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    Hi, names redguy, just decided to make an account here and see what's up.
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    I know that resistance against such creatures are futile, and their pranks are harmless (except Raibow Dash crashing), but I would be very upset if all my stuff had been moved around and they impersonated a friend. At this point, I would inform their parents of their deeds, and then try and find out why they're pranking me. What do they want or need? Attention or friendship? I would gladly give them the time of day, and hopefully we would become chill, they would apologize, and cease to prank me. Plus, I would thank them for giving me such a great job. My dream job is a dentist, but right after that I would love to be a pajama model; and who wouldn't want to work with Rarity XD For some reason every time you get on the bus, one of the stops says "Equestria". It isn't your stop so you've never seen what's going on there, but one day you get off the bus at "Equestria" just because you have a little time, and you are in the middle of Ponyville! Lyra and Bon Bon come to greet you Wat doo
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    No. Have you ever tricked a teacher into thinking you are a foreign exchange student (I have! )?
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    I would set it to Beavis exclaiming “Fire, fire!” An unexplained magical phenomenon has caused bronies and pegasisters to end up living in Equestria as ponies. You have been living comfortably, and things have been peaceful. You live next door to an oddball male unicorn and his zebra husband. One day, this couple ends up adopting several adolescent draconequus children. The family next door is a cute sight, but the children are sometimes mischievous, and occasionally subject you to various pranks. Sometimes they simply tease you when you play games online. Other times, they cause chocolate milk to rain on your house, and recently, one of them impersonated Minuette and rearranged all of the things in your home after you let her in through the door. At the same time, one of her siblings causes Rainbow Dash to crash into your front door, and her other sibling signed you up to be a pajama model for Rarity. These sneaky draconequus adolescents always seem pull these pranks without their parents noticing. Wat do?
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    And after we freed the princesses, big mac and Zecora we fused with them and finished Cosmos off
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    I wonder if the show is going to be really dramatic, or perhaps express controversial opinions or ideas. That would be my first guess as to why it isn't rated "G"
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    My Little Pony: A New Generation has been rated "PG" by the Motion Picture Association for "some thematic elements". Source: https://www.filmratings.com/Search?filmTitle=my+little+pony%3A+a+new+generation&x=28&y=6
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