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    You know, you have a very angry personality. Perhaps if you just stepped back, took a deep breath, and relaxed, you could realize that Hasbro is a company. They don't do this so you will enjoy it. They do this so they can sell toys: a service in which they have a large chunk of. The parts that are entertaining are so people keep watching, and are bits and pieces of humor the writers are able to insert, on top of their demanding parent company. Such is the way of corporate, such is the way of business. And you keep talking about flaws, saying that characters have flaws. So what? Are they supposed to be Mary Sue perfect run-of-the-mill characters? Are you without flaws? Am I without flaws? And expecting, the literal EMBODIMENT of CHAOS to be redeemed entirely is absolutely insane. Order and Chaos are necessary counterparts as Good and Evil are. Without order, there is no chaos, without chaos there is no order.
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    “Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” ― Marcel Proust
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    Nah, if you went for the liver that would be bad, but one kidney can be spared. I hope. NO MERCY!
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    Nah, if you went for the liver that would be bad, but one kidney can be spared. I hope.
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    Ponee http://ponee.corgiorgy.com
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    Did I successfully sneaked? Like, am I out of sight? If that's the case, I silently get behind the boss and stab his kidney, in an attempt to make him bleed to death. ... ... ...What? Too aggressive?
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    I rapidly rub a balloon on my shirt then use it to give the boss a static electric shock.
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    Well, she's right you know. Discord is definitely NOT Chaotic Good. A Chaotic Good character isn't bound by social norms as much as Lawful or Neutrals are, but still abide by the distinction between Good and Evil. While occasionally mischievous, a CG is more defined by their willingness to break the rules in order to hamper or stop evil. A good example would be a Chaotic Good stealing from evil characters (where a Lawful Good wouldn't steal even from those considered evil) or by breaking the law to see evildoers punished. A Chaotic Good also wouldn't put the lives of other good characters in mortal danger for a few laughs. Discord is definitely Chaotic Neutral, as he's sees fit to do anything to anyone as long as it's entertaining to him, with no regard to their alignment. On multiple occasions he's put characters I'd qualify as Good in mortal peril for nothing but his own entertainment (Dungeons & Discord, Three's a Crowd), cryptic "lessons" or his own oversight (Princess Twilight Sparkle Pt.1&2). This is also supported by the fact that he switched sides to join Tirek when he saw that it might benefit him more than to work with Celestia instead. Which at it's core is what Neutral characters are all about: self-benefit. However the show has portrayed him more as an omnipotent jerk who only cares about Fluttershy, than a mischievous spirit of chaos, as any good he's done has mostly been an accident or unintended consequence of his doing.
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    Twilight Sparkle & Spike Christmas
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    SunLIght on a cold December night.
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    Meh, you are in all your right not to discuss, but this is a debate forum, so people will normally seek to have a debate xD By the way; Many, for not saying all, of your opinions aren't backed up with facts, just "Nah, I don't accept this". Discord was redeemed. He isn't a saint, but he spent lot of time being scolded by the Mane Cast, paid his debts with society and acts more like a neutral or even Chaotic Good guy. And like ultimateAI pointed out, the show literally express that the Alicorn Amulet corrupts the user. It sounds kinda like the tipical "If I don't see it, then its not real". If you are gonna present your point of view as the truth, then you need to backup your words. I can see you don't like responding to others post, so you don't have to respond to this one if you don't want to xD
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    Back in the days before satellite radio, most department stores used cassette tapes to play music over the store PA system, running in a continuous loop for as long as the store was open. The tapes would generally include deals of the month, special offers, and the like in between songs, and every month or so the store would replace the tape with a new one. The old tapes were generally discarded (as after a month of play they were pretty worn out). There's a guy who worked for a K-Mart in Illinois, though, who saved a bunch of the tapes from his store, and has uploaded them to Archive.org, where you can listen to them for free.
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    If you all have 5 minutes of free time to spare, here's a short story on Snipers. And a few bonus videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wetzVcGkZQs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKanlOtjw0Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COt9CsiEeGA
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    I dual-wield my garden pesticide spray guns! and spray the boss in an attempt to poison them!!....leeethally
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    There's a protein called "Sonic Hedgehog". Yeah, that's my fact.
