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    *opens Mailbox* I got a Derpy in the mail
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    You might even say they're ... hardened criminals! Couldn't have happened to a gneisser bunch, if you ask me. They almost achieved enlightenment on their quest for Grogar's Bell, but gave in to their basalt instincts too quickly. In the end, their stubborn unconformity proved to be a losing strata-gem. They thought they were too smart for the Main 6, but our heroes had them all figure’d out. So ossified in their selfish ways that even with their partnership cemented, in aggregate they still didn’t have a concrete understanding of true power of friendship. They had their prey cornered, but still their quarry turned the tables on them. At least they weren’t reduced to graveling at the ponies’ hooves. But on the whole, this is probably for the best. I mean, look at them. Tirek has never been tuffer. Chrysalis is rocking that statuesque physique. Cozy Glow was slated to slide down the path to madness, but now she’ll never loess her marbles. All in all, I think we can chalk this one up as a victory for the baddies. Maybe, after they’ve had enough time to coal their jets, they shale realize the error of their ways and learn not to be so flint-hearted.
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