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    Oh may, the Pandoras Box been open. Finally, after an entire year, I can share my opinion of Starlight Glimmer. Ajem. [typing intensifies] First, let me get this straight: I do not hate Starlight Glimmer, I'm actually okay with her. I do, however, feel very disappointed with her character. Starlight began as an interesting villain. Communist jokes aside, she was a normal unicorn without some kind of ultra magic power expect for, well, stealing Cutie Marks. For once, she felt like a villain that was going to use her charisma and wits. She captures the Mane Six and tries to brainwash them, and turn them against each other. Her plan backfires and she gets exposed, but instead of being reformed, she escapes. And then spends the rest of the season STALKING the Mane Six. Oh my, seems like we are gonna see a really interesting villain! Not. Until this point, Starlight was great. The thing with the finale is that we spent way too much time exploring alternative timelines. It felt more like a fanservice episode rather than a Season Finale revolving around Twilight and Starlight. This costed Starlight a lot of precious character development. And lots of negative things started to show up: First is, of course, her weak background story and motivation. I mean, everyone gets the right to overreact over little things. But stealing everyponies cutie marks and then travelling in time to destroy Equestria just because a friend moved out? Geez, good luck whoever has to break up with this pony. But second, in an atempt to put Twilight between a rock and a hard place without having time to explain how, Starlight ends up doing really...wacky things. Like being able to fly levitating, or rivaling an alicorns magic (another fact that ruins alicorns reputation). She even uses Star Swirls magic with the map to make a totally new magic trick. Last time I checked, doing that would result in becoming an alicorn. Don't get me wrong, seeing her levitating was cool, and I would have totally accepted it under other circumstances. But here it was just: "I TRAVEL BACK IN TIME I CAN FLY I CAN SHOOT MAGIC STONGER THAN YOURS I AM SMARTER AND ONE STEP AHEAD AND THIS AND THAT AND THAT OTHER THING" and dang, too much things in such a small amount of time, without explanation. And then we get to her redemption moment. One thing I liked about Starlight is that Twilight didn't defeated her with some MacGuffin (cofcofRainbowPowercofcof), but rather talked her out of it. Starlight realized that she was gonna destroy the whole world with her revenge and steps down. Good. Yet at the same time...she didn't stop because she felt bad...she stopped because there was no future for her. Carrying on her revenge would result in the end of all things. Why would she do it? Who wouldn't give a face-hell-turn after watching that? Anyway, she explains her WEAK motivation, Twilight gives her another chance, she accepts. Great, no problem. The thing is than the next 5 minutes are spend SINGING A SONG ABOUT RAINBOWS AND FRIENDSHIP IMPLYING THAT EVERYONE FORGAVE HER. Sure, everypony its okay with that, even though she destroyed the world like five or six times. And even if Twilight and Spike decided to simply don't tell the whole "time travel" thing to their friends, the last time everyone saw her she was trying to steal cutie marks and was claiming revenge. Way to go. Now here's where people claims "Hey, this is 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic', of course she's gonna be forgiven!". Yeah, sorry but no. Remember Luna? Remember how everypony feared her for an entire season? Remember Discord? Except for Fluttershy, everypony hated his guts. Even Celestia left the Elements in Ponyville because she didn't trust him. And the Mane Cast proved again and again, until Season 5/6, that they still didn't trust him. Trixie? Yeah, Twilight was nuts about her at first, even though she spent three seasons doing nothing. Heck, even Sunset Shimmer spent a whole movie being hated by everyone. Even Twilight didn't trust her at first and, as Flash said, "She's the bad girl we love to hate!" (or something like that, I watched it in latin american spanish :P). And here we get to the crux, and the part every Glimmer fan hates: she's just so similar to Sunset Shimmer, it was imposible not to compare them. Evil unicorn with high magical powers? Check. Evil