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    I've made a little update, details in first post. I thought instant-notifications would be pretty useful when you actually want to do something else and get notified what's actually going on.
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    Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46, and giving rise to the name "23andme" for the DNA sequencing company. All of our closest relatives, the other Great Apes, have 24 pairs. If humans are closely related to the other apes, why do we have a different number? Closer examinations of human chromosome 2 reveals evidence that it is actually 2 chromosomes stapled together: - There are structures on a chromosome that make little "end caps" and tell a string of DNA where to stop, fixing the length of a chromosome. These are called telomeres. All of our chromosomes have four (one at each end of the paired parts of a chromosome). But chromosome 2 has the remnants of broken, defective telomeres deep inside it besides the functional ones at its ends. - There are also structures called "centromeres" that, you guessed it, occur near the middle-ish point of a chromosome and form a convenient spot for it to break in half when your cells multiply. All other human chromosomes have only one. Chromosome 2 has one functional centromere and another broken one. When we look at the actual genes on human chromosome 2, and compare that to the genes in the chromosomes of other apes, we see that it's a nearly perfect match for two different ape chromosomes that came together end-to-end somehow. Modern humans aren't the only ape to have ever had this stuck-together set of chromosomes. DNA from Neanderthal and Denisovan remains also shows that they had a fused chromosome 2. So it's likely that this gluing-together event happened at some point after our line split away from the line of chimps and gorillas, but before we split from the line that has Neanderthals and Denisovans. It is one distinct trait that ties different species of humanity together and sets us apart from non-human apes.
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    Discord is a troll. Celestia has a sense of humor. He wants to have his fun and doesn't care if it hurts. He is selfish and only cares about himself and having Fluttershy for himself. Celestia just wants to be together. Personally, think that Celestia, at the time did feel like a monolith of 'princessness' and this episode did wonders for her. Even if now she needs a bit more of both. Also, this episode is very fun to watch. The whole mess Philomena creates and the way Twilight gets swallowed in it was hillarious. The slow pacing didn't bother me, but I always think that MLP rushes everything anyway. So take that with a grain of salt. Finaly... Yes... Rarity's part in it was less than perfect. You know what? I want to see Tiberius canonized in the cartoon and see him interacting with Philomena. I wanna see what she can put the poor thing through.
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    Now for Canterlot and its populace, a populace I am really starting to side with. Because if it can't be beat, go for the treat to be... Sweet and Elite Originally posted here on April 5th, 2015. We open on Canterlot and triumphant theme! We close in one one particular tower, with Celestia and Rarity entering a room. *Gasp* Scandalous liaison?! No, Rarity's there for a visit and Celestia decided to be legit awesome. Aww. Then Rarity goes to the Skeevy Side with the multitude of 'thank yous' and kissing Celestia's hooves. How did Rarilestia not become a thing, again? Then a porter comes in, groaning under an absolutely ridiculous amount of baggage. It appears to be a palette swap of Snails, with acne. Neither Rarity nor Celestia help him with it. I... think I'm 'supposed' to find this funny, but I really don't. He collapses and a single case rolls to Rarity. "That's perfect." Hah, hah? Back from commercial and Rarity is having tea at an outdoor cafe with Opal, who is insanely well-behaved for her and for being a cat. *Gasp* She's a changeling! The infiltration has BEGUN!!!!!!!!She loves 'everything!' about Canterlot. We learn she's