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    OK. I made up for that horrible incident with the burger with some...
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    Why would I give poor Twily a quesadilla?! That's unthinkable! I know she hates them!
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    @Shimmer Sparkle When you put that in the spoiler tag I thought "Oh, no. Shimmer gave her some quesadilla's." I'm *so* happy I was wrong.
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    Rarity, Maud and Spike, hooray!
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    Pinkie loves Disneyby justalittlebluebox
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    It's not just the shot, but the musical leadup to it. ^_^
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    Then stop. Anyway, I kinda don't know where the writers are going with Glimmy. She's been in almost every episode this season, which tells me they're trying to build her up to something big in a short amount of time. Not sure what that is but I can probably guess that it involves a 7th Element and new seat at the Cutie Map.
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    Session 3 A new player joined us this session. His character is Nutmeg Rose, a socially awkward Earth Pony mare with a love for all things botanical. Her edges, so far, are: Number 1 Assistant (Improved) (A female Breezy named Flurry, whose curiosity and, perhaps, overconfidence gives Nutmeg a +2 bonus on checks to show assertiveness or confidence); Bits and Bobs; Courage; Determination; Gifted: Mind (Improved); Exotic Lore; Industrious; Noble Soul and Elementary, My Dear. As usual, check out roleplayingismagic.com to learn more about these Edges (I love this game, and it deserves more eyeballs). Unfortunately, Mutt's player (Straydogdragon here on EQD) couldn't make it, so Mutt went into NPC mode for this session. The session started about an hour into the train trip to Appleloosa. Sugar Song and her little brother, Champion, were sitting together on one seat, while the Diamond Dog, Mutt, had claimed the facing seat for himself. A bored and restless Gimbal Lock was pacing the aisle of the carriage. Her attention was captured by the sight of a tiny, winged creature sneaking out of one of the other passenger's saddlebag. The creature seemed to be trying to get at a strawberry that had fallen off the treat trolley on its last run through the train, and the passenger whose saddlebag she had been hiding in, an Earth Pony mare, was lost in thought staring out the window, and thus didn't seem to notice. Thinking that this must be a magical wish granting Breezy, Gimbal tried to catch the creature, who dodged her clumsy attempt, then started to berate Gimbal with such vigor that despite being much bigger, Gimbal found herself backing away from the irate Breezy. This caught the attention of the Earth Pony, who demanded to know what Gimbal thought she was doing. Gimbal apologised, saying she simply wanted a wish, then started to gush about how awesome this Earth Pony must be to have a Breezy friend. The Earth Pony, a little overwhelmed, introduced herself as Nutmeg and her Breezy friend as Flurry. Nutmeg seemed very shy, but Flurry seemed to encourage her to make friends, and thus, Nutmeg the Earth Pony Botanist found herself with 4 new friends. They arrived at Appleloosa the next day, and went looking for a play to stay. Since the Buffalo Stampede was coming in a couple of days, the usually quiet town was now inundated with tourists. They managed to find an Inn that, while crowded, still had 3 spare rooms. When they walked in, they noticed that the clients seemed happy to see Sugar Song, at first, then disappointed that she wasn't who they thought she was. When Sugar Song asked about this, they learned that she seemed to resemble a singer called Sapphire Mountain, who was supposed to come as entertainment during the Stampede Festival, but was late. Sugar Song, an aspiring singer, offered to entertain, asking for only free room meals and drinks for her and her companions in exchange. After giving a demonstration of her talents, the bar-pony agreed, and soon she was singing for the patrons, her voice enthralling Pony and Buffalo alike. Free drinks may have been a bit of a mistake though, as Gimbal, Mutt and Nutmeg found themselves in a drinking game with several other patrons. Mutt and Nutmeg held their own, but Gimbal turned out to be a bit of a light weight, collapsing into a stupor after only a couple of mugs of hard cider. When it was time to go to bed, they let Gimbal have one of the three spare rooms for herself; Sugar Song and her little brother, Champion, shared another, while Mutt, Nutmeg and Flurry had the third. Flurry found herself curious about Mutt, much to Nutmeg chagrin, who was more scared for Flurry than the Breezy was for herself. It was touch and go for a bit, with Mutt being bemused and a little annoyed at first, but wanting to put Nutmeg at ease, he tolerated the Breezy playing in his fur and using him as a bed. The next morning (very late for most of them, due to the heavy drinking last night) Gimbal started to ask around after Storm Front, the Pegasus she was still determined to bring to justice for his part in the Conspiracy against Princess Luna. On a personal level, she just wanted