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    I'm going as Sunset Shimmer from The Friendship Games. What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?
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    I just rewatched S7 episode 10 "A Royal Problem". Episode is cool. Easily one of my favorite. And remember, Nightmare Moon's character model was so good, they just recolored it, changed a few smaller details and called it Daybreaker.
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    I saw episode 12 and 13 on youtube, why are they out already and when are they? I suppose another channel broadcasts more advanced episodes on a specific date and time and I want to know when it is so I can see 14 next and so on.
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    just got a dice throne starter set and this game is a lot of fun
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    Darude - Sandstorm... Awesome song; boring meme.
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    OHMYGOSH! That face is so cute! But that balloon! That balloon is too much!
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    Don't you dare mess with her! She has a Scoota-cannon!
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    What cutie is hiding in that bush?
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    Rainbow-colored perfection
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    Well ain't that a FABULOUS-looking Rainbow
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    Well ain't that a pretty look
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    RD poking Ninja Shantae with her own katana (because reasons):
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