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    Shadow Dash x Apple Bloom. Because Apple Bloom is a furry "Am a fuwwy biatch !"
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    What can I say here? It's Twilie! And Twilie is so cute! ^_^
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    I have to admit this. I have not watched the movie yet. Why? Too busy with college work. But my sem is done now. I've seen people criticize the movie for horrible pacing, no development of new characters, and the main 6 being OOC. Especially the part of Twi stealing the pearl. Now I feel like it's not worth watching at all. People told me that it was a doomed project from the start and that they were right all along and that we refused to listen to them and let our optimism get in the way of our thinking. We've waited for years to get this movie, and now I feel that all that excitement has been flushed down the toilet. Whether I watch it or not, I still feel like it'll be a waste of my time like they say so. So what to do? Heed everyone's warnings and avoid the movie and thus avoid more disappointment? Or defy everyone's warnings and go in and watch anyway and like it for what it is?
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    No comment.... Nanfoodle x Park Benchs Not just one of them ALL OF THEM
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    See, kids? Science is dangerous! Avoid it at all costs! 1
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    20 Except if we're on night already BOOM
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    Big hard gun? I choose to interpret that as lewd as possible Since Paws missed being shipped... I'll ship her and Bakaa XD
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    Yep. That's the end result XD
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    Eh you should ship Paws ! But I'm totally okay with it, if it's female gamer M2 Ball x A big hard gun.
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    >Not going to experience the magic of best waifu. It's been a few months. Someone's probably streaming it somewhere if not: soon. You have nothing to lose but an hour and a half of your time, plus some to read the comics to provide some well needed background context. It's not the worst thing out there; though it's not the best. It is as it is.
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    And finest example I see before me
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    I like how All Bottled Up answers some Starlight-related nitpicks: "How'd she get so OP in The Cutie Re-Mark?" While she's already an above-average mage, it's implied that she was running on a mix of adrenaline and insanity -- thus "Hulking out" in terms of a Unicorn's emotional state -- when fighting Twilight. "Why'd she get a slap on the wrist for causing the Mane 5's post-brainwashing hangovers at the end of Every Little Thing She Does?" She's finally on the receiving end here, courtesy of her emotion-siphoning spell eventually making her groggy AF.
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    9 Clever, but you will never have the amazing, show stopping ability of the great and powerful TRIXIE!
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    I thought they were joking when they said it was a crime to look this fabulous
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    I don't really hate "The Cutie Re-Mark" despite its blatant stupidity; as far as two-partners go, I'm more annoyed by the overstuffed, equally stupid "Princess Twilight Sparkle" and the expository, formulaic "Shadow Play." At least the S5 finale has a handful of small aspects I appreciate, such as Twilight taking pity on Starlight.
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    Lord Nanfoodle x Mermaid Applejack
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    "I'm not French if I don't complain" - My friend while waiting at the bank
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