that smug arsehole to actually face the consequences for his actions for once. They found a Buffalo selling traditional goods, who told them a story about a very friendly and helpful Pegasus who matched the description of Storm Front, who helped his tribe in a rivarly against another Buffalo tribe. He spoke highly of Storm Front, but Gimbal knew that setting individuals and parties against each other for his own ends was Storm Front's favourite MO. She asked if he was still with the tribe, but the shopkeeper said that no, he had to keep moving south... in theory heading towards the Badlands and Dragon territory. At this point, on a whim, she suddenly asked about the Stampede, if there was a prize for coming first, and if non Buffalo could enter. The shopkeeper said that sure, she could enter, but she would have to submit to having her wings bound, since the point was to be one with the Earth, a test of stamina, resolve and agility. Also, even though winning wasn't exactly the point, there was a gift of a necklace of turquoises for the first to cross the Stampede's end point. Mutt asked if digging was aloud, and the judges said he could try. Mutt was happy with this, thinking he and Gimbal could use the tunnels he could dig to avoid the worse of the stampede. Unfortunately, that idea was soon put to rest after Nutmeg studied the course, finding that it was mostly over plains of exposed bedrock, impossible for a Diamond Dog to dig through. She hoped this would discourage them from trying to run among massive, stampeding Buffalo, but she was still new to the group, and underestimated how insane Gimbal and Mutt (mostly Gimbal) could be. Gimbal's next "brilliant plan" involved wrapping herself in pillows, then have Mutt throw her over the Stampede at the last leg of the "race", securing the win. A plan whose flaws were soon exposed during a practice throw when, because of the pillows creating extra weight and throwing off her centre of mass, Mutt ended up slamming Gimbal face first into the ground. Nutmeg had to use all her willpower not to say "I told you so" (she was still amazed that they wanted to be her friend, and so didn't want to jeopardise it). Despite Nutmeg's protests, Gimbal and Mutt still decided to enter the Stampede, deciding that skill and talent would suffice for trickery and planning. In the meantime, Champion had noticed a couple of Earth Pony locals giving Gimbal a suspicious look. He sought out Nutmeg, and asked her help in keeping an eye on her during the Stampede. Nutmeg agreed, realising that it would be useless trying to convince Gimbal to give up on something she had set her mind on, no matter how dangerous it might be. The next dawn, the day of the Stampede came, and Gimbal and Mutt lined up with the other Buffalo and Ponies taking part. Nutmeg and Champion, in the meantime, stood on the sidelines, their eyes scanning the crowd, looking for the two suspicious Ponies Champion had seen before. The signal was given, and the Stampede was on. Gimbal soon lost track of Mutt, as she concentrated on avoiding the hooves of the Buffalo, dodging between their legs. She suddenly stumbled on crack, falling flat on her face. Quickly recovering, she then noticed two ponies rushing at her..,. wielding nasty looking clubs in their mouths. She scrambled to her feet, just as a familiar shield of force appeared in front of her. Nutmeg had seen the would be hitponies, and warned Champion, who got his shield spell up just in time. Mutt, who was coming up behind, then tackled them from the side, and then he and Gimbal made their escape, abandoning the Stampede. The party guessed that the would be killers were probably paid by Storm Front to slow down any pursuers. Gimbal hadn't exactly been subtle in asking about Storm Front, after all, and they were probably told what to look out for. At this point, they decided that it would be best not to dilly-dally any longer than they had to, and made plans to travel to the Badlands after Storm Front. Looking around for some sort of fast transport, they found a hot air balloon, and asked around after the owner, hoping to hire or borrow it. They found that it belonged to an eccentric old Earth Pony inventor/explorer named Professor Lunar Tinker, who was looking for some enterprising and resourceful young Ponies (and others) to join him on an expedition into the Forbidden Jungle, looking for ancient Mareyan ruins. Nutmeg remembered reading that the Forbidden Jungle was found in the Southern reaches of Equestria and that the Badlands would be on the way. With this is mind, they offered their services to Professor Tinker, thinking they could convince him to stop briefly in the Badlands so they could capture Storm Front. The extremely nerdy and learned Nutmeg almost instantly bonded with the eccentric, learned Tinker and partly thanks to that, the rest were bought aboard. They took off the next dawn, setting off towards the Badlands and beyond. When they bought up dragons, and how vulnerable the balloon would be to fire breath, he showed them a large pot, filled with an ice cold gel he had invented, that would protect whatever (or whoever) was coated in it from at least a couple of blasts of dragon breath. When they got close, he planned to use his patented Extendo-Bendy-Brush to apply to the gel to the balloon. Gimbal offered to do so