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    Rainbow Dash: thanks for helping me win the talent show Rarity Rarity: I Regret everything
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    We are as sweet as caramel apples.
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    Wow. I wonder how long Rarity can keep the Plainity persona before freaking out.
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    okay so i'm debating on either Getting Ninjas or Lightsworns I know i'm getting Rokkets but not sure if to go on and get Lightsworns or Ninjas
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    Appledash because... well... um... crap. I sometimes don't really have reasons to why something is my favorite (for instance, why am I obsessed with MLP FiM? I don't know. I just am.) Well, maybe because Rainbow Dash and Applejack are my top two favorite ponies(and I always ship my two favorite ponies). Which MLP shipping do dislike most? Optional: Why?
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