ruler of a forgotten land? Check. Everyone fears her? Check. Twilight and co. ruins their plans? Check. Goes crazy to the point of destroying peoples lifes? Check. Suddenly realize the folly of her ways? Check. Heck, even their names sounds similar! Sunset Shimmer and Stalight Glimmer! What do you want me to say? I believe that Hasbro took notice of Sunset's growing popularity post Rainbow Rocks, and wanted something similar for the show. But hey, without Sunset the EG movies would suck! And adding her to the Mane Cast would also mean EG is canon! So they took Sunset and made a copy of her for the show. Extra points, since they were able to bring a replacement for unicorn Twilight. The result was Starlight Glimmer. But like I said, Sunset (and every major villain reformed) had to earn their happy endings and peoples trust. Starlight? Yeah, no. She didn't do anything. She was instantly forgiven and everyone treated her like besties, even when she goes brainwashing her friends all over the palce. Remember the Mane Five in EG? They sticked with Sunset only because Twilight asked them to. Twilight was hesitant of taking Sunset's hand in Rainbow Rocks. That didn't happen to Starlight. Season Six treated her like a "good-from-the-get-go" pony. You never felt that she earned her place among the good guys. So a chapter in Starlight's life ended, and a new one began in Season Six. Now, Starlight was okay during the Crystalling. She looked concerned about her whole "reformed pony" thing. All that was lost after that episode. During the rest of the Season, we get a mutation, to be honest: Starlight has the personality of some sort of anti-villain. Doing things by the book? Nope. She still has parts of her evil self, but now lives a good life. The problem? The writers and the rest of the ponies treates her like some sort of do-gooder. So we get Starlight making things like enchanting Big Mac to force him to talk more and brainwashing her friends because heck, she's not gonna spent her time doing things by the book! And then ponies forgiving her instantly. Nobody ever dares say something bad to her. The worst we got was Applejack's face during the whole Big Mac scene. Oh, but if Discord is having a nice time with Twilight's friends or if Sunset suddenly jumps into the concert to help her friends, the cast reprimand them. What I mean is, Season Six was supposed to be Starlight's reformation arc, and instead we got the "Twilight Starlight arrives to Ponyville to make friends" arc. They skipped a whole arc there. So that's the thing. I feel that Starlight had a lot of potencial as a villain and was completely wasted. Now we have a pony who doesn't have to be totally good like the Mane Cast, who has an "evil, more grey" side. But its wasted, too, because she HAS to be a good guy. It's nice to see that Starlight hasn't gone full light side, but why does everypony keeps seeing her like if she has? Nobody gives a dang apple about the bad things she does, they treat her like a saint and then she just pouts, sobs a bit, and everythings good again. It would be great if we could see Twilight being cautious with her student, or the rest of the Mane Cast acknowledging that she has some "evil tendencies", or Starlight being the pony that does things "outside of the law" but no! We didn't even got a "What the hell, heroe?" moment when she brainwashed her friends to AVOID DOING A FRIENDSHIP LESSON. We have a pony with a personality that is not reflected in the episode's plots. TL;DR: I'm okay with Starlight but I believe the writers didn't know what they wanted from her. When we see Discord, we know he has his way of doing things. He's not gonna be a Lawful good guy. And the rest of the cast knows it, so they interact with him in a different way. Starlight? She's like Discord, but the rest of the cast treats her like a full good girl. She gets away with it without any punishment, and noone (even herself) feels suspicious of her actions "Poor Starlight, she didn't brainwashed us with bad intentions! I might have lost part of my brain functions with that spell, but she's such a good giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllll eh what were we talking about?".
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    Seasoned up some fish and baked it in the oven. Then I threw it in a bowl with rice, hoisin sauce, and sauteed bell peppers and onions. Delicious.