instead, using a normal blush and her flight. It was Mutt who first noticed the horrific site, as they flew over the territory of the Buffalo Tribe that Storm Front had apparently been so helpful towards. Scattered all over the ground were dozens of Buffalo corpses. It looked like they had killed each other in a frenzy of blades and horns. When he pointed this out to the others, Tinker, reluctantly, lowered the Balloon so they could check it out and perhaps find clues as to what happened. It seemed like a madness had taken over this Tribe and their rival, to the point that even allies were killing each other in a hate fuelled frenzy. Gimbal was now even more determined to find Storm Front, even though she couldn't believe even he would be able to do something like this. Yes, he was good at getting ponies to work against each other, playing all sides against the middle, as it were, but never to the point of mutual slaughter. Gimbal confessed to Tinker that they had an ulterior motive in joining his expedition, explaining about their hunt for Storm Front, who they believed was to be found in the Badlands. They asked if he would be willing to stop there so they could find and catch him, then bring him back to Ponyville to face justice. In return, they would still join him on his expedition. Tinker agreed that whoever this Storm Front was, he needed to be caught, so he agreed to the plan, adding the caveat that he would not join them in the Badlands, but instead be with his balloon, hiding behind an outcropping near the entrance into the Badlands. He also gave them a coating of his patented Ice-Cool-Gel to protect them from the heat and possible dragon breath (yes, there was a treaty between the Dragons and Ponies, but not all Dragons were friendly, as proved by Skyscale, the Dragoness who had joined the conspiracy to steal Luna's Dream-walking). Thus, Gimbal the Pegasus, Nutmeg the Earth Pony (and Flurry, her Breezy companion), Sugar Song the Unicorn and her little brother, Champion, and Mutt the Diamond Dog made their way into the Badlands, determined to find Storm Front. They had barely been a few minutes into the Badlands when they saw a Dragon swooping down towards them. They started to panic, until the ever observant Nutmeg noticed that his demeanour was not hostile, just curious, so they waited for him to land. The dragon asked what they were doing in the Badlands. Lord Ember had not been told to expect any visitors, and it was dangerous for strangers to come univited to these lands. One never knew how friendly or hostile the next dragon would be. Luckily for them, he was willing to be a guide for them, for the right price (being friendly to Ponies was one thing, not being greedy was another thing altogether). Nutmeg showed that her saddlebag was filled with bits, that she had planned to use to try to purchase some exotic seeds from the Buffalo (her original reason for coming to Appleloosa). She asked how much it would cost, and the Dragon, knowing an easy mark when he saw one, casually said that all of her bits would do. Nutmeg was just glad to be helpful, so she paid up without question. Thanks to having a dragon escort and aid, they weren't harassed by any other Dragons. Nutmeg started to look for tracks or clues of Storm Front's passage, difficult since, being a Pegasus and probably flying, he wouldn't leave many tracks. On the plus side though, flying in the open would be dangerous in the Badlands, so he must have taken to the ground at least a couple of times. When they found a relatively hole in the side of a large rock face, much smaller than any dragon of decent size could squeeze into, Nutmeg pulled out a magnifying glass and went into detective pony mode, inspired by her favourite comic book heroine, Mare Noir. She found clues indicated that a badly injured Storm Front had scrambled into the hole, trying to escape an implacable pursuer, one who left behind a couple of threads of black fur. Gimbal and Mutt gulped, knowing it could only be Cracked Heart, or as they called him, Stabby Pony. They knew they had a choice. Keep going after Storm Front, even though it would mean most likely running into Cracked Heart (whom they barely survived last time), or leave him to his stabby fate and move on. With that dilemma still in their minds, the session came to an end. Session 4 This session was a bit shorter than most, since we changed to Discord for voice chat, and it took a while to get the kinks worked out. The session started with the 4 Ponies, 1 Diamond Dog and 1 Breezy deciding that they couldn't let Storm Front be killed by Cracked Heart, and decided to go in after him. Flurry went in first, to scout for a bit. She came back, and use basic signs to indicate that beyond the small hole was a massive cavern. The rest followed, and sure enough, found themselves in cavern with 3 more tunnels leading away from it. Each of them big enough for a medium sized dragon, if she held her wings close to her body. Mutt started to sniff the air, and soon picked up the familiar scent of Cracked Heart, leading down one of the tunnels. With some reluctance, they ran after it. They came to another, slightly smaller cavern, with one other exit. Cowering in a corner, one wing mangled, was the Pegasus, Storm Front, with Cracked Heart, looming over him, with another knife in mouth (Mutt still had