there to pick up fabrics for Carousel Boutique. As odd as this might sound, I really legit like there being a practical reason for her being there. It's an organic, perfectly logical reason. We aso learn Twilight got her the suite in the castle, so being the Element of Generosity and a genuinely good person, she decides to make her an outfit for her birthday this weekend! Well, Twilight... they say it's your birthday! Suddenly, ominous shadows! In a rather blatant shot, we see our 'villains' for this episode, Jet Set and Upper Crust, looming over her. They look like Robin Leech is about to interview them. Fun fact, I named a pair of OCs 'Robin' and 'Lifestyles' in my G1/G4 crossover. And these evil, snooty ponies... wish to know where she got that marvelous chapeau? Shock! Horror! I... wait. That is their 'villainous' introduction?! Ho, boy. Suddenly, a window-washer from above who recognizes her! He also couldn't be more 'redneck' if he was voiced by Jeff Foxworthy. Hayseed Turnip truck-what a name- falls and makes a spectacle of himself, saying he saw her at the Ponyville Hoedown. Jet Set and Upper Crust are not amused. To Rarity's credit, even though she is rather visibly uncomfortable and embarrassed, she doesn't deny knowing him. They throw up their muzzles and trot away. And... they're assholes. Well, maybe bot assholes but pretty big jerkasses. And how many thought I'd defend their actions here? She tears up and I wanna hug her. Back at her suite she ponies up and begins EPIC DESIGNING! The next day we see her TKing an impressive amount of stuff as she readies herself for EPIC DRESSMAKING! she's talking up a storm, but bumps into someone. There's a bag on his head, it's pulled off and... epic backdrop and musical cue! It is the one, the only... FANCY PANTS! He of epic mustache and monocle! The anti-Blueblood, if you will. Fleur De Lys is there, draping forelegs over him. He's nonchalant about it, but his interest is piqued when she mentions staying at the castle. I love how he TKs his monocle around, too. Oh, and Fleur speaks! I forgot that! She's sorry she bumped into them, but Fancy Pants isn't! As Fleur uses him as a legrest, he invites Rarity to his VIP box at the Wonderbolts' derby this afternoon. This afternoon this afternoon? Fleur is a funny background event in pony form, btw. At her suite, Rarity debates either the derby or the dress. My view is, Rarity is a whiz and damned fast at dressmaking, able to go quickly without sacrificing quality. So going to the derby won't cut into the dressmaking time to any appreciable degree. Fancy Pants is 'the most important pony in Canterlot'. So... Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Shining Armor... and an alicorn is still a pony, mind. But still, legit good on her for even debating it. She decides to go to the derby and rocks a very fancy hat. That I believe is bigger than her whole body. Fancy hat for a meeting with Fancy Pants, then. We cut to a cloud track with stands set into a cliff face. One only hopes emergency procedures are better than at the Cloudiseum at Cloudsdale. All kidding aside it's a gorgeous backdrop. Rarity passes Jet Set and Upper Crust, who glare at her briefly. Fancy Pants lets her in and they're all, "WHAT?!" Up in the box, several ponies swarm Fancy Pants until he mentions Rarity and she's staying at the castle. The intercom announces the race. Fancy Pants backs Rapid Fire, but Rarity backs 'Fleetfoot', a character who will be turned into a jackass for NO good reason in season four. This is reminding me a bit of 'My Fair Lady', for the record, even though I haven't seen that movie in about a decade or so. They're off! Rarity is enthralled and Fancy Pants looks on approvingly... for some reason. Fleetfoot wins, and Fancy Pants asks how Rarity knew. She mentions Dash and one of the others asks how she knew in what I... guess is supposed to be snooty, but just comes off as curious. There's also a shot of them looking at her that is supposed to be ominous but, again, doesn't come off like that. Rarity... lies and says Dash is the Wonderbolts' trainer. Rarity is a moron here too, for the record. "Rainbow Dash, performs a sonic rainboom, won the Young Flyer's Competition