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    I had an alternate version of the scene where Twilight was about to give her magic to Tirek for her friends, but in this version, OpThomas Prime (Trainsformers (cross of transformers and Thomas the tank engine) jumped in with me at teh controls and then i said "I don't think so Tirek!" and then hit a button that launched out a claw that grabbed Twilight and pulled her into OpThomas and then we fused to form a new robot to fight him
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    I've heard some say Sunset's birthday is the 6th of June and others have said it's on the 5th of September. I'm not sure which is right or when it actually is. Can someone help me? I love that girl
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    Hello everyone! I figured I'd post here to try and find some fellow poners to join a new clan I made with some friends. Are you a Destiny 2 players that likes ponies and wants to do Raids, Dungeons, Gambit, Crucible, Trials, etc.? Then we have a clan for you! My clan Pastel Ponies is friendly to all experience levels. You can have 10 hours or 1000 hours. Anyone is welcome. We are trying to get regular raids going but we need a few more people. Right now we are sitting at about eight people. If you are interested, please message me on Discord at Sugar#3960.
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    I'm a little late but welcome! It's always great to have new people here
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    I would pay some major money to watch that happen
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    Title: One Last Wish; Wild Heart Beats Synopsis: The Mane 6 try to convince Discord to use his birthday wish to set Ponyville back to normal; With the help of their new friends, the Mane 6 try to turn Ponyville right-side up instead of upside down.
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    I couldn't seem to find that episode on the site i used to watch the show. https://m.wcostream.com/anime/my-little-pony-pony-life I really do want to see it.
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    Hello! I have started a MLP rp server that accepts canon and oc! We are still in need of many canon characters such as all of the pillars, fluttershy, AJ, Pinkie and Rarity. I hope to see you in the server ^^ https://discord.gg/6kXzEm4
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