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    Thanks! I haven't drawn anything seriously for over a year, and very sparsely for the last couple of years before that. Inktober is helping me dip my toe back in, by holding my face under! Day 9: Throw! Spike you don't even have wings yet. What are you doing helping AJ with the rodeo? Silly dragon. I used my new brush pen for the heavy outlines on this one. It's a little trickier than a felt-tip pen, that's for sure! Bristles, man! Here's a version without the brush outlines for comparison. And yes, my hands were extra shaky tonight.
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    Didn't know you were drawing. Your stuff looks really good.
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    I really loved that game, when I was little. I played it over and over, while the GameCube was still new. Somehow, catching all the Boos, making quality ghoul portraits for the Professor, and collecting as many gems as possible just never got old on me. It also had a good sense of suspense and horror, especially in the blackout part after the third boss. Loved how every portrait ghoul was unique in its own way and gave me a sense of wonder about their background and history.
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