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    Happy month of Halloween! Brightened dreams is already dressed for the occasion!
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    So... yeah... This is a thing now apparently. Let me give some brief background first. I go to other forums other than this one. One, in particular, is a forum that posts encodes/uploads/whatever you want to call it for mostly english dubbed anime. However, they also have an area for cartoons as well as some uploaders/encoders/whatever you want to call them having uploaded animated movies. Now... I already checked the rules for this forum and there isn't one that doesn't state anything about not being allowed to discuss illegal/pirated/whatever you want to call it material. So, if a moderator really has a problem with me discussing this... add it to the rules but don't give me a warning please. Well... I was browsing it today... and... I saw the 2017 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie. Now I honestly thought the same thing some of you are probably thinking "camcorder" Well... I looked at the screenshots... and... it didn't look like that to me. At all. It actually looked fairly decent. But don't worry I didn't download it. Mostly because I haven't even decided if I'm going to watch it yet or not. Now I looked through the thread for some sort of 'explanation' and the only thing that came close was a post saying this: So... yeah... Wonderful ain't it? Now... I'd give a link to the forum in question but that would break one of the forum rules. So... about all I can say is this... If someone really wants the link that badly... PM me. I'll share it I guess. Or I can give you the link to the forum in question and you can look at it yourself. However... be forewarned... you have to make an account and an introduction post in order to view the cartoon area. So... if you want it badly enough... it may be better to just ask me to share the actual link itself. As I am a member of said forum and can view the cartoon area. Again though... I'm just telling you what I saw. Nothing more and nothing less. Which is why I must preface again... If a moderator has a large enough problem with this... then feel free to remove it. But I must ask that I don't receive another mark on my account for this and for the forum rules to be updated. Get all angry all you want but honestly... I'm not surprised. So... there you go. P.S.: Again PM me if you want the link. I'm not against sharing it. Unless a mod PMs me first explicitly requesting me not to share it. P.P.S.: If someone wants to warn Equestria Daily... go for it. But don't quote me as the source. Because I can't say definitively if the full movie has really been leaked or not. Again, I am only stating what I saw on this other forum. P.P.P.S.: WONDERFUL AIN'T IT? *insert troll smilie here* *waits to see what PM I get first*
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    Update: Nevermind. I'll warn Equestria Daily myself. Though they seem to biased against me (at least when it comes to the Community Soapboxes) so I can't guarantee they'll actually do anything about it.
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    I honestly don't think there has been any bad episodes this season to be perfectly honest.
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    Congratulations on reaching 2,000 Brohoofs, Shadow!
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    The American gun culture is so fucking backwards that it defies logic. Anytime there's a massacre/terror attack related to firearms, the quick solution by the gun lobby, the political people in office enslaved by Gun Money, and most of our society is to reduce restrictions and make MORE guns! Jesus Christ!!!
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    Those DoubleWbrothers gits are trying to murder us all again. This time...with THIS!
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    13 Do you want me to hurt me my parents you?
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    9 Never watched it past the theme song.
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    8 I reminds me an episode of Malcolm in the middle.
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    It was a freight train. Yes, the nuclear waste are okay. 6
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    The train has been crashed on my tushie. 2
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    Banned for not knowing your Littlest Pet Shop critters. Pepper is not amused.
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    2015-2017 These servers were the initial reason I became a mod for this community. I will always remember the good times spent on Barnyard, Tartarus, and Treelibrary. :')
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    Guess it's pony fortress 2, a custom team fortress 2 game.
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