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    They don't expect you to like them. They don't care if you like them or not. They use these characters because they are already liked by a lot of people. They are popular. This only works because we're talking about fiction. As a person watching the cartoon, I can enjoy Discord and Trixie being fun, even if I don't like the way they think. Like Deadpool, in a way. But if I was a pony living in Equestria, I'd probably keep as far away from Discord as I could. Starlight Glimmer... Eh... I wouldn't want to stay alone with her. I don't trust her. And I certainly don't think that Thorax is fit to rule an entire race just because... MAGIC! But then again, it's not like the cartoon even tries to make sense of all this stuff. It's just "cool stuff" to put on the screen. Just ignore them and focus on the stuff you like in the cartoon. It has much more than them in it.
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    Two things: 1) Many villains misdeeds were undone, so technically they didn't harm others, too. If the action is what counts, then, Starlight caused more harm than any other villain has ever caused. Plus, we don't know if her changes were undone or if she simply created alternative universes. 2) Remember than last time they met, Starlight stole the Mane Six Cutie Marks, then tried to run away and disappeared into the night (or, err, caves), claiming revenge. The whole map-time-travel thing wasn't her first 'bad action'. If someone who tried to take my cutie mark (and thus, my talent) reappears in my living room after months...yeah, I'll probably tackle her down and demand answers.
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    No. No, I do not have to 'use my imagination' with Starlight. If the show can't get across a viable reason for why she turned out how she did, or a good redemption, that's the show's fault, not mine or any others who find fault with it. I will not do the show's work for it. Starlight's excuse for her turn to villainy is so weak it'd have problems excusing a lemonade stand racket. And her 'redemption' was so BS it'd turn your eyes brown!
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    The problem is that people like and dislike different things. Most people don't seem concerned with the fact that SG pretty much one-upped Twilight simply for plot convenience. This is grating to me. Because while I saw Twilight grow and learn, I've seen her go from one thing to another better one. SG just showed up and owned her own adventure to save everyone (I hate these "end of the world" scenarios because MLP just doesn't deal right with them). While at that, her backstory is one of the weakest in the cartoon for this kind of use. Another problem that I have, is that the episode in question when talking about mind-raping others, just ignores the morality behind SG's actions. The cartoon wants me to accept that she has changed and is now a better pony, while at the same time she does "villain things", and when she gets called on her actions, the problem is that she was trying to skip on her lessons, not that she violated her "friend's" minds. I dare anyone here to say that it's excusable to use any mean to to make others "agreeable" against their will. The only reason SG is excused, is because we're talking about a cartoon that isn't that responsible and that she's the fandom's new target of worship. Saying "time constraints" as an excuse is not enough, because if you can't tell the story you want, you tell another story or you WILL hurt narrative coherence. But the writers for this cartoon take this concept, laugh at it, and throw it out the window. For example: when some villain is always defeating the big defender of the land so that the main character can act, I don't think that the villain is badass, I think that this great champion is lame. And what hurts the cartoon even more is that there was no reason for the finale to turn this mess into a threat to the whole of Equestria. They actually made the story more complex that they needed, just to make these characters (SG and her Equestrian Suicide Squad) look even better. This isn't storytelling. This is pandering taking the front seat while the actual story gets shoved to the corner. Saying that the cartoon is for children also doesn't help, because if you take care with it you can make it less grating to the "others", without hurting the enjoyment for this seemingly brain dead hypothetical audience. No one complains about good writing. Personally, I don't mind that she was "evil" and is now "good". I like this concept and the name of the cartoon is "Friendship is Magic". Redemption and the sort is to be expected. The problem is that the cartoon is awful at it. It doesn't have the time to make complex and interesting character development where we see it changing from one side to another. It ALWAYS looks like a 180 and for a silly reason. Now that I said all that, the problem isn't Starlight Glimmer. It's the way the writers use her and don't seem to think for two seconds about what they're putting on the episodes. I'm okay with the idea that she is good, that she's a great mage, and that she does things the usual good guy would call unorthodox. But the one thing I think NEEDS fixing is her past. How did she learn magic? What happened to her after her friend left. How did she go from normal kid to crazy dictator? It can't be just because she lost one friend. She needs more flourishing around her background. And maybe behave like she has a conscience. She needs those to be next to Twilight, that is what one would call a main character, but this disparity exists regardless and is the stuff people call "Mary Sue" or "OP" and the like. And it's also easy to fix.
