wins out.
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