his old knife), ready to finish off the Pegasus. Champion acted quickly, putting up a magical shield between Cracked Heart and Storm Front. The black furred stallion spun around, and fixed his pale, staring eye on the heroes, before charging at them, a pale blue magical glow surrounding him, and obviously enhancing his speed and strength. Sugar Song sang a single, high note, then used sound magic to turn it into a bolt of sonic energy, striking Cracked Heart, and stunning him, briefly. Mutt charged forward, slashing at him with the psycopathic Earth Ponies own knife. He managed to score a hit, slashing Cracked's muzzle... but Cracked responded with the instinct of a highly trained warrior, moving with Mutt's slash and returning with a riposte that sliced the Diamond Dogs's arm, barely avoiding a vital artery, and forcing him to drop the knife. Seeing the cold murderous intent in Cracked's eyes, Mutt almost faltered, until Flurry swooped in and started harrying the stallion, buzzing around and kicking with her tiny hooves. Inspired by her companion's insane bravery, Nutmeg also rushed in, hooves flailing. Seeing a chance, and realising that Cracked Heart's biggest advantage seemed to be mobility, Mutt grabbed him in a bear hug, trying to pin him. But before he knew what was happening, Cracked Heart, showing the benefits of both training and a magical enhancement to his strength, reversed the would be grapple, instead lifting Mutt and slamming him down in a kind of reverse suplex, winding the Diamond Dog. Despite this, he managed to maintain a grip on Cracked Heart, holding on for dear life, while being elbowed in the ribs by Cracked's front hooves. At the same time, Champion and Sugar Song used telekinesis to pummel the stabby pony with rocks. At the same time, Gimbal was forming a large sleet cloud. Cracked Heart managed to escape just as Gimbal finished the cloud. Picking up his knife in one smooth motion, he charged at the Pegasus, with magically enhanced speed. Gimbal flew up and kicked the cloud, releasing the hail of sleet, and just managing to hit Cracked Heart, freezing him in place. Before they could take advantage of his paralysed state, the magical glow surrounding Cracked Heart suddenly intensified, and then, with a flash, she was gone. They collapsed, panting, relieved to have just survived another encounter with Cracked Heart. Champion used body magic to heal everyone's wounds (mostly Mutt's). Then they noticed that Storm Front was gone, having slipped away during the fight. Cursing, they rushed down the other tunnel, chasing after him. Luckily, they managed to corner him as he found himself on what essentially a cliff edge, leading to another level of the cavern far below. And with his wing wrecked like it was, he couldn't escape. Sighing, he gave up and let them take him back with them. They left the Badlands, meeting up with Proffessor Tinker, and began the flight back to Appleloosa. On the way back, they made him see the carnage he had, somehow, wrought upon the Buffalo Tribes he had stayed with. Seeing it first hand, for the first time, seemed to break him, and he collapsed into a quivering mess. They learned later that he had been given a a couple of pouches of pollen from a Zebrican flower called the Strife Flower, which had the devastating effect of even the slightest of annoyances somepony had with those around them to murderous rage. He had been told what it would do, but knowing and seeing were very different in this case. Seeing that he seemed to be somewhat remorseful, Gimbal said that he could earn forgiveness if he helped in bringing Past Endevour and Cracked Heart to justice. He was part of the conspiracy, after all, and thus must have learned something useful. Storm Front just nodded, still in shock. They arrived back in Appleloosa, and promised Professor Tinker that they would return to join his expedition once they'd dealt with Storm Front. He had spent years preparing for this expedition, so a few more days would be nothing. They then took the train back to Ponyville. Back in Ponyville, they took Storm Front to Cloud Kicker, who was his and Gimbal's supervisor. After hearing their story, she told Storm Front that she would hand him over to the authorities to work off his debt by one, turning over any knowledge he had about the Dream Stealing conspiracy, and general community service. Storm Front, wanting to anything that would let him close his eyes without seeing mutilated Buffalo, heartily agreed. He also handed the last of the Strife Flower pollen he had to Nutmeg, who said she could use her botany lab at home to mix up an antidote, in case Hraka the Zebra had more. With the successful return of Storm Front back to Ponyville, and setting him on the path to possible redemption, episode 2 came to an end. Nutmeg bought the Edge. Skill Training: Botany; Gimbal upgraded her Skill Training: Weather Control, to its Improved version; Mutt upgraded his Gifted: Body, to the Improved version; Champion bought Gifted: Body; Sugar Song saved her points, planning to buy a Greater Edge next time. Episode 3 The episode began with Nutmeg up in her attic lab, mixing up an antidote to the Strife Flower Pollen, while Gimbal and Mutt were being entertained by her parents downstairs. Her parents were so glad that their usually shut in and reclusive daughter had made