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    A lot of people have been less than thrilled with Starlight Glimmer's role in the show post-season-five, so I thought I'd make a topic explaining my thoughts on the character, and invite others to share theirs. First of all, I get it. Her entire personality flipped in the space of about thirty seconds at the end of The Cutie Re-Mark, she had a flimsy bullshit motivation to be evil in the first place (hasn't she ever heard of a pen pal?), and she immediately found acceptance and ready forgiveness from the Mane 6 that she didn't have to earn, and continued to not earn at every opportunity. Here's why I'm cool with all that. There's no getting around how forced her change to good was. She was the most spiteful, revenge-driven villain the show's ever had, and then her No. 1 enemy and the pony who ruined everything she had built suggested that maybe they be friends instead, and on the cusp of her victory, she leapt headlong at the chance to give the pony she hated her perfect life back in exchange for a position at the bottom of the friendship totem pole. All I can say is... you have to use your imagination with this one. There had to have been huge time constraints with getting everything they wanted into the season finale -- they had to fit a bunch of different alternate timelines in you guys -- and I guess putting Starlight in cryostasis until they were ready to give her her own redemption episode wasn't in the plan. It's not like the change would have been any less jarring anyway, if Discord is any indication. So the way I figure it, there's stuff going on between the lines, during the events of The Cutie Re-Mark and prior. Having a childhood friend move away seems like the flimsiest villain motivation this side of accidentally running into a glass door and declaring war on all things transparent, but maybe that's her scapegoat for having a really shitty childhood in general. Maybe her parents neglected/abused her, and she was the weird kid at school, and her hang-up with cutie marks was less about losing one particular friend and more about the event of Sunburst getting his cutie mark signaling the departure of the only good thing in her life at the time, and now she blames it for all the trauma she had to endure growing up. As far as her heel/face turn, she very possibly had building doubts about the morality of what she was doing that she drowned out with blind anger. When Twilight showed her the future her actions would create, that had to shake her conviction, even if she was in denial at first. You've got to picture Twilight giving a more persuasive, impassioned plea at the end, and Starlight coming around to the idea a little more reluctantly than she did. The Remane 5, too, having more qualms about the idea of befriending Starlight than they actually showed. This is a cartoon for children. They're more willing to accept things at face value than adults are. We should keep that in mind! So now we're in Season Six, and Glim Glam gets a shiny new personality. She's genuinely repentant about the shit she's done in the past, she wants to learn to be a better pony, but at the same time, she has no idea how to stop being a villain. And this is what I love about the character. Because she didn't get a completely new personality. She's still manipulative, still largely oblivious to other pony's feelings, still sees the end as justifying the means. But she's trying so hard, you guys, in her own myopic way. Twilight says she has to make friends with a new pony, and here Applejack is offering her brother as an option, this is almost perfect. One small problem, he isn't very chatty, but hey, I'm a goddamn magical unicorn, no sweat! Magic fix! Magic is great! Wait, why is Applejack mad at me? What did I do wrong? Oh right. Other ponies' feelings. I'm always forgetting that one. She's a pony who's trying to do right with the skills and mindset of a villain. It's the same thing in Every Little Thing She Does. Twilight gives her an assignment, which she tackles with as much practicality and efficiency as she can. She misses the whole point of spending time with the Five, because she's just not used to thinking that way. And the idea of forcing your will on other ponies never strikes her as revolting, just a tidy solution to having to deal with everypony's time-wasting bullshit. So probably I like her for the same reason so many people don't: she's still a villain. She's just not evil any more, per se. As far as why everypony else is so quick to forgive her all the time, it's in the title of the show. Getting mad at Starlight for violating their minds and free will would have been totally justified, but instead they took the super high road, and that's not wrong. And maybe they're sensitive to the fact that making her feel guilty and excluded, while a rational response to her shenanigans, could tip her back over the edge into bitter, unstable maniac territory. Sure, they could just lock her up in Tartarus instead, but that's not especially on-message for the show. Thing is, Twilight offered to mentor her in friendship specifically because she's not good at it. Twilight herself caught on to the basics of friendship fairly quickly, because she has a good level of emotional intelligence, but Starlight's more of a challenge. She's not the best student! And that's okay, because the Mane 6 are willing to look past her fuck-ups and be patient with her while she learns. And what do you know? She ended up saving Equestria with a bunch of other ex-villains (Thorax counts because he was born into an ostensibly evil species and thus a bad guy by default). So, what did I miss? What aspects of MLP's handling of Starlight make you grind your teeth in frustration? TL;DR you're all right, Starlight Glimmer
