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    okay can I be frank here buddyfight is over saturated with Dragons more frankly Dragon based Trial decks I get that Dragons are cool I agree with that but hold on let me find my Megaphone ahh here it is *yells into Megaphone* ENOUGH WITH THE DRAGON THEMED TRAL DECKS ALREADY!!!!! THIS IS GETTING RIDUCULOUS WHY NOT ANOTHER HERO WORLD TRIAL DECK? its that almost every time I turn around the latest Trial Deck is some Variation of Dragons maybe it be Dragods Neo Dragons etc i'm not saying they need to stop making Dragon based decks but the past few Trial decks have all be Dragon themed why not another Danger World Trial deck? or another Katana World Trial deck? you know I just think that the overreliance of Dragon based decks is going to hurt buddyfight in the future why not try to make a Trial deck focused on a world that needs new support like Dungeon World?
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    Hey, Spider! How's it going?
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    My PC tower died for no reason the other day, so my activity's been limited until my replacement arrives.
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