friends. A couple of muffled explosions came from upstairs. Her parents seemed use to this, and just made sure that nothing breakable fell from the shelf, otherwise taking it in stride. Then an exited Nutmeg came running down the stairs, shouting that she had done it, her voice somewhat muffled by the hazard suit she was still wearing. Her parents had been told that she was going on an adventurecation with her new friends. She, omitted the fact that they'd be exploring a dangerous jungle an ancient ruins that none had set hoof in for millennia. Truth be told, her parents were just so glad she was making friends. They met up with Sugar Song and Champion, and took the train to Appleloosa. When they arrived, however, they saw that the town was in an uproar. They soon learned that the Buffalo corpses had been discovered, and every pony and Buffalo was trying to work out what happened. It looked like it could turn into hoof pointing at any moment, and the hard earned peace between Appleloosan Earth Pony and Bufallo. Nutmeg, having studied the effects of the Strife Flower, and having an antidote, knew that she had to get an audience... but her crippling social anxiety took over, and she couldn't bring herself to approach Chief Thunderhooves and the Mayor of Appleloosa, who were trying to keep both their sides calm. Sugar Song gently encouraged her, telling her that once she started talking, it would all come naturally. She was the expert here, not them, and once they realised that, they would sit and listen. Unfortunately, the argument was getting too heated and loud for anypony or Buffalo to notice Nutmeg trying to get their attention. That was, until Flurry suddenly flew into their faces, and in her squeaky voice, shouted at them in Breezy. They didn't understand what she was saying, but they did follow her pointed hoof, to see Nutmeg, standing sheepishly before a presentation board. Flurry flew over, and gave her a nod, then hovered nearby, arms crossed, glaring at the Buffalo and Ponies. Given confidence by this, and her friends watching nearby, she explained about the Strife Flower, and told them she had an antidote, that she would give the formula to any alchemists they had with them. Much to her surprise, they listened to every word she had to say, then heartily thanked her for stopping more tragic misunderstandings. Nutmeg was in a daze at this point, just thinking about how interesting... and enriching... her life had become since meeting Gimbal, Mutt, Sugar and Champion. They met up with Professor Tinker, and as, promised, joined him on his expedition. With no more delays, his balloon flew over the Badlands and further south to the Forbidden Jungle. At a certain point, Tinker checked his map, and declared that the Mareyan temple they were looking for was somewhere nearby. He had Gimbal fly down with a rope-ladder, weighted on the ends to act as both a way to embark and disembark the balloon, and as an anchor, since the Jungle was too thick to land the balloon. They followed Tinker, who referred to ancient maps and manuscripts to lead the way. Soon, they came to a swamp, with only a very narrow path crossing it. Luckily, Gimbal could fly, and she carried a rope to help anyone who fell in. They were halfway across the swamp when they came under attack by two cragadiles. Trapped on a narrow path, the land based Ponies and Diamond Dog had nowhere to run. Gimbal stepped up to the plate, quickly forming a thundercloud, then kicking out a forked lightning bolt, hitting both cragadiles and stunning them, allowing her friends to escape. After exiting the swamp, Tinker checked his maps, and knew that the temple must be close. He asked Gimbal to take to the air, above the canopy, to see if she could see any sign of a Mareyan step pyramid. Gimbal agreed, and took to the air. It didn't take long to find what she was looking for. A large step pyramid, overrun by vines. She flew back down, then led them to it. When they arrived, Sugar Song used Plant magic to open a way through the vines, then created a light from her horn. With a mixture of excitement and trepidation, they entered the pyramid, the first living creatures to do so in millennia. No sooner had they entered, when the whole pyramid started to shake, and they heard, coming from deep below, the torturous screech long rusted metal grinding againt metal, as if some great machine was coming to life... And on that cliff hanger, the session came to a close. GM Note: Phew, finally done with three sessions worth of blogs in one. As always, if I left anything out, my players should feel more than free to add their own notes if they wish.
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    Oooh! So in like Summer of 2011 (Which I call the Brony Boom, right after Season 1 ended), I was on a forum for the game Spore and since they didn't have an off-topic section, there was one giant thread that was kinda like a chatroom. One of the mods (Ironically, we all worshipped this mod) was really, really tired of ponies and banned anyone who posted ponies in this thread. People got really, really mad and continued posting ponies anyways. Then, pretty much I was like "You know, I wanna see what this show is. I grew up with G3 so" And then that was the day I fell in love with cute pastel horses. I pretty much watched every single episode so far!