last year." BOOM! Fancy Pants buys it. And she's his new favorite party guest! We cut to her with a group of ponies, making a joke. And they... laugh at the joke. One of them asks her to attend an art gallery opening this evening. Another brings up a charity auction tomorrow morning! and a dinner party tomorrow night! Oh, those snooty, evil... I can't even fake it anymore. For the record, with the exception of Jet Set, Upper Crust and Blueblood from season one, I don't find any of these character snooty, snobbish, evil or really anything all that bad. Rarity accepts all of them. We cut to her working on the dress and all happy. And we get 'Becoming Popular', complete with Rarity as Audrey Hepburn, cameos by Photo Finish and Blueblood. Blueblood, I got nothing. She also rocks her 'Green isn't your Color' ensemble. It's a great song and video. But at the end she comes into her room, does a tiny amount of work on the dress-complete with Opal pointing to the design-and it ends on a downer note. The next day, Rarity gets ready to leave, with the still-suffering bellhop and it's still not funny. She's getting ready to leave and finish the ensemble, but note under the door! It's an invitation to the Canterlot Garden Party, from Jet Set and Upper Crust! Holy schniekies! Next to the Gala, it's the premiere event in Canterlot! Rarity is agog! But if she fgoes, she'll miss Twilight's birthday! If she doesn't, her reputation "might be ruined." That might seals the deal for me. Go to the party! Jet Set and Upper Crust are jerks! Rarity, ration out your popularity! But... she decides on the party. She lies and says Opal's ill, going on histrionics while alone. *Hands Rarity an Oscar* We cut to her about to go to the Garden Party, making sure to put on a goofy hat in the process, and right on cue the doors swing open and Twilight's there! Along with the others! Spike's not, though, and that pisses me off. It does. There is NO reason for him not to be there. This is Twilight's birthday party and he's Spike. It is wrong and no attempts at rationalizing it are going to hold with me. NONE. Now, back to the recap. Rarity comes to and babbles. She asks why they're here, and Twilight says she asked Pinkie if the party could be moved there. It was actually easy. Balloons are easy to pack. Rarity is hard-pressed for words, and Dash asks her about the getup. Dash... nice. *Nods* She always puts on something fancy when Opal's sick. They buy it and I ready to sell them the Brooklyn Bridge. Fluttershy asks about the poor cat, so Rarity runs in, TKS the poor cat-dead serious- and runs the shower over her. Opal, you are now free to shred all of Rarity's new fall line. Fluttershy goes in and Opal is PISSED. Twilight spots the dress, but she loves it! It's the perfect dress for her! Twilight, you win all the points, and this isn't WHo's Line is it Anyway, so they do matter! Rarity is very glad and tosses the design into the circular file. Also, Celestia geve them use of a ballroom for her party! Pinkie says it's Fancy Pants and Rarity has a minor stroke. We also have the debut of the party cannon. Weaponized decorating. And what a coinkidink, the Garden Party is right outside! We have a montage of Rarity trying to attend both parties and getting more and more frazzled. I won't go into details too much, but suffice it to say it's quite funny and ohhai Octavia! Rarity also gets more and more disheveled and discombobulated. The contrast is... funny. Also, canon evidence of bathrooms. Rarity says she has to use the little filly's room. But Rarity slips up with a croquet mallet, in the ballroom. So she killed Mister Boddy, and not Tim Curry! Twilight figures she was at the Garden party, and Rarity's about to beg for forgiveness when Twilight says... she didn't realize how business-savvy she was! And with this year's Gala coming up, it's networking time! So Rarity gets away with her lies. Show, I love you. Twilight says to go and mingle. Rarity is suitably chastened. She goes off... and the others follow. And here's where it goes off the rails. The Mane Five... act like jackasses. They do. they invade the party, without asking if they can and proceed to wreck it. Pinkie shoots off her party cannon, willy-nilly. Dash flings a mallet and nearly decapitates someone. Takes her wig off, at least. Fluttershy gathers some birds into a tree and their shedding disturbs other guests. Pinkie is also a pig and glutton. Applejack uproots the landscaping. And Twilight... 