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    @Sparklefan1234 @Light Blade @Metemponychosis @Cinder Vel @Swifty @Soobel @LostSanity @WaterPulse @Mike Rosoft @Error Heads up!
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    Very nice, very nice...
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    'sheds a tear of sweetest joy' ...rock on, baby!
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    Moral not west pony culture. Moral Asian Yak culture. Shame to ask for help. Help expected to be given. Cultural Difference. Or so Cinder hears. Cinder not mind moral anyway. Cinder still asks how Yaks survived countless generations without knowing how to deal with avalanche. Cinder suspects Yak just too stubborn. Cinder feels kinship. Cinder have too much fun speaking like this.
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    JEEZ! Kill it with magic! (I don't think that's Twilight in that picture you showed...)
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    Sorry... it's really been one of THOSE days...
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    Okay, okay. Beauty and the Beast. But you have to remember that it's been something like 5 years since I was last expected to keep my Disney Princesses straight...
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    Cinderella, except Twilight doesn't revert to her previous form at midnight...
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    Ehh, other than talking on two different forums at once, nothing much. I have a earbud in one ear. I might turn on music. Not sure why I put it in in the first place...
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    @Mystic_Thunder47 Sometimes she just can't help it. But hey, it has it's benefits like...us being treated to this adorable image :3
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    Applechickby mirroredsea
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    12 shades of Woonadorbs.
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    The thing about using embarrassing nicknames as a form of endearment can work, but it'd have to have RD doing something spectacular or saving the day followed with the WB congratulating her while still calling her said name, which the episode never bothers to do. Now I'm not part of the military, so I don't know how any of this embarrassing nickname stuff actually works, but the way I saw it, not matter how many different mindsets I look at this episodes, I never able to see it beyond anything but "lets shit on RD because fuck you" Like I said before the episode's biggest insult is the fact that this is the episode I've been waiting for since episode 1. I don't care if this is just fanboy bitching(I'll be willing to admit that much at least), no matter how I look at it, this is not a milestone episode, this is not an episode celebrating RD, this is an episode actively punishing you for liking RD. This is "Shattered Dreams" levels of bullshit. This isn't just the episode laughing at RD, this is the writers laughing at you for giving a damn. No matter how I look at things, that's just how I see it. I seriously want to know who the fuck pissed who off for not only approving of this steaming pile of horse diarrhea, but also thought it was a good idea to shit out 28 Pranks Later shortly after, as at that point it just screams "lets piss off as much people as we can!" in the most unsubtle way possible You know what, I know people are gonna call me crazy for this but, dammit I'd rather sit through Rainbow Falls a million times than sit through Newbie Dash one more time, Compared to Newbie Dash, Rainbow Falls is a goddamn masterpiece, even if it falls flat on its face, at least there I can see the writers meant well If you do happen to like the episode, I genuinely wish I could enjoy it as much as you did
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    Oh come on, Twilight. This REALLY isn't worth losing any sleep over...
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    @Sparklefan1234 Yes!
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    Cute! Applejackby parkbum
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    Official Covert Friendship Mission. Equestria's Black Ops are next level, man. Took me the whole day before I could see this one, had to stop twice and it still managed to entertain. I liked it. Very funny, very... Pinkie. The yaks were particularly funny in this episode, compared to their previous appearance, where I think they were too aggressive and that was funny, but this episode made them a bit better. I liked the moral and the ending, but I don't really have much to talk about it other than it was good. The humor was the best part and the yaks played the biggest part in it. Also... Did Twilight just make plants grow with her magic or am I seeing things? Also... Did she just come up with an official title on the spot or was she humoring Pinkie?
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    Lesson simple, pride is bad. Lesson delivery different story. Yak culture ask not for help. In Yak culture help is given regardless. Cinder still wonders how settlement full of Yaks that lived for many moons do not know how to deal with snow. Cinder also wonders how 6 ponies can clean everything yet entire settlement of yaks cannot. Cinder also must admit that Yaks too similar to Cinder's people.
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    Pink pony great. Yaks stubborness problematic but effective for culture. Mane 6 helping them out a good turn. Lesson may give problems. A B grade for it.
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    @ChB Thank you, Twilight! Flash and Twilight jump up!!by SkyfallerArt
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    @Sparklefan1234 Correct! For answering correctly, Twilight Sparkle gives you a prize.
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