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    Oh wow, nice!!! Can't say I've ever had a class like that, that sounds really cool though!
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    When I was in high school (many years ago) we had an elective class in science fiction that was taught by the sister of local s.f./fantasy author Nancy Kress. I met Ms. Kress a couple of years later.
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    Hello there! I'm mellodillo, but you can call me Mello or Mel! I got into MLP about a year ago and have been hooked on drawing, reading about, and watching all things MLP ever since! I tend to post my art to Twitter and Tumblr under this username, but I also run an ask blog for my OCs over at ask-mithril-and-inky.tumblr.com! It's nice to finally jump into the forums here, and I hope I can meet some new pals around these parts!
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    Block customers from accessing vegan snacks. Tell them that they are reserved for @Ika Musume.
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    I wonder how long is the time period between G4 and G5 and what caused the pony races to split off like that and does that also apply to other non-pony races in Equastria and beyond that the Mane 6 befriended by the end of Season 9? If Twilight is still alive, I bet she must feel pretty disappointed of how the amount of work she and her friends worked for was undone. I personally would have preferred that the new generation series takes place in the setting we left off with, ponies living in harmony with other races, could have had non-pony or two in the main cast. Sounds more interesting the concept of this new iteration.
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    Finally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmBCU_vBswc
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    Not a diehard Tolkien fan, but I'm fairly familiar with LOTR! I actually did take a class on Tolkien's work with some friends as an elective in college though (I needed a filler class to have enough credits to graduate LOL)
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    Hello Mellodillo. If one of your OCs is named Mithril can I assume that you're a Tolkien fan?
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    I may watch it after i finish rewatching G4 or may watch it asap or soemthing
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    I love that song. this is so exciting!
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