'dances'. Okay, so like in 'Best Night Ever' she's the least offensive of the lot. Jet Set and Upper Crust cement their jerkishness by insulting Twilight's dress instead of the utter chaos the others are doing. Fancy Pants asks where she got it, and Twilight says it's Rarity's work, despite Rarity's attempt to distract him. She says Rarity made it and everyone gasps. Fancy Pants asks if Rarity knows these destructive hellions, and Rarity says she does, with the stock 'they may not be perfect, but they're my friends' bit. The others gasp, and considering how they acted, I can't exactly blame them. Fancy Pants saves the day by saying they're 'charmingly rustic' and liking the dress. And the others fall in line. Fancy Pants asks to be introduced and we end on Rarity writing a friendship letter, with Celestia right behind her. Okay, clever. We get the Aesop of not forgetting your home and friends. And we end on the poor, suffering bellhop. It's. Not. funny! Thoughts Okay, let me get this out of the way. Except for some hiccups I'll be getting to, I genuinely do like this episode. Good moral at the end, great song. The look at Rarity was insightful. Some genuinely LOL bits, too. She got away with her lie! Holy crap that's big for a show like this. Fancy Pants and Fleur are awesome. I really liked the Canterlot populace. I still do like them. But... 1. Where was Spike? No excuse in-universe for his absence. NONE. 2. I don't get it. Jet Set and Upper Crust, sure. They're jerks. the rest of the populace... no. A little ingratiating maybe, but honestly I don't mind them at all. And their attitude to the others of the Mane Six at the Garden party... 3. Yeah, their actions at the Garden party. It would've been, I don't know, nice to ask if they can attend! You can't even say 'target audience' because it's something children should learn! Ask before attending a party. As for Rarity going there, ask if she got an invitation. As for their actions there? There's some leeway with the Gala. Here? None. They crash a party without asking if it's all right and wreak havoc. I would've called the Royal Guard or police on them. And they should've gone to jail if it happened. Again, I do overall like this episode, but that ending just doesn't sit well with me. If the Mane Five had acted relatively polite and were still rejected, then fine. Here they acted like non-sapient animals. I don't know quite how to put this into words, sorry. But overall very nice episode but an ending that doesn't stick the landing. Headcanon Again, headcanon is about 90% based off of the Hasbroverse, the small fanverse I created. Fancy Pants is chancellor of the Equestrian Senate. Fleur is his wife. There is NO 'nobility' or hereditary government positions in the Senate. It's elections. The government of the Equestrian Alliance is a small blending of human governments based off of books Megan, Molly and Danny brought over. Closest would be a constitutional monarchy. Due to my scheduling tomorrow, no review. Instead, I'll post some insane fanfic ideas I have and a new review Tuesday!
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    Yep, totally agree with this. Have nothing much to add. It's a shame this was the only time we saw Philomena. It seems phoenix tends to disappear in this series: same thing happened to Spike's baby phoenix back in S2. Also, this was one of the best Celestia's moments. Oh Tia, back in those days you were able to look nice and cute while at the same time still having that aura of mystery around you. It's a shame that she hasn't gotten any good appearence for the last two or three seasons.
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    Yeah, there's no excuse for Rarity to have her friggin' Gala dress beyond, "The writers wanted a funny gag." Same with Applejack. I mean, hell, she went to Manehattan and learned all that fancy stuff from the Orange's! I really do wish Philomena would come back.