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    Well, I am considering writing fan-fics, as well as sfm, so yes, fan-fics too.
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    Scootaloooooo ?! Hey, come on Scootaloo, we are hungry have a gift for you !
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    Fluttershy was absolutely on point here. Since her disastrous performance in Rainbow Falls (then again, everyone there was disastrous ;)), her characterization has gradually improved with little flanderization and/or out of characterization. Even in bad episodes like Flutter Brutter, she was the highlight. While she was still sweet and caring, her entire goal for this project is to care for and respect the animals and will do everything in her power to make sure they were given the proper treatment. While those "experts" had their vision, it was clearly not the one she was looking for. No, she's a very bad blueprint planner, but she clearly has a pictorial idea of how she wants the sanctuary to be developed. Not only does she clearly understand how the animals behave. She understands they need the right habitat to thrive, rehabilitate, and survive. All three "experts" clearly betrayed her by not only doing what they wanted, but doing it right behind her back, even though she flat-out said "No!" Three words: "No means no!" While it was surprising to hear her shout and yell at them, she's well within her right to do so. There was some criticism of Fluttershy for hiring Hard Hat, Wrangler, and Dandy Grandeur and for the RM5 for recommending them to her. That criticism makes no sense. Like a building itself, animal sanctuaries require design and construction. According to her friends, they were experts in their fields and worked with them during their spare time, so Fluttershy trusts their instincts. The construction worker would plan and build the sanctuary. The interior designer would lay out the sanctuary and make the enclosures fit in each of their environments. The wrangler would help build the fencing so no animal can either escape or invade in other animals' spaces. In short (and credit to Maud Pie for this), the three occupations make a whole lotta sense. Unfortunately, each of their recommendations are reliant on word and mouth. While it's understandable in Fluttershy's point of view, having flashbacks of these three showing showing us how well they craft their work can lend in some extra credibility to their work. How? When people see how well they work, then we as an audience can believe them better and trust AJ's, Pinkie's and Rarity's advice. All of the characters were never even heard of until here, so this doubles the important. Moreover, when the audience can see how well they work, yet betray Fluttershy's vision, that betrayal can sting more to the audience. It's a little detail, but it's also important. One big flaw from last season is how Starlight wasn't treated as an actual part of the cast, but was thrown in whenever the episode needed her. Even if she didn't have to speak and could be included as some cameo like Dungeons, she was absent. Here, she was directly involved in building the sanctuary. Little details like these further establish her as an organic part of their world. As I think about this episode, some issues definitely crop up. The biggest one is how simplistic the plot is. If you read G. M. Berrow's books, simplicity in plot is what she tends to write. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well in a 22-minute plot, which makes the conflict drawn out overall and overlooked on some key things, particularly in one scene. Like any form of construction, building a sanctuary is really complex and requires a lot of planning. Despite clear understanding of how Fluttershy wants the sanctuary laid out, there's a big difference between drawing a landscape and designing/planning one. There's no blueprint in the literal construction of the place. She showed Hard Hat the drawing and notes, told him very clearly what she wants and doesn't want, and it was off from there. When you don't have a blueprint, nothing truly gets done, much less get started, and you risk major mishaps along the way. It's very important in any job to have clear and concise direction and communication. Clarity on both sides was semi-absent. The conflict would be given much better justice had there been some development of a blueprint for the sanctuary. Sadly, DHX skips over this really important level of detail, and it hurts the conflict. Credit goes to EQD's Seraphem and Sirius Face for pointing this out. The language of "sanctuary" could've been clearer, too. Traditionally, animal sanctuaries are built so they live there for the rest of their lives. From what Fluttershy suggests to the audience, no one in Equestria has done this type of project before, which is why it's treated as so ambitious. In real life, sanctuaries exist throughout. Now, before we get further, not all sanctuaries are equal. Some sanctuaries are treated as rehabilitation centers or temporary homes for animals, where the wild is treated and will either be released or relocated to a new home. Here, the show exclusively treats an animal sanctuary as a physical rehab place, and as the animals here show some level of sapience, it makes sense. Could've been better if there was…I don't know…another word or phrase. Fluttershy's goal is very sudden, too, but it's more of an issue with the show itself (in particular its on-the-fly canon) rather than the episode itself, so I hold nothing against it. That said, she does show some understanding of building the right environments for specific animals, as evident by Bats's ending, so there's some credit to continuity here. It could've been a better if it was hinted early in the episode to lead her goal in better. While there are some issues here, it doesn't change the things it does right. As far as character and progression is concerned, this is some of Fluttershy's best characterization. She had the right idea on what the animals need and is absolutely in the right to call out the people she hired for betraying her word. And despite not having a blueprint, she does know what she's doing, and she's assertive without crossing the line. It's a good episode, but could've done better if the plot was quicker. ETA: Things have changed a bit. Read my follow-up why.
