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    What da fuuuuuuuuuck! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bro, BROOOOOOOOO! LOOK AT THIS! LOOK AT THIS! OH MY, FUCK! IIIIIIIIIIIIII! GHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *laughs* Despite 90 percent of this trailer looking not even bad. To quote that guy from Jurassic Park. Boy. THAT LOOKS WEIRD! But interesting nonetherless. Leonbrony17's gonna have time watching that, i'm sure if that.
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    Hey there Light Blade. How are you today?
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    Hello everypony how are yall today? I'm great. So I had to go through this Non Commissioned Officer Academy for my R.O.T.C. Basically it's just a chance to get higher ranks. And I was worried that I didn't pass my final exam but I passed. Today I went to a community service with the R.O.T.C's Color Guard at a cemetary. We went to the cemetary yesterday to plant American Flags on the veteran's graves. Today we went back up so the color guard could present the flags. I'm not part of the color guard but I went because I am the head master of the Public Affairs aspect in R.O.T.C. (I take the pictures). Then later today we went across the river to the Tropicana Palace and the color guard preformed their signature rifle spins (I went for the same reason I went to the cemetary). After Color Guard did their signatures we walked over to the Vietnam Wall and saw all of the names of the soldiers who died during the Vietnam war. This guy came up to us and gave us all a piece of the American Flag that had been ready to burn. I guess with a lot of the flags that their going to burn, they take off the stars for these special occasions. Since we're all R.O.T.C we each got a star from the flag. Then I found a rock that had a painting of a sillouete of a soldier kneeling down with the American Flag in the background. I picked it up and took a picture of it but one of the people that was keeping an eye on the Wall (to make sure people don't mess with anything that people leave to honor the veterans) said that I could take it. We have a thing here in Bullhead, AZ and Laughlin, NV where people leave painted rocks lying around and people take a picture of them, share them on FB, then either keep the rock or place it somewhere else. After that one of the people who helped set up everything for the Color Guard to spin, bought all 6 of us a meal at the buffet. I made sure that $100 was all used XD. Everyone was somehow shocked that I ate 2 plates of Pot Roast, 4 muffins, and a plate of Ice Cream and STILL had room for more. So that was my day. How have yall been?
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    I can easily imagine Fluttershy having a plushie version of this.
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    I'm really curious at how the Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog movie next year turn out to be. I have my doubts in how to execute a live action pokemon movie despite Detective Pikachu beeing a bit different than the usual pokemon battle based main installments. And Sonic, *laughs*. Not really. The CGI in both is said to be realistic sooo, good luck doing that. Also, while searching for this pic, i just found out the trailer for Detective Pikachu is out. I gonna watch it soon.
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    Sorry I've been gone forever, work is really keeping me from checking forums and such.
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    Well now. I'm done with that. Let's go have fun.
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    Any Soviet with a PPSH-41 upgraded to have a 71-round drum magazine on Red Orchestra 2. The MG42 can be annoying too since you have an insane firerate, can one-shot most of the time (PPSH usually requires two to kill, usually), but has the added bonus of both an overheating barrel and insane recoil/terrible hipfire. I've noticed both the PPSH-41 and MG42 have terrible hipfire, like most other weapons (Excluding MG34). The American who gets the flamethrower class can be annoying, too. But luckily there's only 1 per group, if I recall correctly. Luckily they're easy to see, look for a massive stream of fire. >Light touch of a single flame >Character falls down screaming and rolling around
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    Personally, I found the Cliff Racers in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind to be the most vexatious enemies I ever encountered in a video game. Those damn things frequently interrupted me when I was exploring Vvardenfell.
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    or how bout those enemies that self heal
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    morning sky hows your day??
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    Congratulations for your promotion to a administrator
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    Hey Skyrazer. How are you?
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    @ChB The reason Applejack was originally my favorite pony was because, she reminded me of both Jessie from the "Toy Story" movies & Sandy from SpongeBob.
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    Hey, Sugarcubeby WhiteDiamondsLtd
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    Since we're still close to the holydays:
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    This is my favorite Sunset Shimmer vector.
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