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    @Shimmer Sparkle Snails is the player, and Snips is the money maker, silly
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    hmm am I the only one who would like to see a Super Mario Brothers Dynasty warriors spin off?
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    The episode was okay. RD has had better episodes, for example "Tanks for the Memories", but this one was just okay. -First of all, Ashleigh's performance was awesome. She captured Dash's emotions so well. -The cheer squad was decent. -I loved how Twily knows her friends so well. That is so great of her. She's so awesome! -I want to see more of Celestia being a sports fan than just a second. I found Snails to be annoying. I remember I said the same for "Buckball Season". He's just used to pad out the running time. I would've preferred to see more of the team practicing than Snails' stupid attempt to make money.
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