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    And here we have Starlight thread #4212 in it's natural repetitive habitat. Did we really need yet another one of these? There's a new Starlight thread every month, with the same stuff in it. You know what, fine, I'll play along. I don't hate Starlight, not anymore at least, I just dislike her. And on the risk of repeating myself for the 20'th time, here are my honest thoughts on Starlight Glimmer: She doesn't deserve anything she's been given so far. She's irresponsible, morally challenged and does whatever she pleases with repercussions. She's also ridiculously overpowered for the sake of staying relevant past her villain phase and not someone you can just lock away for their crimes and be done with it. And speaking of crimes, her motives are pitiful at best, and her revenge scheme has brought upon more destruction than any villain so far and all she got for that is a pep talk, a song and suddenly all is forgotten. I'm all for forging ex-villains into well developed characters with depth to them in spite of their past, hell, Sunset Shimmer is my favorite character. However there is no excuse for idiotic motives, bad writing and laughably poor decisions. 1) They aren't just "undone". Following the Multiverse theory, any tampering with the events of the past leads to the creation of parallel universes. By all accounts Starlight has created a multitude of possibly doomed worlds and one which was completely annihilated. If the theory that the past is fixed and time mends itself held true in Equestria then Starlight would never have been able to do anything in the past except observe what happened. There always would have been something to prevent her from tampering with fixed events and the Sonic Rainboom would happen regardless. But that isn't the case, these things did happen and there are parallel universes out there who were enslaved, destroyed or soon to be one of those due to her actions. Not quite sure if sarcasm or... In any case she hardly represents Communism. The whole Equality thing is more the work of Socialism than Communism, as Socialists usually preach of social welfare, benefits for the working class, working for the greater good, so on and so forth. She's more something along the lines of Island dictators who rule over the people through manipulation and fear, if the former fails to cut it. Or alternatively cult leaders or religious zealots who believe their path is the truly right one, anyone else is wrong and must be shown the way via indoctrination.
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    Those 3 characters are well liked by the fans, and what the majority of the fans want to see, they might just do. Personally I like those 3, they aren't perfect in anyway, but I still like them.
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    I like her how she is now, because (as was stated before) she didn't lose her previous mindset completely and that's awesome. Maybe the fact of her redemption being so poorly received is because we have a different outlook on things in general. In real life if someone does a serious crime, you have to isolate them, so they won't do that again, plus that's a form of punishment. If later they change and prove they've changed they may be redeemed (or just locked up again). Equestria is a way more utopian and idealistic place. To justify such means there you have to have clearly no other purpose than destruction and causing harm (Tirek, Sombra) and there is absolutely no way of reasoning with you. But, if there is a chance that you may change, they will try and do everything to make that happen. They are forgiving and would rather try to make you feel welcome and secure in hope it will actually make you better Ponies can afford that, if something goes really awry there's always two demigods and a band of heroes to figure stuff out. We don't have such facilities, so we have to stuck with prisons and resocialization plans which may or may not work. Case with Luna and Discord is a bit different. Everyone still feared Luna, but she was a topic of a scary legend for one thousand years. Old habits die hard. Discord screw up one to many times and was IMO a borderline case. I would agree that her motivation was poor, but "kid's show" argument really speaks to me. But that just may be me. I like Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro", where the character of Count Almaviva has absolutely no reasons to be a villian, but he is the biggest jerk in the opera and has no redeeming qualities. Also, in "Barber of Seville", which is a first story in this "series", he's a good character and a completely different person. That's just how those things were written and you just roll with it, because they are great otherwise.
