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    It's Christmas Eve! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSa3UvCJMNw
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    Second try. I understood it more this time, I just don't want to watch Rainbow being this selfish. I don't really care about her relationship with Scootaloo enough for it to overcome that, and as such, I didn't really enjoy any of the jokes about Rainbow being mad at the Washouts. The Spitfire routine went on too long as well. I do like the general idea in theory, that adults need to be cognizant of how their behaviour can make kids feel, and that Scootaloo feels like she can't be what Rainbow wants her to be, but I think that would be way stronger if I could sympathize at all with what Rainbow wanted. I hate the ending less, if only because I understand the context more, but it still feels like a kinda simplistic way to end this story. I also feel it comes across as kinda judgmental without some sort of olive branch being given to stunt ponies. And I'm still disappointed about Lightning Dust, to be honest... I feel they closed the door on a lot of potential with her. I do see why people are liking this, but the Rainbow Dash stuff just bothers me too much, and I don't find it funny the whole way through. Score: Entertainment: 7/10 Characters: 5/10 Themes: 8/10 Story: 6/10 Overall: 65/100
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    I wrote a bunch of complaints on another forum, but in truth, I think I need to give this another chance to fully crystallize my opinion. On first viewing, I found some scenes fairly entertaining, and enjoyed the Washouts' attitudes in general, but found it a bit too noisy for my tastes, and found Rainbow's whole jealousy schtick incredibly irritating. Scootaloo's stated anxieties are sympathetic, but right now I'm thinking this is kinda muddled. Also, I'm kinda disappointed Lightning Dust wasn't at least shown to mature a little, and I feel confident that I hate the ending.
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