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    Today's episode I'll review is A Bird in a Hoof, the twenty second episode in Season 1 and series of Friendship is Magic. It was written by Charlotte Fullerton with the storyboard artists being Sabrina Alberghetti and Nicole Wang. According to Lauren Faust, this episode was originally conceived as a 'tug at your heart string' episode about losing a pet. Your summary is that Fluttershy birdnaps Celestia's pet bird Philomena in an attempt to nurse it back to health. Positives: 1. Philomena, the trolling Phoenix bird is hilarious and clearly the star of the episode. Guess which bird is Philomena. Being the front and center attention of the episode, Celestia's royal pet Philomena is quite a character to behold while only appearing on the show in one episode. We see throughout the trek that after Fluttershy birdnaps her with good intentions of healing her back to health, Philomena decides to take a turn to troll Fluttershy via getting hot or cold in extremes, refusing to take medicine, still being sick, and when things were going out of hand with Twilight forcing to feed it the soup, she bailed on em and a funny Benny Hill inspired theme song played in the background as they try to apprehend the bird. Than as a 'final act' before it's restoration, Philomena pretended it died and just as it fell down, while Fluttershy was trying to catch it, it burned up and turned to ash shocking everyone for what happened. Now that is some dark comedy there. Only for Celestia herself to come and tell it to stop having fun with em and reveal that it is alright. She complied and revealed herself as magnificent phoenix bird in glorious health much to everyone's pleasant surprise. Philomena is a delightfully fun character as she holds a very mischievous streak in her where she takes pleasure in having fun with ponies however she can. In terms of pets, I feel Philomena is pretty underrated and deserves more love as she has certainly shown herself to be a grade A troll character. 2. This also happens to be one of rare instances where we get to see a glimpse in Celestia's character too in the show. How do you think the bird became such a troll? Her master is funny too. While we're still waiting out on that Celestia episode she so badly needs, here in season 1 we're given a rare glimpse of Celestia's character past her monolithic monarch status and shown that she likes to have some lighthearted moments to help lighten the mood up such as the tea scene and seems to enjoy comedy as well considering how Philomena is and how Celestia does like to partake in comedy herself. 3. We're also given our first appearance of the phoenix bird in the show. Through Philomena's exploits and Celestia's exposition on her, we know the series includes the famed phoenix birds of fantasy onto here. These fire birds that can resurrect themselves was played to it's full effect here for comedic purposes and they will play an important role in an episode in S2 as well. I wish for more of these birds if they're more like Philomena. 4. I especially liked Fluttershy in the episode too. One thing that I will say that enjoyed here was Fluttershy as despite Fluttershy stealing a royal bird from Celestia, she had good intentions of tending and caring for the bird so we see her throughout trying her hardest to nurse it back to health only for her ignorance on the bird to stymie her as she has no idea how to do it. Regardless she tries with all of her might to find a way to make the bird happy as much as she could. If only Fluttershy asked sooner Than after some funny benny hill chase themes occurring and Philomena's 'death', we see both Twilight and Fluttershy try to accept responsibility for it which is admirable on them for trying to make amends for it. There after Celestia reveals Philomena's bird species type, Fluttershy learns of why it's important to ask instead of taking stuff as you may come upon a situation you don't know that can easily be explained by the person for what it is. Negatives: 1. The pacing in this episode is really slow. Now the episode's biggest problem was of how slow the pacing was as the episode took it's sweet time in developing and moving it's narrative simply because outside of some shenanigans with Philomena at the expense of the ponies there really wasn't much else about this episode so it had to pace it really really slowly. While fun and sincere, be prepared to watch five minutes of her attempting to bring the bird back to health at her cottage. Now pacing can be problematic if it's done too fast or too slow as it highlights the problem with your narration that you have too many stuff to cram in or too few to put in respectively. You got to find the right balance of time for each scene so you can entertain the audience with a new plot point while at the same time give it the time it needs to sink in, but not feel dragged out. In this episode's case, it was apparent that there wasn't alot of stuff in it. But still this episode is very solid fundamental wise so the slow pacing isn't as bad in comparison. 2. I didn't like the party jokes at the party scene with Celestia outside of a tea moment with her. While the comedy is pretty good here, not all of it was great as I didn't like Rarity's gag in being overly protective of her dress simply because if she is that protective of it at a little party why did she bring it in the first place, and Applejack being confused at what to eat just felt forced for the sake of comedy too. Makes you wonder why she brought it in the first place considering how rather casual it is and her being very protective about it. Conclusion: A Bird in a Hoof is about one thing and it does that one thing very well which is showing off how hilarious the trolling phoenix bird Philomena is. This was really her episode with Fluttershy being caught in it unwittingly for not asking Celestia if it was alright to take the bird. This episode also shares as being one of the few moments of character traits we can find for Celestia in the series too and of how rather well the narration for Fluttershy's tale is regardless of how painfully slow the pacing was for it. Score: 8.0/10 Grade: C+
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    As a reminder of the first Hearth's Warming Eve episode here's Clover the Clever.
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    Yes! Even as an animatic only it's such a pleasure to watch. I stumbled upon it recently just by accident and I love it to bits.
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