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    Putting your hoof down: Notice the recurring theme of incorrect mail delivery? (I'm so glad the site is working again!)
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    You are correct about the cutie mark box. Thanks for the reminder to add that to the original post. Also added a straight box version for those that prefer clean lines on their pony sheet.
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    I actually find Luna terribly meh and Fluttershy overrated
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    Oh, Pinkie! You never cease to put a smile on my face!
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    Today, I'm going to review the eighty first episode in the Friendship is Magic series and it's fourth season's sixteenth episode, It ain't easy being Breezies. It is written by Natasha Levinger and it's storyboard artists are Sherann Johnson and Dave Wiebe. This episode would be featured as part of the April Fools joke from Meghan McCarthy which she joked that it would be part of a two parter where it would guest star Justin Beiber named 'It ain't easy being Cheesy.' The second part would be where Justin Bieber comes to sing to the Breezies. The Breezies themselves were part of the G3 mlp brand that has been reused and reimagined in the G4 brand. Ponyville led by Fluttershy are trying to help a group of rare fairy creatures called the Breezies on their journey home but an obstacle stops a group and there Fluttershy tries to find a way to help them recuperate before it is too late. Positives: 1. I really liked the humor used in this episode. There were plenty of jokes in this episode I particularly enjoyed here. The first one of note is when in a reverse done from the Sonic Rainboom's famed louder joke, Fluttershy this time is leading her friends to yell as quietly as they possible could. You call that being quiet, quieter. The next one is when Rarity wore those bright dresses as she used tons of sequins for her outfit and had to be told by Fluttershy to remove it for the breezies sake. My Eyes! The next one I enjoyed was Fluttershy's bee costume where she tries to seduce the bees to leave a Breezie alone. Trying to show the bees that she's the queen or so. Too bad they weren't biting. Finally, Rainbow Dash at the end was impressed by Twilight's transformation spell so much she asked her if she can turn her into a dragon or griffon for her delight. This can open up to some great episode ideas between the two or even to her friends. I'd like to see their alternate versions in different species. These moments in the episode were funny to me and had a lasting impact for my tastes. I'm certain others will too. 2. This episode would tie itself to the Rainbow Power arc, helping to built it up for Fluttershy's sake, and especially of how Fluttershy learns to add another layer to her kindness which is tough love. In this episode, it would be Fluttershy's turn to learn the varying shades of kindness exist around, even ones that would demand you be stern with those you care in order to better them. In this episode, due to her need to being kind to the Breezies, she would try to nurture and pamper them to prepare them for the trip, but due to how they were so pampered and a bit of PIS, they refused to go. Which they would even fake sick in order to stay. After rescuing Sea Breeze from the bees and the environment when he tried to leave, Fluttershy and Sea Breeze had a chat where they both would come to terms and realize that they both had acted wrong towards their Breezies in that Fluttershy was pampering them too much when they needed to go and that Sea Breeze was too harsh on them. This would cause them to leave as Fluttershy ordered them sternly to leave despite how distraught she was yelling at them. Sometimes when you need to get them to do something that benefits them but they refuse, a bit of tough love helps. This would help Fluttershy to achieve her Rainbow key after she and her friends successfully brought the breezies back home and would receive a memento from Sea Breeze for her efforts. The episode deserves credit here for developing Fluttershy here where she learns a good point about her kindness and how sometimes, she needs to stand firm and even tell them they must do this even if they don't want to. 3. The Breezies grotto and mane 6 breezie versions looked nice. Nice place. (I hope they can fix the cropping issues), here's a cute pic of the mane 6 as breezies sans Fluttershy who was out of shot. 4. Sea Breeze was very good in this episode. By far the best Breezie, and really the only one with a character of the bunch, Sea Breeze was perhaps the best one of the episode. It impresses me that despite his very fragile body and delicate size, his attitude and determination are more deserving of a better body as he not only was a fire mouth who is upset at his fellow breezies refusing to return home as quickly as he wanted to, but he would chastise Fluttershy for not pushing them to go as he wanted to. At one point, he would even choose to leave on his own as he is desperate to return home as quickly as possible. Despite Sea Breeze's delicate body, his attitude and determination are more deserving of a stronger one. At the same time, he would also learn that a big reason why the Breezies refuse to listen to him much to his frustration is that he was being too harsh on them so they're far less likely to obey him, especially when the going gets tough. While he would teach Fluttershy the importance of tough love in a measure, Fluttershy in turn would