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    "I can't believe you ate that!" "Ooooh, uuuuugh, neither can my stomach. These helmets have a puke hatch, right?"
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    am I the only one who remembers this game?
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    okay so trying to think of a decent build for Rokkets using 3 of the Structure Deck I might go on and get some support cards for it like Booster Dragon Borreload Savage Dragon Mini Borrel Dragon etc
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    hey pulse how have you been?
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    "You know how your sister enjoys tea parties and dressing up? Yeah, that was me." " - "
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    Banned for storming Area 51 and only finding little green men. Dammit!! Where's all the catgirls, mermaids, and alicorn princesses?! What a waste. Burn it down. BURN IT ALL DOWN.
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    okay quick rant time i'm sick and tired of the "Borderlands 3 needs to be a generic copy paste of popular game because its popular" Articles now yes I fully understand they have a right to their opinion but a rushed cash grab does not a good game make
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