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    Imagine Celestia, Luna and Cadence fighting Tirek and Chrysalis while this plays. Absolute dope.
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    Hey, Spider! How's it going?
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    Alright. Episode 7. Before i start watching i wanna say that i don't like Yona. "What can i do for you, Yona?" I love the face Rarity makes while saying that. Can't find a picture of it though, sadly. Oh my god, Rarity, you're so entertaining to watch. xD "Bleh, earth tones. Isn't that too earthy?" You better not say that in front of EARTH ponies, Rarity. Or Maud. When Rarity started singing it feels like i never heard a more noticable change from speaking voice actor to singing voice actor than in that moment. And it kinda breaks the immersion in an awkward way. "Too Twilight" Is there anything wrong with beeing too Twilight, Rarity? Be glad Twilight wasn't there at that moment. xD Can't Yona just ask the best dancer of them all? Twilight. The time for that banner to fall down was awkwardly convenient. "Sandbar name two ponies worse than Yona." "Cozy Glow and King Sombra." Okay first off, Yona you're not a pony. And second. Did Twilight just say "Congratulations youtube" ? xD Why does the last music Spike plays while Yona tries to teach everypone her "dance" sounds like some nintendo boss music? Is there really another pOsIbLe ship on the way? F*ck ships imo. Alright. Ähhh pretty okay episode. I would say 7/10.
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    So im sure Celestia is gonna try to get Twilight to rule Equestria again later this season. And when that happens I just want Twilight to tell her no FOR ONCE
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    This episode to me, opened the door (more so than ever) for interspecies relationships to occur.in the show. I mean one of the messages (among the two given) was that it shouldn't matter what species (race), ethic, or cultural background you come from, that if you truly care (Love) someone, or in this case , somepony/someyak, for who they really are, then that's all that should matter. And the symbolism of the shooting star in the background, kind of, if not teases the fact that something "MORE" will happen between these two later on. This also opens the door for other interspecies relationships to happen, like let's say, Spike and Rarity, which by now (IMO) has been all, but officially confirmed. Don't believe me, check out "Best Gift Ever" and when Spike sings to Rarity, she gets stars/sparks in her eyes (better ex./compassion, the "Lady and The Tramp spaghetti scene) So yeah this episode imho opened, if not KNOCKED the door down for this to happen. Your Thoughts?
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    Celestia decided to take a break, so this little cutie is princess for a week. Yeah, the Sun Princess is that exhausted.
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    @Metemponychosis Just being the bestest siblings
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    I still don't have a clue what those... Smiles? Grimaces? Whatever they were meant.
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    But, Applejack. Those aren't real apples. xD
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    You sure are as sweet as honey, Fluttershy. You even attracted a little friend. ^_^
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