teach him that it's important to approach your subordinates with a measure of gentleness too as you would to be approachable by them so he even undergoes his own character development here. On that note, upon their successful return to the Breezie Grotto, we see a rather heartwarming scene where we see why he wanted to return so badly. Awe This ending solidifies my opinion for Sea Breeze to be one of the best if not the most underrated one shot characters in the series due to his good characterization and of how he undergoes character development in his own episode to become a more effective leader for his fellow breezies. Negatives: 1. The Breezies Fragility drove me up a wall in the episode. This one annoyed me so much about their design was that they were so fragile that a blown leaf was enough to knock a whole group of them off course and cause them to be winded enough to take at least couple of hours or so to recuperate. Yes, this single leaf is enough to screw a portion of that group. This annoyed me because this shows that a single leaf is enough to screw them over. Meaning unless conditions were in the absolute perfect state for their flight, they're going to lose tons of members from mundane things such as fallen leaves, let alone bad weather that would screw them over so badly. To compound this issue, they are very dependent upon ponies to ensure their flight is maintained to these perfect conditions or so. I can only imagine how bad it must have been for these creatures before ponies came as they are so fragile that it's not even funny for me. I feel if they were a bit tougher like maybe show them at least being able to handle things like leaves well and not get blown over by one, at least show a particularly strong wind or even a storm forcing them to land for refuge, I could at least understand this point better. 2. The Breezies san Sea Breeze were struck with major Plot induced Stupidity. This would be the worst problem that would compound another in this episode for me. Due to Fluttershy's kindness and Sea Breeze's insults at them, they would rather not go back home and instead choose to stay with Fluttershy. This was a major issue for me for these two points: A. They would rather not return home to their families but stay with a kind stranger in a world that is hostile and alien to them. This was a big problem for me considering we see these breezies definitely have families, it's asinine that all but Sea Breeze wanted to stay with Fluttershy and leave their beloveds and others they cherish deathly worried about them once the portal closes or so. Yep, the breezies that returned wanted to stay in Equestria and not return to meet their families and friends back at home all cause one pony decided to pamper them. B. This did nothing but padded time away in the episode. This was one major problem the episode had for me was how it would artificially add time to the episode's story by having the Breezies do whatever to refuse to leave until they had to for the time's sake. There was little reason for it other than to pad time away. The Breezies behavior outside of Sea Breeze was nothing but Plot induced Stupidity for me and I didn't like them for it. 3. The cottage scene was dragged longer than it should've lasted. While the cottage scene would help to tell us of what would be the problem in the episode, but there was little else done to really add interest in it beyond that. As a result, you will repeatedly see Fluttershy pampering the Breezies, Sea Breeze getting pissed that his gang isn't leaving to return home, and Fluttershy not wanting to force them out despite how she knows how vital it is they return home and her friends coming to ask if she is ready to push them out till Sea Breeze finally decides to leave to force any other action to occur. Looks like he got sick of staying around there too. Conclusion: It ain't easy being Breezies is for me an episode that does decently but not great for what it wanted to do. With it's good humor, some nice scenes of the Breezie Grotto, Fluttershy's development learning to be kind, and especially with how good Sea Breeze is, it does hold some good things to enjoy in this episode for fans. However, it would get mitigated by the Breezies' unreasonable fragility and their major plot induced stupidity they would be struck with, and how the cottage scene was dragged out too long for my tastes. This episode isn't bad, but I wouldn't call it really good either as it falls below average for me. Score: 7.0/10 Grade: D+
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    I very much enjoyed this episode. While I don't think the first 3 episodes of the season were bad, this is so far my favorite of the season. The comedy was spot on and I was laughing every time. Particularly with Starlight's quips to Pinkie. And that Derpy cameo was great too.
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    @ChB You're right. It would become confusing if both the Apples & the Pies merged together & I completley understand why you decided to divide them.
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    I mean this as a joke. Rainbow Dash "I thought you said "Fluttershy Day" was *last* Friday, Fluttershy!" "What in Equestria's goin' on?!" Fluttershy: *Internally* "Maybe, if I stay *really* still & quiet she'll leave me alone."
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    (Ah, it's good to be able to post again. Thank you, EQD Forum staff! ^_^) S5 E26: The Cutie Re-Mark (Part II): Oh sweet lordy Jeebus, Starlight Glimmer has reformed!
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