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    I bought some allergy medicine (I forgot to get it the last time I went shopping for groceries).
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    I'm so stoked for the movie! I do agree that it would be interesting if things picked up where we left off and all the species from G4 were still around, but on the other hand it makes sense that we're starting from scratch — after all, there's probably a good chunk of people who will watch the movie/new series having never seen FiM. Probably easier to start off with ponies and build our way back up...that being said it would be awesome to see Sunny and co. befriend some hippogriffs and yaks down the road!
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    I once had a dream where when i was still in G4 Equestria i made a device that allowed my favorite characters and friends frfom other wolrds to come here, and then it changed to where suddenly Sunny Star scout appeared but i was in the room alone and she was shocked at what i told her
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    Has experienced the pain of waiting for nails to dry
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    We're getting close to the finale.
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    I think I had two G5 trailer dreams.
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    I wonder how long is the time period between G4 and G5 and what caused the pony races to split off like that and does that also apply to other non-pony races in Equastria and beyond that the Mane 6 befriended by the end of Season 9? If Twilight is still alive, I bet she must feel pretty disappointed of how the amount of work she and her friends worked for was undone. I personally would have preferred that the new generation series takes place in the setting we left off with, ponies living in harmony with other races, could have had non-pony or two in the main cast. Sounds more interesting the concept of this new iteration.
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    Finally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmBCU_vBswc
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