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    Considering Discord had control of Equestria at least twice and Starlight destroyed Equestria more times than any other villain we've seen, how can you really say neither one was redeemed? They may not be flawlessly good, but they're nowhere near outright evil.
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    i summon a golden whale (not the real life size one, but roughly the size of a pony) and hit the boss with it... im so sorry for referencing so much stuff from castle crashers (but hey! guess which character these magic attacks belong to?)
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    Don't like a character? Don't watch the episode. Starlight Glimmer for Supreme Dictator 2016 Trixie for Great and Powerful Vice Dictator 2016.
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    There were about a half dozen ways they could have made Starlight a decent character, and yet the writers seemed to fumble every attempt. It's like watching a train barreling towards a cliff, despite the dozen or so giant signs telling drivers to stop. Let us count the ways: 1. Weak motivations. For as much as "Every Little Thing She Does" did to make a Starlight a moron, her not attempting to contact Sunburst before she decided to become a villain has to be the dumbest. 2. I know they wanted to tie up loose ends, but ending Season 5 with Starlight not returning to Our Town would have been more effective. Even if the show was cancelled at that point, the ambiguity regarding her relationship wouldn't have damaged the overall plot. Plus, it would given the writers a chance to properly expand her character when he does return, at least on paper. But instead, the writers threw away the one concept that could have shaped her character. 3. Setting her aside for literally half a season (not counts "A Hearth's Warming Tail"), bringing any character development to a screeching halt. 4. Having "Every Little Thing She Does" be her penultimate episode before her role as the hero in the season finale. Oh sure, Twilight says Starlight has changed, but since most of said change occurred off screen, the viewers have little to nothing to be invested in and many feel that they are stuck with a jackass in the role of saving all of Equestria, Mane Six, Royal Sisters and all. As for @LostSanity saying they should get rid of her: as far as I'm concerned, it's the same wishful thinking that fans of the SatAM/Archie canon of Sonic The Hedgehog have when they say that introducing said canon into the games will magically bring the franchise out of the mire of mediocrity and wasted potential its been floundering in for the past 15 years. You're treating the symptom of bad writing, not the cause of it.
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    Yeah, she's a jerk. That's about her worst character flaw. Just about every single other character with a speaking role has, at one time or another, been a jerk. It's kind of a small flaw in the grand scheme of things. As for 'not learning' anything? Pray tell, what was she supposed to learn? Don't confront unarguably rude hecklers who interrupt your show literally one minute since your first lines? Don't stay and defend the town after your cart and everything inside it are destroyed by two fucking idiots bringing a star bear into town? Now, don't get me wrong. Trixie is flawed. And if you don't like her, fine. It's just, her flaws are pretty minor overall. Compared to Discord or Starlight, or hell, even some of the shit the Mane Six have done, she's almost a paragon of virtue. And hell, I'll give Discord this; he had something of a good redemption arc in Twilight's Kingdom Part two and Make New Friends but Keep Discord. Starlight can't even claim that.
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    Three versions of The Beatles' song With a Little Help From My Friends have reached #1 on the British music charts. The Beatles' version was not one of them, as it was never released as a single.
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    We could just spray you with Lysol and Febreze.
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    Hate obviously. She's a dumbass with absolutely no common sense whatsoever that technically committed a crime and got no punishment for it. Her motivation was HORRID and the way they handled it was ATROCIOUS. GET RID OF HER. NOW.
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    I actually like what they did with Starlight
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    Starlight's great. Make Equestria Great Again
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    The phrase "Meh, okay" comes to mind.
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    I love Starlight. But I would have like to seen a longer in depth reformation than what we have got.
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