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    Considering she symbolizes fire, I don't think Sunny would be affected by a heat wave. Lucky her.
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    So, I was thinking about the cartoon today (yeah... I do that...) and I ended up thinking about Celestia and how important I think that she is for my enjoyment of the cartoon. I'd like to know what you made you people like Celestia to begin with.
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    Sunset drinking some hot chocolate Uploaded by Background Pony #DBA1
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    Not all opinions are equal in merit! Some are misinformed, or based on a repugnant set of values, or just plain stupid. Some are merely attacks on a thing or person that other people may be quite fond of, thus soliciting the expression of a firm counter-opinion. It's good to respect people as human beings, but that doesn't necessarily extend to every rancid thought that we fart out of our mouths. ...Hypothetically. I don't care one way or the other whether you like every character in the silly tv show. Your contempt for Trixie and Discord does nothing to diminish them.
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    oh okay celestia since you asked soo nicely
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    Pumpkin & Pound Cake because I have an irrational fear of babies.
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    anyone ever watch tv then just pass out after a while?
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    hey madicarp whoo I'm nervous bout trying out that new style of prayer
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    hey chb I'm doing great my drumming is coming along great if you want I could send you my latest recording wolf's lullaby
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    *Insert obvious chocolate reference here*
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    hey light heres a twilight picture for you
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    World Chocolate Day AND National Hug A Pony Day!? This must be Pinkie Pie's BEST DAY EVER!
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    I think MLP:FiM will be at least ten seasons before it ends.
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    Don't know why the lack of her horn but still looks cute:
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    Scootaloo drawing a picture of her & Rainbow Dash. For the best pony in Equestriaby Sa1ntMax
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    Sunset Shimmer lives in a house all by herself in the human world.
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    My least favorite character is definitely Discord. I enjoyed his antics in "Return of Harmony: Parts 1&2" but, I've found him absolutely unbearable since then.
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    I like everypony but Zephyr and the Bieber pony.
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    You would have a point IF they were babies. And I have never seen babies act like those...things do. Couldn't find the picture with them having glowing red eyes.
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    After seven seasons of loving a character and waiting for the producers to show something really nice with it, on the same level as the others, I really don't feel like celebrating when they just turned her into a generic politician and don't even bother to say how good she is or anything nice about her other than she vaguely does something that resembles governing that mess that is Equestria. Seven seasons in and the best representations of the character come from fans. Shameful.
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    @Sparklefan1234 No, I didn't. Credit goes to Bob Canter Jr., Mane-lyn Pugh, and Jess Oppenhooves
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